In Search Of One River

Special Sneak Preview By taking us on a journey through the magical, and presently war-locked, Apaporis River in the Northwest Amazon, this documentary creates awareness and respect for our ecosphere and ethnosphere. It highlights the magical beauty of the Apaporis and Jirijirimo landscape and the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous communities about medicinal and psychotropic plants. Tracing the journey taken by Richard Evans Schultes, father of ethnobotany, in the 1940s, we go on a present-day adventure filled with danger and wonder. We also see how the Amazon jungle has, of late, become the setting for external dynamics like drug trafficking and political kidnappings. Directed by José Antonio Dorado Zúñiga. Advised by Wade Davis. Produced by Juan Carlos Paredes.

Discussion with filmmaker Juan Carlos Paredes and Wade Davis, Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society, follows screening.

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