Honey for the Maya : Life with Stingless Bees

Share a glimpse of millennia-old Mayan bee craft among temples and tropical forests. Deep in the rainforest of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, in the shadow of his ancestors’ great stone pyramids, one of the last Mayan beekeepers guards an ancient secret. It was passed on to him directly from his fathers in the Mayan language, from long before the time of Cortez. Don Pedro Cahun is one of the last modern Maya upholding the bee craft skills needed for keeping stingless bees. All is unveiled as Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Keith Brust (Planet Earth) takes us inside a bee log, into the bees’ world, and this sacred Mayan tradition, for the first time. Directed and produced by Stephen Buchmann.

Discussion with Dr. Stephen Buchmann, entomologist, pollination ecologist and filmmaker follows screening.

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