Henry a. Wallace: An Uncommon Man

World Premiere A brilliant farmer, scientist, writer and public servant whose views on race, poverty and peace put him far ahead of his time is profiled in this portrait film. Born into a family of prominent Iowa farmers, Henry Wallace founded the world’s first hybrid seed company, Pioneer, that catalyzed the 20th-century’s “Green Revolution” in agriculture. Wallace also served as Agriculture Secretary and Vice President under President Franklin D. Roosevelt during some of the most difficult times in American history: the Great Depression and World War II. Few people know that Wallace was the overwhelming choice of delegates to the 1944 Democratic National Convention to once again be FDR’s Vice President. But party bosses, encouraged by Southern conservatives, made sure that didn’t happen. Directed by Joan D. Murray. Produced by Sandy Cannon-Brown.

Introduced by David C. Ward, Historian, National Portrait Gallery. Discussion with filmmaker Joan D. Murray follows screening.

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