Gospel Flat Farm


Vegetables & Fruit : Row Crops

Meat & Dairy : Chicken – Pasture Raised, Pastured Pork, Rabbits

Value-Added & Other : Agricultural and Environmental Education, Agritourism, Bread – Artisan

How to Purchase

Direct : Visit the Gospel Flat Farm Stand any day and anytime during the week. It is located just before the plant nursery and stop-sign on the Olema/Bolinas Road.

Another fun way to purchase directly from the farm is to catch a day in downtown Bolinas that Mickey and crew have decided to wheel their metal boat, welded into a mobile kitchen, down to the park for some creative community time. Join a canning workshop and get inspired to go home and cook.

The Farmer

The last farm on the Pine Gulch Creek delta, an area once known as the Gospel Flat for the four churches that previously existed there, now brings the good news to Bolinas residents and visitors through the Farm Stand. The Farm Stand is a self tending vegetable market, presenting a wide variety of produce often simply tricycled from the field to the stand. Open 24-7, it offers the roadside shoppers ingredients to a home made meal at any time.

Don Murch and Sarah Hake moved to the Gospel Flat in 1982 and soon reclaimed the fields from a decade of trash buildup. As well as farming in a variety of styles, Don and Sarah raised two sons, Kater and Mickey Murch. Within his studies at Reed College, Mickey became aware of the true gift of his home farm and eventually returned to create a local food network. Each family member’s input reflects and resonates with the others, while Don maintains the framework for the entire farm, the family & friend crew stock the vegetable stand, feed the pigs, rabbits, chickens and turkeys, and Kater spearheads a home winery. The farm is increasingly dedicated to its role in community not only as a provider of local vegetables, but inspiration towards hand made food through mobile kitchen workshops, after-school education and school tours. An art studio behind the farmstand will become the Schoolhouse, a space for groups to meet and map the many processes at work on the farm.

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