Ghost Town

Washington, D.C. Premiere A remote village in southwest China is haunted by traces of its cultural past, while its residents piece together their existence. Ghost Town is a three-part feature documentary telling the stories of a community of Lisa and Nu ethnic minorities living in a remote town, Zhiziluo, in China’s Yunnan Province, on the border of Tibet and Burma. Once a vibrant Communist county seat, the town has been abandoned to local peasants. A father-son duo of elderly preachers argue over the future of their village church; two young lovers face a break-up over harsh financial realities; a twelve year-old boy, abandoned by his family, scavenges the hillside to feed himself. Ghost Town is hailed as one of the most important films to have emerged from the booming (but still underexplored) field of Chinese independent documentaries. Directed by Zhao Dayong.

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