Forever Wild: Celebrating America’s Wilderness

Washington, D.C. Premiere Capturing the glory of wild places through visually stunning images, this film celebrates America’s commitment to wilderness and its preservation. It also profiles America’s modern wilderness heroes – individuals who have volunteered countless hours and immeasurable energy to ensure that these wild places remain forever wild. In 1964, for the first time in human history, America created a law to keep the wildest lands wild and save part of the world from the dominion of man. Today, energy development, sprawl, timber harvesting and motorized recreation threaten to overrun many of America’s unprotected wild places. Forever Wild renews our understanding of the majesty of wild lands, the ecological necessity of protecting them and the important role individual Americans continue to play in preserving a legacy of wilderness for all to enjoy. Narrated by Robert Redford. Featuring the prose of Terry Tempest Williams, read by the author. Directed and produced by Chelsea Congdon.

Introduced by Jeffrey Stine, Chair, Division of Medicine and Science, National Museum of American History.

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