Footprints in the Sand

An episode from the series, “One Ocean,” from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s
program, “The Nature of Things with David Suzuki”

Humans have always lived along the earth’s varied coastlines. For tens of thousands of years the ocean has nurtured and inspired us, and we lived in balance with its seemingly endless bounty. All that has changed now. Footprints in the Sand explores how our growing demands are changing the ocean. Many of those changes are most strongly felt in the zones where the land meets the sea. Over-fishing, pollution, over-population and over-development of our coasts are having deadly consequences, but marine protected areas can have a huge impact on an ecosystem’s ability to recover. Hosted and narrated by David Suzuki. Directed by Jacqueline Corkery. Produced by Tina Verma. “One Ocean” series produced by Caroline Underwood.

Introduced by Nicholas Kerelchuk, Branch Manager, Tenley-Friendship Library. Discussion with Kaitilin Gaffney follows screening.

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