Fish & Cow: A Story of Restoring the Upper Big Hole Valley

In Southwest Montana the Big Hole River is in trouble: the last surviving population of fluvial Arctic grayling in the lower 48 is at risk. A group of dedicated cattle ranchers, illustrating the peculiar fusion between a diverse ecosystem and a community with a strong sense of ownership and stewardship toward the land, are trying to change the fate of the Arctic grayling. This is a true American story where the collaboration between environmental organizations and large landowners derives from the need to “get things done.” Directed by Geoff Stephens and Rick Smith.

Introduction and discussion by Nat Williams, State Director for the Nature Conservancy’s Maryland/DC Chapter, Kat Imhoff, State Director for the Nature Conservancy’s Montana Chapter, and Rick Smith, filmmaker associated with both films.

Shown with EXPEDITION GRIZZLY (USA, 2009, 50 min.)

Follow naturalist Casey Anderson as he ventures deep into Yellowstone National Park to assess the status of the vulnerable ‘island grizzlies’, a population of grizzlies that over time has become isolated from other populations in North America and who, like other species found there, are dependant upon a healthy Yellowstone ecosystem for their very survival.

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