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Hello readers

We have taken out the section ‘books for sale’ as we have now sold them all. We may be repeating the service some time in the future or at a later date. Thank you for all the interest shown in the books.

We all know that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables makes for a healthier lifestyle. The ideal minimum is five portions a day for children, seven portions a day for women and nine for men. Unfortunately many of us barely manage three! Fruit and vegetables are seen as being very important to us in the fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. It is never too late to change your eating habits and dietary preferences. So why not start today and include more fruit and vegetables in your daily intake. Email me, susaneacock@btinternet.com on popular suggestions for you to take your daily quota of fruit and vegetables.

Break a bad habit today! It takes 21 days to break a negative habit and 21 days to develop a positive one. So in three weeks you could be making changes that will enhance your life now and in the future. Think Positive!

Can anyone tell me if they have the same problem as I do when eating out? I am a vegetarian and do not eat meat or fish. I do however, eat cheese but not eggs. If I go to a restaurant and ask for a veggie menu I am nearly always told, only pasta dishes are available. Why is it that restaurants always assume all vegetarians eat pasta? I for one loathe the stuff. I am lucky I do love salads. I think restaurants are trying to give us veggies a hard time – what do other veggies think? Please email me with your comments there must be more people out there like me who are experiencing the same problem. I love eating out but unfortunately I am slowing running out of restaurants, where I can get a decent vegetarian meal. Perhaps I should venture into the Vegetarian restaurant business? If you too are a veggie have a browse on www.vegsoc.org

It is not easy to stay on a diet all your life! But anyone, no matter what age can change their lifestyle to include healthier food and more exercise. It is not only easy but can be a great deal of fun and is a good way of meeting people and making new friends. Why not join a gym, or a walking/rambling club. Walk around a lake or beside a river or canal it’s not only good for you but also FREE. A regular walking routine is the cheapest and most effective step you can take towards a slimmer, fitter and healthier you. Invest in one of the latest Pedometers. You will be surprised how far you walk in a day! Biking is another great exercise – why not visit www.countrylanes.co.uk and see a brilliant way to explore Britain by bicycle. Swimming or water aerobics, another excellent way to exercise. You are never too old to visit a swimming baths or spa. www.swimathon.co.uk games is an ideal way to lose weight or why not be a sponsor. Go on give it a try!

We have now added a children’s section to our website on various topics including health. As obesity has become a main issue in today’s society, health and fitness education should be given free to everyone including children. Improving children’s diets by addressing advertising and labelling (which is targeted at mainly children) will also be addressed. We have included a page on bullying and a section on websites and phone numbers, which should be helpful to children and young adults. www.bullying.co.uk (Parent Line Plus 0808-800-2222

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. Your comments on our newsletters and our web-site are always welcome. Feel free to email via the web-site or direct on susaneacock@btinternet.com

Susan Eacock – WEBMASTER – MARCH 2007


Slim and Trim

You ladies are never happy,
With the way your body has worn,
It would appear you’ve all been gaining weight,
Since the day that you were born.
You all like to be slim and well rounded,
Like a Venus figure with arms,
A sweet smiling person that everyone loves,
Filled with kindness and charms.
There is a place that will help you,
No, it’s nothing like a gym,
But if you try, you can lose weight,
They call it Slim and Trim.
They will help you with your diet,
Stop you eating puddings and bread,
And all those drinkies don’t help much,
They only go straight to your head.
You have lots of talks and discussions,
About how to become slim and trim,
And when you’ve exhausted that subject,
You can have a little talk about HIM.
How he cannot look after his money,
And he insists on being well fed,
You can discuss his overall performance,
Including the one in bed.
Why not come along, you can’t go wrong,
The company here is great,
I’m sure you will enjoy it,
Even if you don’t lose weight.

Poem written by Harry Lawes 2003 – Copyright 2003

Proper Bread

Way back in the 1930’s,
When bread was ‘the staff of life’.
Give us this, our daily bread,
Was more important than having a wife.
With a little butter or margarine,
And perhaps strawberry jam on Sunday,
With a little careful spreading,
It would last up until Monday.
Dripping and lard was an added variety,
Spread on toast in front of the fire,
Sprinkled with salt – it tasted good,
With a toasting fork made out of wire.
The colour of the crust varied a bit,
From brown to very near black,
In fact my old granny might be heard to say,
“They should give that old baker the sack”.
Our bread was delivered by horse and van,
With Harding’s Steam Bakery on the side,
And a row of gold medals to let you know,
That they made their bread with great pride.
The horse was fed there in the street,
From a nose bag made of leather,
We had to admit he ponged a bit,
Particularly in warm weather.
In 1939 when war began,
And some foods were put on ration,
And later on it was decreed,
That all bread would change in fashion.
It changed in colour as time went on,
And the taste caused many a frown,
And instead of being snowy white,
It became a dirty brown.
We longed for that terrible war to end,
When we could all sleep safely in bed,
And for all our brave young men to come home,
And we could all eat ‘PROPER BREAD’.

Poem written by Harry Lawes 2003 – Copyright 2003


What is obesity?

Obesity is a condition of excess body fat which can seriously damage your health putting you at risk of heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer. Overeating is clearly a prominent contribution to obesity. Therefore a healthy diet combined with regular exercise will improve your health and give you a better lifestyle.

Educating the public about obesity and its role in causing illness and unnecessary death is now an important health issue – obesity is a killer and should be taken seriously as an important public health issue.

Obesity in our children and adolescents is a serious problem with many health and social consequences that often continue into adulthood. Children should be encouraged to eat healthily and efforts should be made to prevent obesity.

Garlic is good for you

Being healthy means taking responsibility for your choices about nutrition. A positive change to high nutrient foods that truly feed the body can be an exciting challenge. As taste buds adapt, so the body cleanses itself and greater energy and well-being are experienced.

People either love garlic or they hate it. Most people love it – and everyone feels strongly about it.

Garlic is one food that like onions and ginger stimulates the body’s antioxidant mechanisms. As with different foods garlic helps to boost the immune system.

Garlic is good for the heart and circulation, as it helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, to dilate blood vessels and to thin the blood. It also has an anti-viral action that can keep colds at bay. .

When cooking with garlic, beware that it does not burn: it singes far more quickly than onions. Once it burns it smells terrible and cannot be eaten. It is best to add garlic towards the end of the cooking, particularly when frying, for this reason. You can transform garlic by boiling it as it loses its sting and becomes a gentle and delicately aromatic vegetable.

Buy heads of garlic that are plump and un-bruised, not soft or soggy, and always check that they have not started to dry out. Make sure too, that they show no signs of mould or external sprouting. Choose heads with regular and reasonable sized cloves.

Keep garlic in a dry place where it is not touching other vegetables otherwise it will turn bad. The cloves will sprout if they are stored in high temperatures over 70 degrees F and 20 degrees C. Ideally, try and hang the bulbs in wire baskets so the air can circulate around them.

One herb and one spice in particular have special affinities with garlic: parsley is the herb and salt the spice. Both bring out the best in garlic. Parsley is a valuable herb for garlic lovers: chew a sprig of parsley and your breath will no longer reek of garlic. Also, if you swallow a glove of garlic whole, before a garlic flavoured meal your breath will be as sweet smelling as those who do not eat the meal. Failing this, if you are still keen to avoid garlic breath, pick up some garlic tablets from a chemist or supermarket. What a pity that those of us who love garlic in our food have to worry about our breath – after all, if everyone ate garlic nobody would find it objectionable!

Try choosing Organic Garlic wherever possible. The arguments for choosing to eat organic products are powerful.

What is Green Garlic?

Green Garlic is identified by its tender green stalks. It has a flesh mild taste which can be eaten raw. It is ideal in salads and can be used in dressings. When cooked green garlic makes a subtle addition to stir-fries, lasagne, soup or omelettes and provides a delicious flavour. It is more perishable than dried garlic but can last in the fridge for a week. To prepare clean the stalks and remove the outer layers, then crush or chop as usual.We are constantly updating this site. Please bookmark or visit again to see if we have added anything new in this section.

Organic Foods

Try choosing Organic foods wherever possible. The arguments for choosing to eat organic products are powerful. Fruits and vegetables have a fuller, fresher flavour. It is also reassuring to know that they are unadulterated and completely natural, and haven’t been waxed or gassed. Organic products often have a better flavour and have no added chemicals, sugar or salt. Always check labels carefully to ensure that products really are organic.

One of the best hobbies you could pursue is gardening, of the organic kind. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is extremely satisfying, even more so if you know that you have used only natural methods. Organic gardening is safe. There is no use of artificial chemicals and fertilizers that harm the soil and the environment. The food you produce is tastier, with more flavour and colour, therefore, much healthier for you and your family.

Make your own compost heap in a corner of the garden and use all your kitchen waste, the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag and grass mowings. Keep it activated by turning it and let it become hot. Insects and worms will do the rest, working it until it is well rotted and ready to spread.

The fruits and vegetables you grow should be ten times more nutritious and flavoursome than those grown with chemical aids. You will be putting back into the soil the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it lacked before.

Supermarkets and farm shops are all stocking a wider range of Organic foods either fresh or packaged. Many Supermarkets are responding to public demand for organic foods. If you want a greater choice of organic foods, make it known to your favourite food store – the greater the demand, the more likely your store will be to stock these products, and lower the price.


If you have an organic garden find a corner where you can grow a group of herbs. Not only will they add different flavours to your cooking and be delicious sprinkled over salads and soups but they are aromatic on warm summer evenings, full of butterflies and bees and utterly relaxing to sit beside. Herbs can be used in so many different ways: to use in food dishes, to decorate your table and put into your cool summer drinks (especially the eau-de-Cologne mint), to add to your bath water for a fragrant therapeutic soak.

Herbs are best when they are fresh but dried herbs can also be used to enhance your cooking.

Ideal herbs are Astragalus (Chinese Herbs), Basil, Bay Leaves, Coriander, Marjoram, Mint, Parsley (either flat leaf or the curly variety), Rosemary, Tarragon, Thyme Water Cress, Normal Cress and Wheatgrass (usually grown for juices -hard to digest).

Try growing herbs yourself from seeds. The time to sow is between January and June. You will be surprised how much fun it is to grow your own and your food will taste so much nicer having fresh herbs added.

Healthy Eating starts with your Five a Day

We all know that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables makes for a healthier lifestyle. The ideal minimum is five portions a day for children, seven portions a day for women and nine for men. Unfortunately many of us barely manage three! Fruit and vegetables are seen as being very important to us in the fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. It is never too late to change your eating habits and dietary preferences. So why not start today and include more fruit and vegetables in your daily intake.

Why Five-a-day? Our eating habits and dietary preferences are started from when we are babies. For the first few years of a child’s life it is important that they should enjoy a wide range of foods. Obesity in children is at a very dangerous level and appears to be getting out of control. By eating a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day children will increase their fibre intake, reduce their fat and sugar intake resulting in a healthier weight.

Why fruit and vegetables? The reason fruit and vegetables are so good for us all is because they provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients that we need to fight off disease and help us sustain a healthy lifestyle.

There are lots of lovely books available in to days market on fruit and vegetables. Books with recipes and inspiring idea’s for enticing your child to eat and enjoy their five a day! Supermarkets, book shops and libraries all stock excellent ranges of books on how best to eat and cook fruit and vegetables.

Your Articles

Don’t Do it Alone,

Find Support to Lose Weight Sticking to a diet plan can be very frustrating but finding a support group can really help achieve your weight loss goal. We are constantly barrage with fattening foods so finding support is vital to stay motivated.

Despite claims on TV and radio about the next miracle diet potion, these quick fix methods will not help you lose weight. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is quick to point out that no magic pill, herb, or formula exist to make you lose weight.

Losing weight comes by burning more calories each day than you consume. You can accomplish this by reducing portion size by one-third. You can also stay within a range of calories to lose weight. Typically, most women should stay between 1200 and 1500 calories per day to lose 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. Men should stay between 1600 and 1900 calories to lose the same amount of weight.

Suppose you had someone to call or email that could provide guidance and accountability? Two or more people providing support is mutually beneficial because of the natural “win – win” situation. Weight Watchers and Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) have local support clubs you can join. But how do you find support partners if you’re not comfortable dealing face-to-face with people you don’t know? You can start at work. Is there anyone you could approach and suggest forming a support group to develop sensible diet plans together, share recipes, take walks and in general, just be there? Don’t be afraid to ask a close neighbour or dear friend.

Chances are good that you know someone who is also frustrated with their weight and could use the support. So don’t do it alone, find support!

Second, third, forth time?

Have you noticed that after the first time you lost weight the second, the third time etc. became much harder to shed the pounds. One of the reasons could be down to the fact that the older we get the harder it is, staying trim becomes a little trickier. A few tried and tested tips are listed below in case any one needs a little help a long the way.

Why not try smaller portions, eat enough to satisfy and keep you going. Try using a smaller plate and don’t over eat.

Only eat out on special occasions. Try and limit your eating out visits, cook your own food at home. By doing this you can prepare and cook food and know exactly what you are eating.

Eat regularly try and eat three meals a day, or four smaller ones. Missing meals will make you hungry. This could result in your body holding on to the weight instead of losing it.

Cut out all the junk food, processed food, sugar, cakes, sweets, alcohol and soft drinks. This will not only benefit your weight loss but will also improve your skin.

Try and get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep increases the appetite. Having at least eight hours sleep a night will help with your weight loss also improve your lifestyle.

Drink plenty of water. The recommended daily intake is eight glasses or more a day – 2-3 litres. Water is good for weight loss, good for your skin and making you feel more a live!

If you don’t already like healthy foods then learn! We are meant to eat food that is good for us and fruit and vegetables are considered as a great way to protect us from many diseases. Therefore, try food that is provided by the earth and start to feel healthy again and looking great once more.

Good luck – never give up.

Remember Break a bad habit today! It takes 21 days to break a negative habit and 21 days to develop a positive one. So in three weeks you could be making changes that will enhance your life now and in the future. Think Positive!

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