Euro 2008 – The Green Stadium

On the paths and alleys where once the exclusive aristocratic hunting society gathered for light entertainment, today bikers and joggers meet. In the thicket of the meadows, badgers, foxes and deer are wandering around, while by the waters Mandarin ducks are mating. They were imported for hunting purposes from China more than a hundred years ago and since then have established their place in the landscape. The Danube’s bayous are not only a paradise for waterfowl of all sorts but also a haven for beavers that chop down tree after tree. Life flourishes in the meadows of the Prater, Vienna’s “green lung,” where the 2008 UEFA European Championship took place. This film portrays the diverse animal life in and around the stadium. Directed by Manfred R. Corrine. Produced by ORF, WDR and Manfred R. Corrine Filmproduktion.

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