Eugene Tsui

Dr. EUGENE TSUI (AIA, NCARB, APA) is a licensed architect and contractor, city and regional planner, industrial designer/artist, educator, investigative scientist, inventor, musician, competitive athlete, publisher, President of Tsui Design and Research, Inc. and Chairman of the Telos Foundation, a nonprofit foundation for educating the public about design, headquartered in Emeryville, California USA. He is the author of four publications on Architecture.


He is perhaps the first architect/designer in history to profoundly study, analyze and implement the workings of natural phenomena, through an interdisciplinary approach, as a basis for design at all scales including construction materials and methods. He is the originator of the term, Evolutionary Architecture, which is an understanding of producing designs based upon a rigorous scientific study of natural organisms, structures and processes. His work vastly expands and extends beyond the paradigm of “Ecological design”. His seminal work sweeps us into the 21st century and shows us the ineffable and fantastic intelligence of nature and the compelling possibilities of an architecture that aligns itself with nature’s genius.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, of Chinese parents and fluent in the Mandarin Chinese and English languages, Eugene Tsui holds four professional degrees in architecture and city and regional planning having attended the University of Oregon, Columbia University Graduate School of Design and the University of California, Berkeley where he received an Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Architecture and Education. He has won numerous scholarships and professional research grants including those from the Graham Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts (Canada). At the age of seventeen he won an “Honorable Mention for Most Exciting Design” from an American Institute of Architects competition. He was an intern architect at the age of nineteen and at twenty was the youngest member of the Organizing Committee of the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics design team as the assistant to the Senior Coordinator.

Eugene Tsui was apprenticed to the renowned American architect, Bruce Goff, from 1976 until Goff’s death in 1982. In 1996,1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002 he was awarded the Presidential Sports Award and is the current four-time Senior Olympics Gymnastics All-Around Champion.


Bruce Goff on Eugene Tsui

Eugene Tsui (pronounced Tsway) is a remarkable man; a young visionary whose far-reaching ideas and designs encompass a multifarious range of human endeavors which compels us to consider a radically different vision of the world we live in. Architect, urban planner, industrial designer, clothing designer, educator, artist, athlete, and musician; I salute him as a young master already certain of his many and various directions. His designs seem to have such a kinship with nature that they often appear to be created by Nature itself with each design extending into the realm of the fantastic. His designs are powerfully individual, well thought-out and highly evocative. Materials are used in surprising ways and his constant search for new methods and the invention of new materials is rare.

At an early age Tsui was recognized as having an extraordinary facility and passion for drawing and design. I have seen his rendering for a school complex for a lunar community drawn at eleven years of age. It is remarkable not only in its complexity and extensiveness of design, but, also, for its innovative an visionary concepts; concepts which sixteen years later are only beginning to be architecturally considered. His thoroughness in details and insights into advanced technology were already apparent. At seventeen Tsui won an honorable mention for “the most exciting design” in an AIA competition. Before I met him, in 1976, he had an impressive record of professional and academic experience. What caught my attention was a phone call from the Dean of the graduate school at Columbia University stating that they had a student of “superlative talent” mentioning that one of Tsui’s professors considered him “too hot to handle” and he felt Tsui needed sympathetic help and guidance to enable him to continue with his exceptional genius in architecture. Recognizing that this was a polite but permanent expulsion from Columbia I agreed to help him.

Therefore, I expected to meet a young man of exceptional talent, but when he came for the interview I was astounded not only by the quantity and quality of his beautiful architectural drawings, but also by his remarkable and great enthusiasm for, and dedication to, architecture.

Throughout the six years I have known him I have come to realize more fully how complete a person Eugene Tsui is. The range of his creative work is awesome. He is endowed with indefatigable energy and industry. Unlike many strongly gifted creative individuals I have met, he has never shown any signs of conceit or “genius-itis”! He knows the difference between superficial “personality” and genuine creative individuality, and his aims are not limited to personal gratification. He has a larger view of what needs to be done to help others.

In the nine years I was Chairman of the School of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma, and the many schools here and abroad which I lectured and gave design seminars, as well as continuing my own architectural practice which I began 52 years before, I have encountered many gifted and talented students and apprentices, but none as potential and strongly creative as Eugene Tsui. I have never before met a young man in architecture with such drive. If this praise seems too strong–it is only because he deserves it–and earned it in my office. Individual creative and imaginative works keep bursting forth when they must. Revolution is evolution made apparent. Today’s “radical” is tomorrow’s “classic”. I have every faith that Eugene Tsui will be so regarded.

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2007 B.C.R.World Boxing Champion, 165 Pound, Super Middleweight, 43 to 59 Age Division
2007 California Golden Gloves Champion, 165 Pound, Super Middleweight, 43 to 59 Age Division

2007 and 2008
Registered Boxing Official
Registered Boxing Judge
Registered Time Keeper
Registered Trainer and Coach

2004 to 2008 Wing Chun Kung Fu Practitioner

WBU 2005 Super Middleweight World Champion (Amateur boxing, 165 pound
weight division, 48 to 58 age category)

2005 Registered Boxing Official


1978–Manager of the University of Oregon, Gymnastics Team (Ranked Number Three in the USA).
1979–Assistant to World Champion, Kurt Thomas, USA vs. Japan Competition.
1980–Trains with Bart Conner, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, at the University of Oklahoma Training Facility.
1981–Trains with David Bibby, Canadian All-Around Champion, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
1982–Special Instructor in Gymnastics, The University of Washington at Bellingham, Washington.
1984–President of the Golden Bears Gymnastics Club at the University of California, Berkeley.
1985 to 1989–Assistant Coach, University of California, Berkeley, Boys Team.

1995 through 2002–Four-Time Master’s Olympics All Around Gymnastics Champion winning 21 gold medals and 7 silver medals.
1995 through 2002–Eight time Presidential Sports Award Winner from USA Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.
1995 through 2001–President of the World Master’s Gymnastics Federation.
1995 through 1999–Chief Editor, The Master Athlete Magazine.
1995 through 2002–Has won over 180 gold, silver and bronze medals in Masters Gymnastics Competition.
2002–Retires from competitive gymnastics due to injuries.
2004–Begins competitive training in boxing with goal of becoming Master’s World Boxing Champion, 165 – 170 pound weight class.

Son Paolo with daughter Chase 1993

Eugene Tsui and Daughter Chase riding Mongolian horses in China 1999

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