Welcome to Japan ET / WOC Association

The association is a professional association of professional nurses founded in 1981 by several nurses who acquired ET nurse qualification abroad. After that, 20 years have elapsed, now we are a member who has completed education of WOC nurse abroad and is a WOC nurse (wound, ostomy, incontinence nursing) certified nurse accredited by the Japan Nursing Association. Currently, it has grown to about 360 professional groups, and from now on, 140 nominees nominated by WOC nursing nurses will be born annually.This demonstrates the high need and expectation society places on WOC nursing. On the one hand, maintaining and improving the knowledge and skills of the members’ expertise areas will be a major challenge for the future while delighting the increase of this member.

The purpose of this Society is “development of specialized fields and provision of quality nursing services”. In order to fulfill this purpose, the strong will of each member and the strong unity of the whole organization are indispensable. Because I am a professional organization with a history, I think that big support can be expected for the new member’s step. The “Japan Wound, Ostomy and Incontinence Care Study Group” sponsored by the Society will also be aiming to develop into the academic society in the future with a view to educational support aimed at improving members’ expertise and skill improvement rapidly We would like to work hard. To that end, we believe that it is important to strengthen the ties among the regional blocks established throughout Japan and make systems that can receive the support that each member wants. We sincerely hope that everyone will bring together high qualities and that you can focus on the development of WOC nursing.

* ET Nurse (Enterostomal Therapy Nurse)

Japan ET / WOC Association Chairman Yuko Garogami

History of Japan ET / WOC Association (JAET / WOC) (Year) Related matter
Japan’s first birth of ET
(Surgeon Taizo Tamura)
1976 World ET Association
(WCET: World Council of Enterostomal Therapists) was launched
Japan’s first birth of ET nurse
(Mikie Takahashi)
Formation of the Japan ET Association
Initial Chairman Yasuo Tamura
(7 members)
Atsuko Maekawa, second-generation president 1982
1986 St. Luke’s International Hospital ET School · Creepland Clinic School Opened
(Independent 1990)
Establishment of a special nurse system review committee
(~ 2001)
1st “Japan ET Association Learning Meeting” held 1991
Third Chairman Minami Yukiko 1994 St. Luke International Hospital ET School closed (closed in 1996)
The 10th WCET Academic Conference held in Yokohama
1996 Japan Nursing Association WOC Nursing Certified Nurse Curriculum Course Started
WOC Nursing Certified Nurse
joins the Japan ET Association

The 6th “Japan ET Association Academic Assembly
(renamed)” held

1997 First phase WOC Nursing Certified Nurse was born
WOC Nursing Certified Nurse Special Study (Transfer Measures of ET Nurse) 1998 Japan Nursing Association WOC Nursing Certified Nurse Curriculum Curriculum Becomes WCET Accredited School
The 8th “Japan Wound, Ostomy and Incontinence Care Study Group (renamed)” held 1999
2002 WOC Nursing Certified Nurse Registrar · Facility Publication
2005 Training of WOC nursing certified nurses started at “Hokkaido Medical University Certified Nurse Training Center”, “Saitama Prefectural University Education and Training Center”, “National Social Insurance Association Federation Nursing Training Center”
Homepage opening
Changed to Japan ET / WOC Association
4th Chairman Yuko Mizogami
25th anniversary celebration held
25th anniversary issue “Kakehashi” published
25th Anniversary Book Publication
2006 Training of WOC nursing certified nurses started at “Nihon Red Cross Nursing University Nursing Practice, Education and Research Frontier Center”

What is Japan ET / WOC Association

Activities Purpose Purpose

To promote the welfare of members, we strive to develop specialized fields such as improvement of occupational ethics, ostomy care, incontinence care, wound care, etc. to provide high quality nursing services, thereby improving people’s health and welfare Contribute.

business for the purpose achieve

the development of the organization, project leader of the training on the improvement, business related to research such as the work environment of business this member on the promotion of business academic research on continuing education

business public relations

on the international exchange of WCET, etc. Business

Other necessary business to achieve the objectives of the Society

Organization chart

The 10th WCET Academic Conference (June 1994, Yokohama)

Officers and committees

2006, 2007 Official introduction

Position Name
Chairman Yuko Garogami
Vice-president Minami Yukiko
Director Ito Michiko
Director Yuriko Yamamoto
Auditor Tomonori Ebata
Auditor Miyoko Shingo
Secretariat Yamamoto Aya
Accounting Hiromi Takimoto
Academic chairperson Mihoko Ishizawa
Activity research chairperson Takagi Ryohei
International Exchange Chairperson Terumi Fukai
Public relations chairperson Mikawa Mikawa
  • Executive :
    officers In addition to secretary affairs, discussion of the agenda, contributing to the development of execution and execution of projects.
  • Participate in Audit Accounting Audit and Block Length Conference to grasp activity status and support.
  • International Exchange Committee :
    Promote international exchange and support international exchange activities of members of JAET / WOC, JAET / WOC members, and WCET (World Council of Entercostomel Thersoists) members.
  • Public Relations Committee :
    We will conduct public relations activities on the activities and roles of the Japan ET / WOC Association using pamphlets and website.
  • Activity Investigation Committee :
    Investigate the activity situation for the purpose of surveying and accumulating information in specialized fields.
  • Academic Committee :
    Performs all operations related to the operation of the “Japan Wound, Ostomy and Incontinence Care Study Group” held on the second Saturday of May every year and publication of the research journal.
  • Manage the annual membership fee of the accounting members and the expenses for each committee.
  • Oversee all affairs, including registration and management of members of the secretariat, and handle the affairs.





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