Great Tasting Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas (Full Potency)

Blended With All Natural Fruit Concentrates (12 -16 oz servings)

Served hot or iced. Add $ 1.00 for Elixir Protein Powershakes.

Power Plant™ – For a quick healthy charge and an extra shot of instant energy

Power Plant Plus™ – For the quick start that endures, the ultimate botanical energizer

Chi Devil™ – Turn on the senses with this classic Women’s Sexuality Tonic.

Mighty Joe Yang™ – Feel the blood flow with this classic Men’s Virility Tonic.

Performance Tonic™ – Be at your peak with energy that flows and stamina that sustains.

Depth Recharger™ – A tonic to renew and replenish the deep substance of life (jing/essence)

Longevity Tonic™ – Replenish jing, recharge the immune system, rebuild stamina, lengthen life.

Virtual Buddha™ – Elation by the glass. Opens the heart to relax and energize at the same time.

Blues Buster™ – Banish the Blues, allow the light to open the heart.

The Silk Thread™ – Release tension and find balance during times of hormonal inequities.

Kava Pacifica™ – The great stress buster. A calming anti-anxiety solution in a glass.

Mind over Muddle™ – Clear the mind with this formula for clarity, memory and concentration.

Ginseng Zinger™ – Get primed for the fight, add zip to your step with extra energy and clarity.

The Morning After™ – Detoxify, revitalize, and relax with this answer to hangover hell.

Diges-Tonique™ – A balanced blend for soothing and relieving digestive discomfort

Yin From The Cold™ – Redouble the body’s natural defenses with this great cold and flu killer.

Yin From The Very Cold™ – A bristling array of nature’s best herbs for defeating colds

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