Death & Dying

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What actually a death is?

Regardless of race, religion, geographical area, or time period, every human has wondered about the one fact of life that unifies us all: What is death?

Throughout history, different mythologies and theologies have explained the nature of death in countless ways, ranging from total annihilation to immediate life after death in the presence of God … or in torment. Some groups allow their dead to “work off” their badness and eventually reach paradise. Others envision life after death filled with a never-ending abundance of the pleasures of earthly life. Some teach that the dead are rewarded by becoming gods unto themselves, while others teach earthly reincarnation based on the deeds of the previous life.

Ways to Keep Kids at a Healthy Weight

If your child is at a healthy weight now, you may wonder what you can do to help him maintain it.

If your child is currently overweight, you may wonder how you can help her stick to a serious diet and exercise plan.

Well, according to experts, rigorous diets and exercise plans are not the healthy habits to be striving for. Singling out an overweight kid will just make him feel persecuted and unhappy. It also won’t work.

Instead, you can help your overweight kid move toward a healthy weight in much the same way you can help a healthy-weight child maintain that healthy weight. How? By making it easy for everyone in your family to make healthy choices and encouraging them to make those choices so consistently that they become your family’s healthy habits.

Making healthy choices can help an overweight kid who is still growing hold his weight steady so he can grow into his weight as he gets taller. Small healthy choices also give healthy weight kids the habits and foundation to maintain their weight.
Healthy Habit 1: Choose to eat dinner as a family.

You can encourage family health by having the whole family sit down to dinner together as often as possible.

It might seem like an odd way to help with your child’s weight, but experts say it can help. Studies have found that family meals are associated with a healthier diet and lower rates of obesity.

What are the unpleasant things that happen after death?

I have heard lots about the life after death,it just rumors or something else i can’t decide i definitely trust them after read out the story that the people after death they facing out the different life…

What is your philosophical definition of DEATH?

Because I see no practical benefit in personifying death, and because we have no real chance of avoiding it in the long run, I can do no better than repeat the answer I offered to a similar question earlier. Here it is:The intriguing thing about making statements about death is that there is absolutely no way of being proved wrong. Any assertion, however fanciful, about the afterlife will never be shown to be wrong. In my view, death — as opposed to dying — is not”experienced”at all. Epicurus was right: death is not to be feared, because while we are alive we are (obviously) not in death, and when we’re dead we do not perceive ourselves as dead. The moral is that while we live we should busy ourselves with living; being dead (which is easy; it’s dying that’s hard) will take care of itself.

I see no reason to live any longer?

The book title in Germany, Al Ain Psychologe erlebt DAS the Konzentrationslager, and was the first English translation of title from the death camps to survive. The book is co-champion of England’s search for meaning: the significance of the treatment introduced, although often not mentioned in the subtitle, the cover of the book on modern.

How do atheist explain near death experiences to Hell?

Near death experiences have been widely popularized. Most of them see Heaven and so Atheists say”Well when you die there is a chemical imbalance and this makes some feel an Immense amount of happiness and a sense of floating. Well what about Hell. Some may say”Well in some people, death makes them experience pain and hopelessness.”No, the descriptions of Hell from people with near death experiences who went there are horrific, much more so than that explanation.

What are the facts and myths about dying in certain ways?

Your blood could probably boil in space, because space is actually very hot, but because there is so much space between molecules it feels cold. The drowning depends on who you are and what your life was like. The burning is from breathing in the smoke/fire and your lungs collapsing. It depends on how you are electrocuted, if you are in the right conditions it does burn, if you are in the tub, it doesn’t burn as much.(I think). Dying from being afraid is more likely your heart beats to fast,(which is possible) and you have a heart attack that isn’t treated, so you can die. I do not know about the last thing, but if you don’t make an effort in the least to live, it doesn’t help anything.

What is the highest death toll from a man-made or technological disaster?

Im trying to find the worst man-made or technological disaster. Im having trouble narrowing it down or even finding a good list. I guess i would classify it as the worst by the highest death toll. Sources appreciated Im looking for like a single event, not a war or famine or anything of that nature.

What would you do if you could prevent your death but with dire consequences?

At that point in the game, would you really want to prevent it at the cost of someone or something else? is that a price really worth paying for some extra living on borrowed time? I don’t think I would try, i’d probably just accept it and let the inevitable happen.

How do I use tinfoil when dying my hair?

Put the tinfoil under the hair you want to dye, and only the hair you want to dye. then put the dye on it, and fold the foil over it. leave it in for (I leave manic panic in for 2 hours, but whenever you want to take it out after 15 mins. Then rinse it out without using shampoo until the water runs clear.

What level of peroxide should i use when dying my hair?

Yes, developer is called peroxide, unless your using a semi then the developer you use is usually 10% or 5%, but if you have peroxide then use 20%, its not damaging on the hair, you only need to use anything higher than that if you are going lighter.

What was the significance of Tecumseh death who was the famous Shawnee leader?

Well, Tecumseh, his red warriors made a very different object of Colonel Richard Johnson. Contrary to precipitate the fire of British infantry, have reserved their gallant wild gusts up to close down, then transported with the object and lethal effect. The Indians were forced to step aside, But not without sacrifice three times more lives of English, and leave the infinitely less of prisoners of war to achieve their conquerors. Active and visible, the invincible and exemplary, brave Tecumseh fought until he fell pierced with several bullets and died the death of a hero.

How come murderers who sit on death row dont get put to death right away?

Doesn’t it seem logical if someone is convicted of murder or admits to committing a murder that they immediately loose their life for taking another persons life? Whats up with this death row bullshit? Im sure it has something to do with your cival rights?give me a break! I say a hot and a cot and then you’re done! death back to you… Im a forgiver too but were talking about the meditated death of someone else… not an accidental death.

Why does coming so close to death appeal to a certain group of people than others?

Depends on your mindset and point of view . Roller coaster can be dangerous alright , for some it means speed , for others a rush , for others…oh my god my brother made me jump on this thing lol but what the lovers of rollercoasters are really looking for is an alteration , as they are traveling through the trails it seems as if there is no time as if you are defying the laws of gravity , with a feeling of fun ,danger and fear for the most nervous individuals !some others are looking to prove themselves and others that they can survive it , survive the unexpected outcome of being there with a group of people you will probably never see again ! its a short daring activity for the courageous and a test for the shakybut overall it doesnt mean that they accept death as something to be welcomed but more of a probability that they consider”cool”.

What do you say to help a dying person not fear death?

That is tuff when you take out the religious aspect of it…just tell her there is nothing to fear in death. That is the easy part living was the hard part, she will be in peace and all her worries will be over.

What causes the death rattle in elderly before they pass away?

you are absolutely correct, plus usually they are unable to clear their chest with a cough, so the bronchial tubes are also affected. You do wonderful work as a CNA. I did it for two years then went to nursing school and was a nurse for almost 30 years.


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