Cracking The Ocean Code

Join renowned scientist and genome pioneer Dr. J. Craig Venter on a globe-circling voyage as he scours the world’s oceans for new life forms and genetic secrets that could help to solve the planet’s most urgent energy and climate challenges. From Nova Scotia to the Galapagos Islands to Antarctica, Dr. Venter embarks on a mission to map the DNA of every microscopic organism in the ocean. Along the way, he discovers new species and new methods of tracking weather anomalies, ocean pollutants and even global warming. Directed and produced by David Conover.

Discussion with filmmaker David Conover follows screening. He will also screen clips from his new work-in-progress LIFE V2.0, a breathtaking scientific endeavor in which Dr. Venter and his team seek to tailor certain marine microbes’ properties to answer certain human and societal needs.

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