Couch Potato No More {workout}

Sometimes couches get a bad rep.

In their defense, they are comfortable. They’re certainly the best place to chill out and watch television or read a great book. And they’re always a great place to curl up for an afternoon nap.

On the flip side, couches are associated with the term couch potato.

Couch potato has a negative connotation, wouldn’t you say?

No one wants to be considered a couch potato.

So I think we should give our big comfy couches another chance. Lately, rather than plopping down on the couch to watch my favorite television shows, I have been utilizing my couch as a fitness tool (while also watching my favorite shows).

Multitasking is the name of my game. I love to walk on the treadmill while reading, studying, or catching up on shows. I frequently do mini strength workouts while watching a family movie. And as you may know, I also find sneaky ways to get extra movement in during the day.

The couch has proven to be an ally in my multitasking ways. Wanting to be fit does not necessarily mean leaving the couch behind. It just means that you have to think outside of the box (or outside of the gym, if you will).

So, I’m giving the couch another chance by sharing my couch potato no more workout!

Most people have a couch (or a recliner/loveseat) – so this is a no excuses workout folks.

The couch has graduated – wouldn’t you say? It’s no longer a FITNESS FOE, rather it is now a FITNESS FRIEND!

Now, after you’ve completed the no more couch potato workout – grab a snack and finish your show. You’re vegging out on the couch, but you’re certainly not what I’d call a couch potato.

P.S. I will not be hosting Sweat it Out Saturday this week because I will be out of town. Check out the Sweat it Out Saturday tab (under the header) for workout ideas, motivation, songs, and more!

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