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Conjugated linoleic acid is a naturally occurring omega-6 fatty acid which is very important to human health. Omega-6 fatty acids are derived from the foods we get every day, primarily from meat and dairy products. At least 1.4 to 3.0 grams per day of CLA dietary supplement is necessary to achieve body fat loss. Haven understood what this product is all about, and its immense benefits, the next thing people should earnestly find out is…what food contains conjugated linoleic acid and where can I buy this powerful potent compound

To help people understand, let me say that its major food sources include milk, beef and eggs. However, the most abundant source of CLA is beef from cows that are fed with grass, according to Journal of Dairy Science, October 1999 issue. An estimation of 4 milligram of conjugated linoleic acid is contained in a unit gram of fat in a fresh ground beef.

As mentioned earlier, you can get conjugated linoleic acid from natural dietary sources. However, more times than not, you won’t be getting enough from your diet. To make sure that you’ll get maximum benefits, it would be best to use conjugated linoleic acid supplements. Existing for as long as this fatty acid was discovered, Conjugated Linoleic acid supplements are produced to ensure that you get your daily dose without much ado. about where you can buy conjugated linoleic acid. Usually available in soft gel capsules, the number of tablets you should take depends on the dosage indicated.

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Great For Fat Burn!

I have been taking this product routinely for the past 11 years. First learned about it through Mary Shomon concerning those with low thyroid or hypothyroidism. The product absolutely works! However, it is not an immediate quick fix. Didn’t start seeing results for about 7 months when folks wanted to know what diet I had been on. I absolutely have more muscle definition and met a woman in health food store that started taking it because of me. When I saw her a few months later, she noted that her cellulite was disappearing due to the fat burning properties of CLA. She thanked me. Absolutely worth the money and the health benefits. More people should try it .

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