Conjugated linoleic acid supplements – Insulin boost

Conjugated linoleic acid supplements are natural, non-stimulants. Although many conjugated linoleic acid researches do not agree with this fact, it is still widely accepted by people who have attested to the conjugated linoleic acid supplement capabilities. These conjugated linoleic acid pills are available for use both for the purpose of body fat reduction, its anti-inflammatory properties, anti- cancer effect, effect on appetite and body insulin.

Some arguable studies have found that conjugated linoleic acid supplements are almost the best way that one can derive the best out of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) since they have been formulated to contain a specific balance of conjugated linoleic acid isomers also known as chemical compounds which are biologically active. A direct intake of conjugated linoleic acid food sources alone would not be sufficient for someone whose body requires a good amount to achieve the supplement benefit. Hence, the use of conjugated linoleic acid pills is very much accepted.

Worthy of note is that all conjugated linoleic acid supplements are not the same! Yes because as their brand names are different so is the amount of CLA’s different, also depending on the conjugated linoleic acid food sources the pills are made from. Since these brands contain different oils in their ingredients’ list, a little calculation is required to ascertain if you are getting the actual amount (3.4 grams) that you need daily. The most commonly used conjugated linoleic acid pills is a patented form known as Tonalin.

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