CLPS de Bruxelles

Creating is good for your health?

Is that sweet?

Let’s participate!

More than a hundred representatives of Brussels institutions of social, housing, health, culture, artists have attempted the adventure. Snorkeling in the heart of artistic expression. Experiment: dancing, singing, making music, … and then staggering look at our professional practices …

These two days of meetings around a working hypothesis is the fruit of several months of exchanges between professionals of all sides wishing to share their questions or convictions. What arouses artistic expression? Well being? Participation? Reduction of social inequalities? Issues that also challenge the health of our democracy. For the CLPS in Brussels, it is a matter of bringing together different professional horizons and instilling reflection on the link between artistic expression and health promotion.

  • On this site you will find
  • Reminder of the Institutional Context of the Local Conferences for the Promotion of Health
  • Our working hypothesis
  • The objectives of the Local Health Promotion Conferences
  • The work process
    • Partners and partners
    • Course of exchanges and tracks
    • Modalities and objectives of the two days
  • Artistic workshops and their presenters
  • Exchange workshops and resource people
  • The chronicle of the two days – F. Dumont
  • Observation of an exchange workshop
  • Testimonials from the participants
  • Lists of participants in Local Conferences
  • Evaluation

An experience of the CLPS of Brussels at the heart of artistic expression at the Théâtre des Tanneurs


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