Chileno Valley Ranch


Vegetables & Fruit : Twenty Varieties of Apples, Several Varieties of Pears, Twelve Varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes

Meat & Dairy : Grass Fed Lamb and Pastured Eggs

Value-Added & Other : Oil and Pastel Plein Air Painting Workshops, Weddings, Lodging during Workshops and Weddings

The Farmer

Mike and Sally Gale raise Katadin sheep, organic apples and tomatoes and free range chickens on their 600 acre cattle ranch in spectacular Chileno Valley. In Sally’s family since 1862, this beautiful ranch has a restored Victorian Ranch House, vintage redwood dairy and horse barns, and flower and vegetable gardens, all surrounded by green and golden rolling hills dotted with Black Angus cows and calves.

In addition to restoring the house, fences, water system and ranch buildings, Sally and Mike have restored their creeks and pastures, planting over 1000 native trees in Chileno Creek and its tributaries. A dramatic increase in migratory songbirds and greatly improved wildlife habitat is the lovely result.

Farm Visit

There is a U-Pick day each Sunday from 10am to 4pm, September through November. Apples, tomatoes and eggs may be purchased on U-Pick days. As both Mike and Sally are activists in the ranching community, there is no shortage of interesting conversation when customers visit Chileno Valley Ranch. Heritage pigs Petunia and Pansy, the funny Katadin sheep, the many colorful chickens and Toby and Max, official Springer spaniel greeters, will all make a visit to Chileno Valley Ranch worthwhile.

Additionally, a limited number of weddings and Plein Air Painting Workshops offer clients an opportunity to stay at the Ranch.

Directions and more information on Chileno Valley Ranch can be found at and

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