• Beauty and the Islands

    Beauty and the Islands

    The Cook Islands “These people sail in those seas from Island to Island for several hundred Leagues, the Sun serving them for a compass by day and the Moon and Stars by night; all the stars of which they distinguished separately by name and they know in what part of the heavens they will appear in

  • Madagascar


    Madagascar is a stunningly beautiful African island country composed of one large island and many smaller islands which lies nearly 400 km southeast of the African mainland. It is approximately a thousand miles long and 587,041 square kilometers (226,658 square miles) in size making it the fourth largest island in the world. Greenland is larger by nearly

  • Beauty and the Natural World

    Capturing Nature’s Beauty Richard Fray: Richard is a wildlife photographer living in Tucson, Arizona. He is is entranced by the beauty he finds in nature and takes some absolutely riveting photographs. Read about his work and see some of his photographs here. He also supplied the photographs for our web page on Hummingbirds. The Aquarium Aquariums capture the

  • The Hummingbird

    The Hummingbird

    It is hard to believe that birds are descended from dinosaurs especially the tiny hummingbird . However, more and more scientists are beginning to believe that it is true. Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world and only found in the Western Hemisphere from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. They were called joyas voladores, flying

  • Capturing Nature’s Beauty

    Capturing Nature’s Beauty

    Beauty through the lens of a wildlife photographer By Richard P. Fray Once you have caught the wildlife ‘bug’, there’s simply no letting go. The appetite for learning is instantly awakened; it grows and grows and never stops. There are always new species to see, new facts to be learned. But the relentless quest to

  • The Beauty and Poetry of Chinese Gardens

    The Beauty and Poetry of Chinese Gardens

    Imagine the beautifully delicate pinkish white blossom of the flowering plum tree, the rustling of bamboo, ancient trees and rocks and the reflections of plants and of the moon in tranquil water. These are some of the elements which we associate with Chinese gardens. The origins of Chinese civilisation are lost in the mists of