• Potato Heads And Corn Dogs: Keepers Of The Crop

    Potato Heads And Corn Dogs: Keepers Of The Crop

    Potatoes and corn are two critical crops that share a rich and varied history. The film shows how cultural traditions revolve around food and provides a quirky reminder that in an increasingly global economy, humankind’s very survival may rest with the gatherers of the crops, not the hunters of the beasts. Scientists, activists, consumers and

  • Peace With Seals

    Peace With Seals

    Part travelogue, part science-fiction epic and part environmental critique, Miloslav Novák’s wonderfully idiosyncratic film defies definition. A serendipitous encounter with a tourist brochure led the director to the discovery of the Mediterranean monk seal, the most endangered mammal in Europe. Novák set out in search of a face-to-face encounter with this elusive creature, undeterred by

  • Our Coast

    Our Coast

    For seven years, Ireen van Ditshuyzen filmed the Dutch coast, from Zeeland to Rottumerplaat, a coastline on which the sea clearly left its equally beautiful and destructive marks. In the submerged Land of Saeftinghe, residues of once-flooded villages are still recovered, and on the beach of Ameland, the waves washed away a beach café in

  • One Water

    One Water

    Water is essential for life—our bodies as well as our souls require it: the stuff of life and death, sweat and tears, need and wonder. One Water churns together stirring visual sequences, compelling expert commentary, hypnotic local music and a score performed by the world-renowned Russian National Orchestra to immerse audiences in a direct and

  • Old Ironsides

    Old Ironsides

    Set at the time of Stephen Decatur’s defeat of the Barbary pirates in Tripoli, the film follows three young men who join the Merchant Marines, particularly an able-bodied seaman and his romantic interest, a damsel-in-permanent-distress. Based on the poem, “Constitution,” by Oliver Wendell Holmes, a reconstruction of the USS Constitutionactually appears in the film. Starring

  • Of Time And The City

    Of Time And The City

    Both a love song and a eulogy to the city of Liverpool, this film is a response to memory, reflection and the experience of losing a sense of place as the skyline changes and time takes its toll. Terence Davies returns to his native Liverpool and to his filmmaking roots, capturing a sense of the