• Host an Event

    Host an Event

    “Speed, Power, Precision”. That’s what you get when the world’s finest lumberjacks compete in the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series. Embarking on its 27th year, the professional STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® series is positioned to take this distinctive spectator sport to a new level. Broadcast to over 177 million households a year in the United States, the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS®

  • Lumberjack Dictionary

    Lumberjack Dictionary

    Ax – The tool used during chopping events.  Ax sizes, grinds and edges differ dependent upon competitor preference and the chopping event. Bad Pocket – Term used during the springboard event to describe an inadequate cut into a base log which fails to properly hold a springboard and support the competitor’s weight. Banana grind –

  • Wood Sourcing

    Wood Sourcing

    STIHL TIMBERSPORTS event manager, Matt Chagnon, of Granite State Lumberjack Shows, Inc., is a professor, a lumberjack and a conservationist. STIHL TIMBERSPORTS.com caught up with him for a Q&A. STIHL TIMBERSPORTS.com: So, do you consider yourself a conservationist? Matt Chagnon: A forester is a conservationist – without conservation, you’re out of work. If you don’t conserve what

  • Hot Saw

    Hot Saw

    In this discipline, the competitor uses a customized chain saw with a modified engine, usually taken from a personal watercraft or snowmobile. At the signal, the competitor starts the saw and makes three cuts. With only six inches of wood to work with, precision is key. If the competitor saws outside of the designated six

  • Underhand Chop

    Underhand Chop

    The competitor stands with feet apart on a 12- to 14-inch white pine log. At the signal, he begins to chop through the log with his racing ax. Before chopping all the way through he must turn and complete the cut from the other side. Time ends when the log is severed completely. The challenge

  • Single Buck

    Single Buck

    The competitor makes one cut through 19 inches of white pine using a single man cross-cut saw. The competitor may have a helper wedge his cut into the log to prevent the saw teeth from sticking. Time ends when the block is clearly severed. The primary challenges of this event are technique, brute strength and