• Summer in November

    Summer in November

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it November? Today’s weather was SUMMER WEATHER! And I loved it! I spent the entire afternoon outside. I fueled up with an iced coffee + breakfast. Did a little blogging and kitty wrangling, then it was time to hit the pavement! Pardon my grossness, but are kitty eye-boogers

  • A lesson learned

    A lesson learned

    Ah, waking up without an alarm is one of the true joys of the weekend. I know I say something along those lines every Saturday/Sunday. And I’m thinking that is not going to change any time soon. Of course, my day started off with coffee. Gloria Jean’s French vanilla supreme is like a dessert! I

  • A Healthy Balance

    After reading Erin’s (The Healthy Apron) lovely post on moderation, I just knew I had to elaborate on my own personal views. Moderation was something I used to struggle with each and every day. I went through many years of the same backwards mentality in which eating one unhealthy item led me to throw away

  • The Last Day

    The Last Day

    The last snow day, that is. It was fun while it lasted, Mother Nature, but I am ready to get out of my house and get back into my weekly routine! The upside of being home all day? Actually having the time to make yummy meals and snacks. You know, foods that don’t come out

  • Hey, it’s ok… (part II)

    To eat everything with a spoon. Even salads. Everything tastes better when eaten with a spoon. To go light on dinner so that you can eat 3 mugs of cereal before bed. To tell your man “sorry honey, all the bread is gone” because you want to save the last two slices for yourself. To

  • Lunchbox Challenge: day 1 (4 days, 4 wraps)

    Lunchbox Challenge: day 1 (4 days, 4 wraps)

    Good morning lovelies. Happy Monday! I started off this week on the right foot with a nutrient-packed smoothie. 1/3 C. frozen strawberries 1/3 C. frozen pineapple 1/3 C. frozen mango 1 T. ground flax 1/2 scoop vanilla protein 1 C. coconut milk handful of spinach topped with pomegranate seeds A delicious energy booster! Today marks