• TDR’s Industrial Design

    TDR’s Industrial Design

    TDR’s eighteen years of designs for industry has produced a compelling array of products. Innovation, a thorough understanding of the marketplace and far-reaching vision makes us a consistent leader in product design. Products such as an FM stereo sunglasses, heat dissipating car stereo amplifiers, multifunctional clothing, shoes, jewelry, lightweight furniture, lighting fixtures and lamps, computer

  • TDR’s Clothing Designs

    TDR’s Clothing Designs

    TDR’s clothing designs come from an architectural principle of functional design methodology. The results are clothing articles that are highly functional and as a result highly stylish. Many utilize materials that are waterproof, highly insulative, dissipaters of heat during movement, and in some cases, fire-proof. TDR is also investigating and experimenting with recycled fibers made

  • City Regional Planning

    City Regional Planning

    TDR developed the San Francisco Bay Area Development Plan which established growth projections of infrastructure, population, commuter traffic, urban growth rates, traffic congestion, pollution, greenbelt areas, job growth and residential development rates for San Francisco Bay Area cities well into the years 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2020. Recommendations were implemented without harming existing ecology and

  • Eugene Tsui – Architecture

    Eugene Tsui – Architecture

    Architecture gives form to the invisible pulses and rhythms of life. It gives pattern to structure and structure to pattern. It is an elemental mystic power that is innate to all things. The physical manifestation of this power is a consequence of the desire for the invisible to be made visible. This desire, this great

  • Eugene Tsui Media

    Eugene Tsui Media

    The following writings are selections authored by Eugene Tsui from various publications, essays, lectures and speeches within the last three years Opening Message (excerpt from the book, Evolutionary Architecture: Nature As A Basis For Design, by Eugene Tsui) It is the birthright of every human being to live in a world of beauty; a world

  • Eugene Tsui

    Eugene Tsui

    Dr. EUGENE TSUI (AIA, NCARB, APA) is a licensed architect and contractor, city and regional planner, industrial designer/artist, educator, investigative scientist, inventor, musician, competitive athlete, publisher, President of Tsui Design and Research, Inc. and Chairman of the Telos Foundation, a nonprofit foundation for educating the public about design, headquartered in Emeryville, California USA. He is