• Pure Organic Honeys

    Pure Organic Honeys

    New Zealand Manuka Honey Sourced from New Zealand’s remote, pollution- free native forests, and world- renowned for it’s unique antibacterial properties. Studies at Waikato University have identified a very strong antibacterial property called “UMF™”, which is only present in some Manuka Honey produced in New Zealand, making it unique amongst the honeys of the world.

  • Home Accessories

    Home Accessories

    Zen Alarm Clock The Zen Alarm Clock makes waking up a beautiful experience with its gentle and enchanting chimes. Once you use a Zen Alarm Clock, nothing else will do. During the Zen Alarm Clock’s progressive awakening, you can work on dreams and affirmations in the Alpha State. The Zen Alarm Clock allows you to

  • Bath Soap

    Bath Soap

    Feng Shui Bath Collection A truly enchanting bathing experience. The Feng Shui Bath Collection re-awakens ancient recipes to enhance and balance our modern lifestyle. Choose from five specially formulated blends of exotic oils and mineral salts that are corresponding in their energetic action to the Five Elements of Oriental Medicine. Premium Bar Soaps by Vermont

  • Yixing Ware Teapots

    Yixing Ware Teapots

    Our teaware is handselected and from many different sources. Below you find our most popular items Yixing Ware Teapots Renowned teaware from China’s Yixing region Yixing Ware teapots come from the Yixing region, located 120 miles northwest of Shanghai in China. They possess an astonishing history dating back to the Sung Dynasty (960 – 1279)

  • Marin Organic School Lunch

    The Marin Organic School Lunch and Gleaning Program is helping to transform school lunch choices for our kids. Seven years ago, Marin Organic saw the potential in creatively connecting local farms to local schools to help our communities thrive. Now this extraordinary program each week enables 14,000 students from more than half of Marin’s schools

  • Marin Organic About Us

    Marin Organic About Us

    Learn * Connect * Eat Well Marin Organic builds community and commitment to local, organic farms and ranches – ensuring that consumers, both today and into the future, place a high value on local organic food and can readily make a choice to access those products. We were founded in 2001 by an passionate group