• Being a Vegetarian: a better choice?

    Being a Vegetarian: a better choice?

    Vegetarian Diets – Personal stories on this dietary life choice My interest is to provide food for thought for those interested in becoming a vegetarian. Cutting meat from the diet can seem a daunting prospect at the beginning but will get  easier as time goes on. Ask yourself the question, “What would I miss the

  • Personal Diet Success Stories

    Personal Diet Success Stories

    Susan Eacock, yet to be confirmed, Having been an avid dieter for the last fifteen years I decided to set up a website to help others in the same position as myself. The picture of me was taken a few years ago whilst on holiday in San Francisco. In the picture I was a uk

  • Diet Books

    Diet Books

    Books Diabetic Recipes and Diabetes Cookbooks – www.diabeticsbooks.com Antiquarian, other books speciality in cook books – www.star-dot-star.net Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser 101 Frequently asked Questions about ‘Health and Fitness’ and ‘Nutrition & Weight Control’ Cedric X Bryant,et al, Exercise Science. Paperback November 1999 101 Ways to stop eating after dinner – Nancy Butcher

  • Menu’s / Diets

    Menu’s / Diets

    Breakfast Menu’s Billy Bacon And Mushroom Omelet 1 rasher of lean back bacon 5 medium size mushrooms 1 large egg 2 teaspoons of skimmed milk 1 teaspoon of sunflower oil or low fat oil Pinch of salt and pepper to taste 1 slice (1 oz/30g) brown whole meal bread Boil mushrooms until tender to taste.

  • Calories Galore

    Calories Galore

    Breakfast and Cereal Cereal Per 1 oz/28g Advantage  99 Bran flakes  90 Bran flakes High Fibre  75 Cornflakes  105 Crunchy with Fruit and Nuts 125 Crunchy Bran 84 Fruitibix  84 Fruit & Fibre  105 Kellogg’s Special K  105 Kellogg’s Sustain  102 Muesli  110 Porridge Oats, dry weight 105 Puffed Rice  100 Puffed Wheat  95 Weetabix

  • Introduction to a fitter and healthier lifestyle

    Introduction to a fitter and healthier lifestyle

    My Top Tips One of the most important steps in losing weight is believing in yourself – believing you can do it.  Attitude plays a big part in losing weight – with the right attitude you will gain the confidence to believe in yourself that you deserve to be slim and healthy. Achieve the figure