• Cutaneous Lupus

    Cutaneous Lupus

    Cutaneous lupus is seen in around 10% of the lupus cases and in this condition only the skin is affected. In this condition different types of skin lesions are seen among people. Lupus which is a condition affecting the immune system is marked by the appearance of a classic rash which is a red, scaly,

  • Discoid Lupus

    Discoid Lupus

    Lupus is a problematic and a debilitating condition that can affect different parts of the human body such as skin, blood, joints and kidney. In this condition the immune system of the body attacks the cells and tissue in the body and this can result in inflammation, pain and damage to some of the organs.

  • Drug Induced Lupus

    Drug Induced Lupus

    Drug induced lupus has symptoms that are similar to lupus but is specifically observed because of use of certain kind of drugs. Such a condition is observed when these drugs are taken over some period of time. Such a condition is entirely reversible after the drugs are discontinued. There are around 38 drugs that are

  • History of Lupus

    History of Lupus

    History of lupus includes three periods over which this condition has been identified, described and investigated. The classical period was the initial period in which this cutaneous disorder was described. During the neoclassical period the manifestation of lupus were described and this followed with the discovery of LE cells in the modern period. The history

  • Living With Lupus

    Living With Lupus

    Lupus is a problematic condition that can affect a number of organs within the human body. Living with lupus can therefore be a disconcerting experience for lupus patients. Diagnosis of this illness is quite difficult as there is no single test that can definitely help in making the diagnosis. Lupus causes problems like joint and

  • Lupus And Pregnancy

    Lupus And Pregnancy

    Pregnancy in individuals suffering from lupus can have immense impact on the mother as well as the fetus. In lupus and pregnancy, around 10% of the pregnancy cases can end up being miscarried because of the problems associated with lupus. Any loss that is seen to occur in the first trimester period may be either