• LutheranVista Information

    Please click on the VistaGrams and EMR FAQs for important up-to-date information on what YOU need to know about LUTHERANVISTA! VistaGrams VistaGram #2 – Delay in the Delivery of Locking Printer Drawer VistaGram #4 – Setting Your Electronic Signature VistaGram #5 – Log Off or Tap Out of the Computer VistaGram #6 – If Your Windows Account Has

  • LutheranVista Training

    LutheranVista Training START YOUR LUTHERANVISTA TRAINING NOW For access to Computer Based Training (CBT) LutheranVista 2 Upgrade Presentation LutheranVista Information: VistaGrams and FAQs (click here) If you have NOT been trained, you will not be able to access the patient information contained in LutheranVista. Physicians must call 718-630-6376 to make reservation for Mandatory LutheranVista Competency Validation.

  • Senior Housing

    Senior Housing Lutheran HealthCare has a proud history of providing affordable housing and support services to older adults in southwest Brooklyn. In response to growing community need, Lutheran sponsored and built Shore Hill Housing in 1977, a 558-unit rent subsidized senior citizen apartment complex in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Continuing this strong commitment, Harbor Hill Housing, an

  • High Demand For Semiconductors In Pacemakers

    High Demand For Semiconductors In Pacemakers

    Semiconductors are one of the important components in heart monitoring systems that are commonly referred to as pacemakers. Pacemakers are small computer-like monitors inserted into a chest cavity to regulate a natural heart rhythm that failed to do so on its own. Not only does the mechanism of the pacemaker must deliver the precise electric

  • Rittenhouse Orthodontics Provides Latest Treatment Options

    Rittenhouse Orthodontics Provides Latest Treatment Options

    It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Rittenhouse Orthodontics was founded to deliver the most technically advanced orthodontic treatment. Dr. Tuncay provides exceptional personalized orthodontic care for children, teens, and adults. That’s why he was voted Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Orthodontist. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Tuncay is a

  • Preparing For Oral Surgery

    Preparing For Oral Surgery

    Oral surgery often requires as much preparation and recovery time as much larger procedures. After all, it involves a body part we use fairly regularly and for a rather important task. Your dentist or surgeon will usually give you pointers beforehand if you need surgery, but it’s always best to take a few extra precautions.