• Benchmark Resources

    Benchmark Resources

    Welcome to the Benchmark Resources page. Here you will find procedures, helpful guides, Power Point presentations and various reports. There may only be three items now, but someday. ** NEW ** – Substance Abuse Prevention Services in Idaho, A Report on 2004-2013 ** NEW ** – Substance Abuse Prevention Services in Idaho, Direct Service Providers, 2004 – 2013 Contracting

  • FPS Summer Research 2001

    FPS Summer Research 2001

    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia Alan C. Hayman Summer Student Research Competition 2001 Partial Proceedings from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Summer Student Research Program Poster Competition An evaluation of factors influencing the safety and efficacy of warfarin anticoagulation Erin Neall, Stephen Shalansky and Larry Lynd, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University

  • Repense


    Rethink Repense is a communication campaign created to encourage debate and reflection on the medical use of marijuana in Brazil. Timeline See the key moments in the history of the medical use of marijuana. Medicinal use in the world Which countries use medical marijuana? How? Scientific evidences Access research on the therapeutic use of marijuana.

  • The American Orthopsychiatric Association

    The American Orthopsychiatric Association

    The American Orthopsychiatric Association (“Ortho”) is an 80-year old membership association of mental health professionals concerned with mental health and social justice. Ortho provides a common ground for collaborative study, research, and knowledge exchange among individuals from a variety of disciplines engaged in preventive, treatment, and advocacy approaches to mental health.

  • Roadmind University

    Roadmind University

    Think . outside the box because it is like a prison. Break free! Allow your imagination to soar above your walled confine and reach for that bright star of insight. Think of a tree. It grows outside the box and bears fruit only the bold will taste. We are an independent medical research center dedicated

  • Diabetic Foot Clinic

    Diabetic Foot Clinic

    The Diabetic Foot Clinic of M.V.Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram called M.V. Centre for Diabetic Foot Care, Podiatry, Research and Management, provides routine integrated examination for diabetic patients. The services of the clinic include education of the patient in practical aspects of foot care, the early recognition of foot at risk, special advice on selection of