• Teen Health

    Frequently asked questions   What does it mean when a teenager discharges continuously? Every woman has a different level of discharge… it is necessary to keep the vagina moist to prevent infection (and squeaking when you walk, heh). Some women just produce more than others. If it’s clear and not bad-smelling it’s not a concern.

  • Pregnancy


    Frequently asked questions Outdated Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines A mom can have 100% control over her child’s health, from exercise, nutrition, thoughts, stress, emotions, environmental toxins. But not every pregnant mom has the support or correct information she needs to maintain the healthiest pregnancy for both her and her baby. Not all pregnant women know the

  • Parenting Issues

    Parenting Issues

    Frequently asked questions Simple Steps To Reduce Toxins Without any extra expense to the non-toxic products to avoid toxic chemicals, there are some really high impact things you can do to reduce your toxic exposure that cost nothing at all. Learn how you can make simple, free changes and have a huge impact on the

  • Mental Health

    Frequently asked questions causes of mental tension Mental health is condition mind well-being in society and decision making capability. but due to different causes people suffer from mental tension. bourdan of work ,responsibility on better perform of work cause people tension. How to take care of Mental Health You can take care of mental health

  • Infant Care

    Infant Care

    Frequently asked questions What baby oil should i use for newborn baby’s head? I do not recommend any kind of oil around the baby personally. Oil is thick and if a small amount is ingested it could coat the baby’s lungs and suffocate them. There are lots of other products out there that are safe

  • Healthy Living

    Healthy Living

    Frequently asked questions How to live a healthy lifestyle? Eat only when hungry and not more than three times a day. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your food. Eat slow, chewing each morsel at least 32 times. This activates ur body to send signals that u have enough. No snacks or drinks in