Business for Bikes

HUB: Your Cycling Connection is pleased to introduce Business for Bikes. We have over 100 members and continue to accept new memberships.

Business for Bikes seeks to create a robust group of businesses that openly support cycling and to supply businesses with the tools and resources to reach the cycling consumer; empower employees to ride safely and confidently; and help create a more vibrant community and local economy.

To become a member. There is no charge to become a Business for Bikes. Please include a two sentence testimonial about how cycling benefits your business, and a contact name, title, and phone number that media could use for further questions.

Program Elements

Business Recognition and Promotion in Cycling Circles

HUB will showcase “Business for Bikes” through HUB websites, regional events, and newsletter and potential media exposure.

Workplace Cycling Workshops

Lunch and learns that deliver! These workshops are hugely popular with employee health and wellness, green teams, and any workplace that wants to boost its employees morale, productivity and health.

Business for Bikes – Marketing Guide and Consumer Outreach

In addition to being a part of a group of businesses supporting cycling as a positive influence on business, BFB members will receive materials designed to help businesses market to cyclists, and other resources will be distributed to help make cyclists aware of “bike friendly” businesses.

Program Elements include:

Guide for Marketing to Cyclists

Series of B4B profiles in the HUB Biker Bulletin and The Urbane Cyclist – direct marketing to over 15,000 cyclists in Metro Vancouver.

Discover Downtown By Bike program

  • Help cyclists explore and discover specific communities and businesses that are bike-friendly
  • Profiling of businesses, including maps, promotions, business improvement association involvement in creation and dissemination of information
  • For more information or to register as a Business for Bikes
  • View testimonials from Business for Bikes
  • Some of our Businesses for Bikes are doing great things already, including this fantastic web awareness and incentives page from Eclipse Awards and Fairware – check it out!

Media Coverage:

  • Georgia Straight
  • Maple Ridge News
  • Vancouver Courier
  • CKNW
  • CBC TV
  • CTV
  • Global TV
  • CityTV
  • Vancouver Courier #2

Cycling and the Economy

Did you know?

  • People who arrive by transit, foot, and bicycle visit individual stores more often and report spending more money than those who drive○ From the Clean Air Partnership study of Bloor West Village, Toronto, 2010
  • Information from Bike to Work Week Metro Vancouver
    ○ Participants individual average income is $50,000+ (more than 27% make over $75,000)
    ○ The fastest growing segments are women and baby boomers hitting retirement
    ○ 91% are most comfortable riding on routes physically separated from car traffic
    ○ 70% of people surveyed expect to cycle more with separated bike lanes in place
    ○ Cycling is the fastest growing method of travel in Vancouver (COV website)
  • The average car park can contain bike racks for up to 12 bikes. That’s twelve customers for everyone one previous! Plus your shop’s visibility increases without cars parked in front
  • Pedestrians often feel more comfortable on sidewalks that are beside bike lanes, creating greater walk-by traffic
  • Tourists from around the world target destination cities that boast safe cycling networks
  • A report from the Dutch Research and Testing organization the TNO says that every 1% increase in the number of employees that cycle to work saves their employers €27M per year due to lower costs from fewer sick days taken. The research was carried on behalf of Tineke Huizinga, the deputy minister for traffic and works. If it scales, the 1% difference in Canada would be double that, at 54 million dollars a year.
  • Investment in cycling has huge returns. In Copenhagen, after years of improvement to cycling infrastructure, about 40% of all trips are currently made by bicycle. Copenhagen has a very similar climate to Vancouver, so there is no good reason that we cannot achieve the same results in Vancouver. In Copenhagen they are not satisfied with this number and are still making huge efforts to improve cycling conditions so as to attract more cyclists. They realize that for every $1 spent on cycling, they save $5 in other government services. They realize that there is a HUGE payback when investments are made in cycling infrastructure.
  • In Australia, for each kilometer traveled on a separated bike path, 27c would be saved in road congestion, 32c in car operating costs and 11.66c in reduced stress, frustration, route uncertainty and fear of accidents. For every $1 spent on cycle ways, the benefit to the economy is approximately $4 – compared with an average of $2 for motorways.

Marketing to Cyclists

Why support cyclists?

1) Cyclists, pedestrians and transit users shop more often and spend more money than those who drive

2) Cycling improves mobility and the economy. “The only way we are going to be able to grow the economy and increase the population in Vancouver is to grow walking, cycling and transit,” says the City of Vancouver

3) To publicly support sustainable, active, healthy living

Six ways to get their attention

1.Welcome them

  • Post a friendly message on your chalkboard
  • Hang a helmet at the window
  • Advertise that you offer bike parking, special packaging, incentives, gear storage
  • Distribute free bike maps (ask at City Hall), free local cycling magazines (such as Momentum)
  • Introduce yourself to the closest bike shop, and offer to refer them if anyone asks
  • Have some loaners – a bike air pump and bike locks

2.Learn who local cyclists are.

Bicyclists have surprisingly high average incomes and buying power. Most local Bike to Work Week cyclists earn over $50,000 a year. Increasing numbers of customers on bikes are women between 30 and 60 years old.

  • Schedule your hours to cycling traffic, taking into account rush hour and lunch hour

3.Provide and promote bike parking.

  • Offer bike parking that’s easy to see and access. Twelve bicycles can fit in the spot of one parked car, giving you up to 12 times the customers! (Contact the HUB: Your Cycling Connection for more information about how to get a bike rack.)
  • Place parking within view of the inside of the store
  • Provide a covered area for parking to protect your customer’s bike from the elements
  • Ask for the transformation of an on-street parking space to be replaced with a bike parking corral, such as the one at Commercial Drive and 6th Ave in Vancouver, in front of JJ Bean
  • Arrange for valet bike parking for special events

4.Make it easier for them to stay longer and spend

  • Provide hooks for coats, helmets and wet gear near the door
  • Invite cyclists to leave heavy pannier bags behind the counter

5.Help them bring it home

  • Provide extra protective packaging for fragile items like dishes or photo frames
  • Package items in separate, smaller quantities so they fit in baskets and panniers.
  • In wet weather, offer waterproof packaging like extra plastic bags
  • Offer to deliver larger purchases
  • Hold purchases when needed so the customer can arrange pick up

6. Attract them with support, incentives and promotions 

Cyclists love a deal! Show riders you appreciate their transportation choice.

  • Discount sales or services to customers who show their bike helmet
  • Build repeat visits with contests, ballot boxes and prize draws
  • Hold a “Cyclists’ Day” with specials for cyclists and advertise it through the avenues outlined at the end of this guide
  • Join the Business for Bikes program at HUB to take advantage of its projects to increase the interaction of cyclists and businesses

Restaurants and Cafes

What an opportunity! Cyclists are always looking to refuel – People who ride love to eat and drink!

  • Offer “heartier” menu items
  • Post a tempting menu outside where bike riders can easily see it
  • Offer easily carried snacks such as energy bars and dried fruit
  • Package take-out in leak-resistant containers
  • Consider a “ped-thru window” at your café where bikers-by can get a coffee to go without dismounting or parking their bike, as one café in Portland has done

Hotels and Lodging

Bicycling is one of the most common vacation activities this year. Here are some options to attract cyclists to stay with you:

  • Provide courtesy or rental bicycles or make arrangements for guests with a nearby bike rental company
  • Display cycling maps and nearby rental shop information in rooms and lobbies
  • Provide and advertise secure indoor parking for bikes or allow guests to take their bikes into their rooms
  • Offer a special “ biking package” that could include treats like a welcome snack and cold drinks for arriving touring cyclists, local ride maps, a tune-up “while you relax” at a nearby bike shop, an afternoon HUB safe city cycling course
  • Provide space for bicycles in your shuttle service
  • Set aside an area for cyclists to do adjustments on their bikes, provide tools, air pump, tube repair kits

Get started today and let HUB: Your Cycling Connection help you

Join Business for Bikes – a free way to show your support of cycling. Membership includes

  • Local activation stations
  • Discover by Bike website promotions and themed route maps
  • Discounted workplace cycling workshops for your staff
  • Participate in Bike to Work Week- join as a participating team and/or sponsor
  • Become a HUB corporate member:
  • Support improved cycling conditions
  • Receive recognition in monthly Biker Bulletins, Facebook and Twitter, connecting you to over 14,000 contacts
  • Join the cycling community on Facebook and Twitter:
  • Follow @metrovancycle, @bikingtowork, @MomentumMag and other local cycling organizations – this is a great way to communicate current offerings and events!
  • List your business on Google Maps’ new cycling app


  • VACC:
  • Bike to Work:
  • Businesses for Bikes:
  • Better Environmentally Sound Transportation :
  • Momentum Magazine:
  • Bike Vancouver:
  • Burnaby :
  • Richmond:
  • City of North Vancouver:
  • District of North Vancouver:
  • West Vancouver :
  • Coquitlam:
  • Port Coquitlam:
  • City of Port Moody:
  • New Westminster :

Businesses for Bikes Testimonials

  • We try to encourage cycling as much as we can in our community as we firmly believe that cycling enhances quality of life, livability of the City and the environment in so many ways. As a result we are sure this improves property values and the rental ability of our suites. We are proud to be organizational members of the V.A.C.C. – Nicholas Meyer, President, Downtown Suites Ltd.
  • Bicycling helps our business as it is something that doesn’t have to stop because you have kids. You put them in one of our seats and introduce them to a great lifestyle at a young age. – Simon Bond, President, CHIOZ Trading Inc.
  • The bike corral out front makes people more comfortable sitting on our patio. I’d be happy to have one at all our stores – John Neate, Owner, JJ Bean
  • I’m having so much fun I sometimes feel like I’m playing hooky on my upright retro commuter cycling to and from business meetings. But the best part is the look of respect I get from colleagues when they realized it was me who passed them in the bike lane wearing my business suit. – Mandy Farmer, Accent Inns
  • Gorilla Food believes in bike riding as much as we love Organic, Vegan Raw Foods! Both cycling and organic, rawfoods-vegetarianism promote optimum ecological health for the Earth and our Selves. Gorilla Food sees that all of our combined daily personal efforts contribute to the footprint we leave behind in the world, and they also create the terrain that we will find in the future. – Aaron Ash, owner
  • Rain or shine I look forward to my biking commute and love sharing the road with my fellow riders. And it’s heartening to see the increased bike traffic since the city has taken the initiative to provide safer lanes. As a small business its not easy finding ways to lessen our footprint but after participating in Climate Smart, switching to Bullfrog power and encouraging cycling to my employees by example, we’re starting to make a difference. – Michael Ziff, co-owner Hip Baby
  • We love our bicycling clients! They always love the fact they can bring their bike inside! We have a close connection to the cycling community through our many biker clients, our good relationship with Momentum Magazine, and our June 10% off if you ride your bike to our store event. – David Repa, CEO, The Hackery
  • Cycling provides a healthy, low impact mode of transport to and from work for 75% of our employees. More people cycling would mean less automobile traffic so our delivery trucks would spend less time on the road. – Frogbox
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op is all about self-propelled adventures and explorations, and as such, bikes play a key role in the transportation of our membership; not to mention that the majority of our staff commute by bike year round! – MEC
  • With three quarters of employees biking to work and meetings every day, BCA is definitely an office of cyclists. It is an integral part of our sustainable workplace. Our culture of cycling has helped us remove barriers often that keep professionals from considering cycling, and allowed us to add features like a public bike rack to the sidewalk in front of our building and end-of-trip facilities like a shower (for sweat-free employees!) We’re excited to support and encourage biking in the office and throughout Vancouver. – Bruce Carscadden Architects
  • Cycling is an integral part in the culture and the lives of our friends, families and customers. Union Market is located on the Adanac bike route which exposes us to hundreds of cyclists daily who seek out a place they can quickly and safely park their bikes have a quick bite to eat, shop for groceries and enjoy a cup of coffee. Our client base continues to grow with the expansion and acceptance of cycling and we feel it is our duty to not only support but to help encourage the use of the bike as means of transportation and a way of life in the city of Vancouver. – David Bernardino, Union Market
  • MANY of our employees cycle to work here downtown, and support better infrastructure. – Tanya Paz, Co-operative Auto Network
  • Capers Whole Foods Market takes its core values to heart. We care about our communities and environment and support healthy lifestyles by encouraging team members in many ways to take alternative transportation to work, which includes supporting Bike to Work Week. – Jami Scott, Whole Foods
  • Cycling is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle that many consumers are adopting each day. These consumers are purchasers of the products and services that businesses rely on. The unique thing about cycling is that you travel at a slower pace and become more in-tune with your surroundings, providing businesses the opportunity to reach out to new markets. – Brandon Crichton, Giant Bicycles Canada
  • As a high end active ware retail store, we support the proposed bike lane on Horn by as a means of improving our business and helping the environment. Our target clientele are both interested in the outdoors as well as personal fitness, therefore I believe that increasing the number of cyclists on Horn by would have a positive influence on the sales of our store. – Richard Overall, Peak Performance
  • Having accessible bike routes near our location means that our customers and staff have the option of coming by bike. In this neighborhood, there’s a sense of community and biking around is a way to tap into that. With limited parking on the main streets, more customers on bikes means our shop is accessible, even when parking isn’t. – Tom Achtem, Owner, Vanprint
  • Safe, convenient bike routes are an essential element of providing safe, healthy transportation options for the 2500 people who commute to work every day in the buildings that Golden Properties manages. Our tenants want to see their employees arrive at work on time, safe, healthy, and not start the day stressed from their commute, and good separated bike lanes will help greatly. The ability to get around safely and easily by foot, bike, and transit is a key competitive advantage for downtown Vancouver, and the continued improvement of that infrastructure is critical to building an ever more vibrant downtown. – Alex Lau, Golden Properties
  • For two years now I have been operating my woodworking business on bicycle with a trailer for supplies. My services include anything from large scale renovations and small home repairs to high end custom cabinetry and wood floor installations. For the first year, I had been largely contained to East Vancouver. Now with the opening of the Dunsmuir separated bike lanes, I have been able to expand my market to the west. The north-south separated connection on Horn by would provide the link to expand further and support my small business. – Daniel Lunn, Principal, What Box Wood works
  • Cycling contributes to an overall work performance for each team member in our company. Team members are healthy and happy and it shows through their work. – Janice Dalupang, AirG
  • As a neighborhood business we appreciate being a common meeting place for cyclists. The community aspect this brings to the store encourages connections and conversations that we are happy to facilitate. We like that our cyclist customers have the foresight to always be prepared with their own carrying devices, helping us to cut down on bag waste. – Gerry Erith, Brewery Creek Liquor Store
  • Cycling is a central part of City Green’s business transportation system. Most of our staff commute by bike and many advisors working with City Green travel by bike to perform home energy assessments throughout Vancouver. Cycling is a cost-effective and fun way to get around for business travel and helps us reduce carbon emissions from our operations. – Peter Sundberg, Executive Director, City Green Solutions
  • As lifelong cyclists and participants in the Rides to Conquer Cancer and the Gran Fondo, we appreciate the freedom and esprit de corps that cycling gives. We are wholeheartedly behind all efforts that will encourage safe cycling for all ages and abilities. – Dale Darychuk, Principal, Darychuk Deane-Cloutier (Law firm)
  • I use my bicycle to get to photo shoots, meetings, scouting, etc. My clients tend to be progressive organizations & publications and it comes naturally for me to arrive by bike, often as many of my clients do as well. And with my photography, cycling is a major part of what I actually shoot as well. – David Niddrie, David Niddrie Photography
  • We are on the Carrall Street Green way and do get a number of people hitting the tourist sites via their bikes. – Craig Stewart, Operations Manager, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens
  • Cycling is a great way for our staff to get exercise, while also lowering our company’s environmental footprint. Having bikes on hand in our office also increases the speed and range of our staff when running errands within our neighborhood. We even offer per/km incentives for any staff members who choose to walk or cycle to work instead of driving.- Toby Barazzuol, Eclipse Awards
  • Being a business that targets the bike consumer, the more people riding bikes, the more customers , the bigger the pie for our industry. This financial benefit is what allows us to expand and grow, touching and impacting more people on our way to creating a happy planet. – Tom Lightburn, Festival Cinemas
  • We believe that cycling is a way to create happy employees, making work easy and fun, so people look forward to working for us. – Gratl & Company (Law firm)
  • I definitely support businesses for bikes for several reasons. Some of my employees and tenants in my store ride to work. Great idea to promote a greener mode of transportation especially in the downtown areas of all communities. – Ruth Pare, Owner, Haney Market Place
  • As a Body -Integrative life-coach I experience clients cycling to our location being more alive, active, engaged and motivated than clients who travel more by car. – Vanessa Wiebel, Holistic Therapy Centre
  • Cycling integrates body mind and soul allowing anyone to be present proactive and alive. It is better for business choices and the planet. – Ryan Holmes, Hootsuite
  • I am a business owner (employ 180 people). We located our manufacturing facility close to the Millennium Line and the Central Valley Greenway. These are both important factors why our employees like to work at our company. It saves them money. – Kim Hauner, Interstyle Ceramic and Glass
  • As a growing technology company based in the downtown core, we applaud the extraordinary leadership shown by the City of Vancouver implementing safe, well-designed cycling infrastructure and specifically separated bike lanes along Dunsmuir. This is not only good for our business by increasing transportation options for our employees, but we believe it will have a powerful long term impact on mobility and will help relieve traffic congestion. – Jonathan Rhone, President and CEO, Nexterra Systems Corp.
  • We look forward to supporting the Business for Bikes initiative of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition and to benefitting from the program. – Robert Safrata, Novex Couriers
  • Offsetters is an advocate for safe, responsible biking. Any traffic separation that improves bike safety is encouraged by Offsetters. – Offsetters
  • Any time I provide more choices for my clients, more ways to make it easy for them to do business with me, I help my business succeed. I would be silly to discourage potential clients who prefer to email me rather than correspond by phone and fax. Yet many downtown businesses discourage the support of a growing market by raising their voices against safety improvements for cyclists. The slightest inconvenience to motorists is seen as a great detriment to their business even as only 1/4 of people arrive downtown by car. Yet the idea of hundreds more cyclists per day passing their door is lost on them.
  • Few if any of my clients arrive by bike. But cycling improvements help my business anyway. They give my clients another option and improve all their other choices as well. Each cyclist who leaves their car at home frees up more road space and more parking space for those who drive. They improve the experience of those who walk or walk from transit: less noise, less pollution, increased safety.
  • As cycling downtown becomes safer and more people take advantage of that choice, the liveability of the public realm improves. This draws more people to the core and invites them to stay longer. The benefit to business is obvious.
  • I welcome more safe, protected bike lanes in the same way I welcomed email. It’s good for business. – Ron van der Eerdon, Pacific Image Home Designs
  • We have a bike rack outside our store and we welcome cyclists here. – Manjit Sidhu, Owner, Pressed 4 Time Dry Cleaning
  • Cycling reduces travel expenses in any small business. Between that and walking, I save a significant amount of money on gas and parking and while aligning my activity with the brand of my company, Plus, I feel good about myself when I am active, which gets my creativity flowing that much more, which is also an added bonus! – Kate Barazzuol, Quench Designs
  • Cycling is good for our business because first and foremost it aligns with our vision of enhancing people’s lives. It’s our belief that the bicycle is a powerful way to enhance how people see and act in the world, creating opportunities and the rewards for growth, health, attitude, environment, and how people relate to themselves and each other. – Brent Martin, Owner and Director, Ryder Eyewear
  • Cycling helps our staff get to work, arriving healthy and attentive. Our 45 minute commute via public transit only takes 25 minutes by bike. – Saul Brown, Saul Good Gift Co.
  • The majority of employees at Tagga Media are cyclists and choose to cycle to work to avoid sitting in downtown traffic congestion, and the daily hunt for parking. As a company, we’ve participated in group rides for team building and charity fundraising events. Personally, my commute to work is better than a cup of coffee…I arrive at work energized and at home, refreshed. – Amielle Lake, Tagga Media
  • Three years ago, Telefilm Canada identified fitness as an important part of promoting a healthy work-life balance in the organization. We provided employees who biked to work a reimbursement for bike gear and maintenance. This incentive along with Bike to Work Week inspired staff in the Vancouver office to try commuting by bike. We now have 1/3 of the office biking to work all or some of the time. – John Dippong, Regional Director of Business Development, Western Region, Telefilm Canada
  • My decision to take on the CEO role at Tri-M was definitely influenced by my ability to commute by bike. Living in Coquitlam but riding through Port Coquitlam, I’m thrilled with the investments made by both municipalities in bike-friendly infrastructure. Makes my ride much safer, and more enjoyable. Tri-M has a number of employees who are marathon runners, and several of them also cycle great distances to and from work. With some support by VACC, we look forward to raising the number of cycle commuters, as we know it has a positive impact on their health, mental productivity, and general attitude. – John Diack, President & CEO, Tri-M Technologies
  • Over 80% of our employee commuting trips and client visits are done by bike. Improved cycling infrastructure allows us to be more efficient. We can’t let Vancouver fall even further behind world class cities when it comes to cycling infrastructure. – Rob Baxter, Principal, Vancouver Renewable Energy
  • Increased cycling infrastructure is good for my business, as I am in the business of increasing cycling infrastructure. Cycling helps my organization as I am helping other organizations develop cycling infrastructure. Increased investment into cycling infrastructure is a potential investment in my small business. Improving cycling infrastructure in Vancouver improves my business viability as my main mode of transportation is cycling. – Adam Cooper, Velocity Transportation Planning
  • Having a safe, separate bike infrastructure would potentially open up downtown as a destination for tourists, families and individuals arriving on bike to explore, shop, eat or otherwise just to roam about. Providing a safe route for workers to commute downtown by bike is also a cost effective way to promote employee health, reduce their cost of employment and reduce congestion and pollution in downtown streets. People need to start evolving away from the inherently non-scalable single occupancy vehicular transportation and towards the more sustainable mode of bicycles and public transport and, by doing so, become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. – Ivan Chow, Principal, Web Lite Translations Corp.
  • As an 18 year old creative technology firm in Vancouver, most of our staff take transportation alternatives, and it makes for healthier, happier, and more productive employees, and a lower carbon footprint. I ride my bike to work most days, and even to client meetings, yes even in the rain sometimes, and even in a suit. Having north-south and east-west bike lanes will only enhance Vancouver’s livability, and our reputation as a global leader in high quality, low impact urban living. I am a huge supporter of the cycling program. – Jason Mogus, CEO, Communicopia
  • Cycling is a big part of our community and CBC Shop is an avid supporter. You will find a selection of high quality water bottles, hats and apparel as part of our product assortment from many of your favourite brands such as Hockey Night in Canada, CBC Style and Retro Collection, which will help keep the cyclist riding in style while going on their journey. Check out or visit our Vancouver store located at CBC, 700 Hamilton Street. – Vikki Feilberg, CBC Shop
  • We support improved cycling infrastructure and community connections; a good portion of our business is due to customers who arrive by bicycle. Our store can accommodate more bike parking than car parking which makes it easier for members/customers to shop. – East End Food Co-op
  • As a marketing consultant for sustainability, I must walk the green walk (or ride the ride) as much as possible. I also ride my bike (or unicycle) to meetings wherever possible. With clients in North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and Surrey, I often use the skytrain/bike transportation mode. I occasionally arrive a little damp, but my efforts are understood and appreciated by every one of my customers. – Lorne Craig, Principal, Unicycle Creative
  • Our office is at the corner of Seymour and Dunsmuir, and the new bike lanes have been a great thing for our business. Hornby Street is a pilot program, and we should let the final element of the pilot (Hornby street) be implemented to allow an evaluation of the overall program’s effectiveness. Show me one great city in the world where such howls of protest lead to a truly great result. I hope that you will join me in your support for enabling the City to run a valuable experiment as we work to live up to reputation we hope to deserve as a Green Capital. – David Helliwell, CEO, Pulse Energy
  • Increased cycling will create a safer and more liveable downtown environment. Increased bicycle infrastructure will lead to physical and mental health benefits for our employees, most of whom access our workplace by bicycle. – Lees + Associates
  • Aarm Dental Group is proud to say we support biking to work! Aarm has five dental offices in the downtown Vancouver area and most of our locations are on the bike lanes and routes. We have 22 dentists and some of them or their staff bike to work. – Kim Lacusta – Aarm Dental Group
  • Whether it’s for recreation or transportation, cycling promotes healthy, active and sustainable living – values which are core to our organization. We have ample bike parking (covered!) for those interested in taking advantage of our fitness centre, recreation programs and other services. Visit Creekside next time you are riding past the Seawall and Ontario to see what we have to offer. – Brenda Tang – Creekside Community Recreation Centre

Bike Parking

We get a lot of requests about bike parking and how to get a racks installed in front of businesses and in busy bike areas. Here are some uplifting answers from the City of Vancouver:

Bike racks are still available to businesses that request them. The bicycle corral is still being reviewed and we are working on how we may run this program in future. For the time being however, businesses can still request a bicycle corral in front of their business and they can be added to a list of interested businesses. In order for a business to be considered for a corral they must be in a location that has a documented high bicycle parking demand which can not be accommodated by sidewalk bicycle racks. In addition, streets with “no stopping” zones or rush hour regulations will not be considered at this time.

The City will fully fund racks on City property in commercial areas.

There are main criteria considered when determining whether a rack will be supplied:

  • is there enough space to install a bicycle rack and does the street use allow it (i.e. we do not put bicycle racks in bus zones)
  • is the location on city property
  • is the request in a business area which will serve the general public

The time line in the past year for a rack request and review has been less then 2 weeks. If a site is approved, a rack will generally be installed within a month. This is dependent on funding as we move forward.

The best way to request a rack is to contact the bicycle hotline or provide the location, their name, and photos if available of where they would like a rack.

Please visit:

Note: locations are often determined based on: number of public requests in the area, staff observations of missing bicycle parking, census tract data, and requests from BIA’s.

Information from other municipalities is on its way. Stay tuned.

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