Blackberry Farm


Vegetables & Fruit  – Apples, Blackberries, Greengafe Plums, Herbs, Jerusalem Artichokes, Lavendar, Meyer Lemons, Pears, Rhubarb

Meat & Dairy – Eggs

How to Purchase

Direct – Most of the produce is sold within a twenty-five mile radius if not directly from the farm.

Restaurants and Retail Locations – Bolinas Co-op, Chez Panisse, Golden Point Produce Stand, Indian Peach Catering, Wedgewood Organic Baking

The Farmer

In 1972, Aggie and Walter Murch bought four acres known as the “old Peters Dairy” on Gospel Flat in Bolinas. There the Murchs raised children, horses and vegetables until the children grew up and the horses died. Now Aggie concentrates on her orchard of English and American heritage apples, twenty-four different varieties in all, one of which has survived from Mrs. Peter’s original garden. Roaming the orchard is a flock of flamboyantly feathered chickens. Each fall Aggie, with John Perry of Stinson Beach, who built the cherry wood apple press at Blackberry Farm, hosts a community apple pressing. Farmers and families from all over West Marin bring their apples and spend the day making cider together.

For Aggie, stewardship and self-sufficiency may be the most important aspects of working the land. For over the thirty years the Murch’s have cared for Blackberry Farm, they have watched the richness of the soil deepen, the variety of wildlife grow and the quality of their organic produce just gets better.

Aggie/aka Muriel Murch is also a radio producer and can be heard.

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