Birth Control

Hair Loss after stopping BC

Hello. I was on birth control for about 10 years, taking generics of Ortho Tri-Cyclen, most recently, Tri-Previfem. I went off the pill this past October… and over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a great amount of hair loss. It’s mostly after I shower and as I’m styling my hair, but it’s a lot of hair. A few years back I went through the same thing when I briefly stopped birth control. I ended up going back on it for this exact reason, too much hair loss. I asked my doctor about his before I went off the pill, and he suggested taking a multi vitamin. I’ve been doing that since September, along with taking extra Biotin. Obviously, it’s not working. What can I do?? My hair is thin enough without losing all this extra!

Side effects of Apri birth control?

Last night, I started the birth control pill called Apri. I heard it is better to take birth control at night as it can cause nausea. Within an hour I did indeed feel nauseous and it continued until I went to bed three hours later.

This morning, I woke up nauseous and as I was taking a shower I started to feel very lightheaded and had to turn the water ice cold so that I didn’t faint in the shower. After the shower, and for the rest of the morning, I continued to feel nauseous and light headed and my arms and legs began to shake. I even started having pains on the left side of my chest over my heart.

As I was driving to work, the lightheadedness disappeared but my legs were still shaky. I even started to get leg cramps in my left leg but it only last about 10 minutes and I haven’t felt it again today.

By noon, all of my symptoms disappeared.

Now that it is approaching night time, I have a mild headache.

What type of birth control should I switch to?

Contraception means stopping pregnancy, also called birth control. Most people know about options such as birth control pills & condoms. However, there’s also other options. If you are thinking about birth control, talk together with your relatives doctor.

Birth Control

The easy and comfortable contraceptives is using Condom to prevent Birth Control.

Nuvaring – unprotected sex during first week

I have been using nuvaring for a couple years now and I went off of it 6 months due to financial reasons. Well I just went back on it after 6 months and I am wondering: I put in the nuvaring on day 7 of my cycle and my husband and I had sex on days 10 and 12. What is the chance of me being/not being pregnant?

I went on Nuvaring because my cycle has always been irregular. I was on yaz before Nuvaring. Before being on Yaz, my cycle would be anywhere from 14 to 36 days…after Yaz I took a break from birth control and my cycle would be anywhere from 24 to 32 days. During this most recent 6-month break I honestly did not keep track of my cycles and just went with the flow. So last month (November) I don’t know how long I had gone between cycles…so I really don’t know when I would have been ovulating when I put in the nuvaring this time around.

What type of birth control is safe while breastfeeding?

Usually the pill is pretty low impact as far as nursing goes. The patch, although sometimes recommended may cause light headedness when nursing. An IUD is a good idea though for nursing mothers as it does not impact your milk at all as the others do. They insert it (its tiny) into your cervix (you’ll get some cramping at first but otherwise minimal discomfort) and it lasts for 5-10 years depending on what you get. You don’t have to worry about forgetting it, or changing your lifestyle to remember it. You also don’t have the fear of missing a pill or forgetting your patch.

Birth Control Plan

Birth control, also known as contraception and fertility control, are methods or devices used to prevent pregnancy.Planning, provision and use of birth control is called family planning. Safe sex, such as the use of male or female condoms, can also help prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections.Contraceptive use in developing countries has decreased the number of maternal deaths by 40% (about 270,000 deaths prevented in 2008) and could prevent 70% if the full demand for birth control were met.

By lengthening the time between pregnancies, birth control can improve adult women’s delivery outcomes and the survival of their children In the developing world women’s earnings, assets, body mass index, and their children’s schooling and health all improve with greater access to contraception.The most effective methods of birth control are sterilization by means of vasectomy in males and tubal ligation in females, intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implantable contraceptives. This is followed by a number of hormonal contraceptives including oral pills, patches, vaginal rings, and injections.

Birth Control Will Lead To Hair Loss

Taking the pill could cause you to lose the hair. Hair loss may not occur until after a woman has stopped taking the pill. While oral contraceptives are safe and effective. Knowing this, women can make better and more informed decisions about how to approach birth control.

There are a number of different oral contraceptives available. Those with low androgen index are less likely to cause hair loss. Women concerned about the possibility of hair loss as a side effect of using oral contraceptives should ask their doctors about low-androgen index pills and non-hormonal birth control methods.

Pill can cause damage to women androgen and will lead to hair loss and thinning hair.

What kind of birth control is good for me?

Ask if Loestrin 24 fe is good for you. It is a low dose pill and it has helped me with cramps. I only got moody for the first week or so. I haven’t gained weight, I’ve actually lost. Plus, my skin cleared up wonderfully.

How quickly do birth control pills work?

when i got birth control they said 7 days but i’ve also heard it can take up to a month or three to work. i waited the 7 days and now i’m at the end of my 3rd month of bc and everything’s good.

What brand of birth control pills do you recommend?

I’m an eighteen year old female, and have been taking birth control since I was seventeen. Obviously, as a teenager, I have occasional breakouts of acne, which can be very irritating and inconvenient. What I’ve had some difficulty with is increased discharge with some birth control, in addition to mood swings and headaches. I’ve taken Yasmine, Ortho-TriCyclen Lo, and Seasonale. I liked the benefits of Seasonale, only getting a period 4x/year, but I noticed that I had mood swings and headaches a lot from it. I took Ortho-TriCyclen Lo, and had increased discharge for some reason or another. Yasmine wasn’t too bad, as it has a diuretic, to lessen water weight. I’d like to hear about other people’s experience with birth control, and what you recommend. My main goal with birth control other than the contraceptive use is for the acne medication, one that doesn’t make you gain weight, or one that allows fewer periods.

Birth control anxiety and sinusitis

i’m not sure about this but i just went to the clinic and got switched back onto my old birth control today in hopes that my anxiety will go away. about six or seven months ago i stopped taking yasmin because i just didn’t feel like dealing with having to rememeber to take a pill everyday….(lazy i know). then at the beginning of april i got what we thought was a sinus infection because i was getting mssive headaches and i took sudafed for a whole week and it always took the headaches away so therefore we assumed it was a sinus infection. anyways i missed a whole week of school and was scared out of my mind at what was happening and thought maybe i should get back on birthcontrol why i don’t know. when i went in they switched me off of the yasmin and onto levora so it would be cheaper.

2 Week Early period

It usually depends on the kind of pill you were taking since then. There are pills wherein your period comes in after you finish them on, but there are pills that you will take during the 1st day you had your menstrual period. Why not talk to your ob so she can explain further to you. In my case, once I had my period I should stop the pill or else it can affect the menstrual flow.

Dr Shivani sachdev gour discussed about Contraception in India

With a population of 1.2 billion and its associated problems the topic of contraception in India has been in the limelight in recent years not only in India but all over the world. As per Govt of India statistics the usage of contraception has tripled in India from 13% to 48% of married women over the period of 1970 to 2009. The National Family Health Survey has reported that contraception usage is higher in the urban areas in India due to better education of women and media exposure (News papers, magazines, TV) which have a positive impact on contraceptive use. A paper by the AllMS quoted that there is a complex socio -cultural -biological interaction in accessing contraception by women in India. The choice of contraception while being a very personal decision still is influenced by religious beliefs and the sex of the current child (male child) even amongst urban India. The current trends that we see in clinical practice are as follows (based on a survey of 50 patients).


(1)The age at which patients consult to find out about contraceptive options is now teenage years
(2)Many rely on products like the I pill (emergency contraception) as it is easy to obtain and needs to be taken short term and media promotions have said it is very safe and effective ( which is not completely accurate)
(3)There is a general fear of loss of fertility due to contraception
(4)Women want a method with no side effects.

The contraceptive pill was first made by accident by Frank Colton a chemist working for Searle Pharmaceuticals in the USA and was approved by the FDA in 1960 and by 1963 1.2 million women were using it!

91% of women in urban areas know of a modern method of contraception versus 71% in rural areas and this is 99% in women who are educated to at least high school level. Male
and Female sterilisation is more popular as contraception in rural areas (81%) versus Urban areas (66%). (Source is the National Family Heath Survey Reports 1996).

How does the birth control pill work?

The hormones in birth control pills combine to prevent the body from releasing an egg. Should an egg be released, the progesterone makes it difficult for the egg to travel down the fallopian tube, and also alters the uterine lining to prevent implantation in the unlikely event of fertilization. In addition, progesterone thickens cervical mucus, so that sperm have difficulty navigating. The combination of estrogen and progesterone make pregnancy a challenge, although it can happen.

Which birth control is good for controlling acne and no weight gain?

I Gynofen 35, cleared all the stains on the back and arms, helped the acne on the face down to stop for a while, but the spots reappeared after a period of several months.

What birth control would you recommend in my situation?

First congratulations on your engagement I hope everything goes well. But as far as the iud goes it is an abortifacient. I have tried the nuva ring and it works well but the hormone dosage is the same as loestrin fe24 the birth control that I use now and you do have to take the ring out every three or four weeks and replace it. So far on this birth control I havent gained any weight my doctor told me that as long as I eat healthily and exercise the way I normally do I had nothing to worry about. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

What type of birth control pill will not make you gain weight?

I take ortho tricyclen and have for about 5 years now, and have no weight problems.

How long after birth can I start taking birth control ?

You might want to wait until your 4-6 week check-up to go on birth control. Your doctor might even offer it. Are you going to breastfeed? If so, you might not be able to go on birth control.

How big a dosage of birth control does it take?

High doses of estrogen that are used for the morning after pill are only effective to stop a pregnancy before it happens not cause an abortion. I am sure that her parents will not disown her, they may be very angry for a while but trust me as long as she is up fornt and honest things will be fine. She needs to tell her parents ASAP. She needs to see a doctor for prenatal care very early in her pregnancy. Talk her through it and be her support, it’s the best thing that you can do for her. GOOD LUCK.

What does birth control do to your period during the first 6 months?

Birth control actually regulates your period which means that you will have it at about the same time each month. If you think that you will be on your period during your honeymoon, you can prevent your period for that month. The set of pills in the fourth week are inactive since this is the week of your period. In order to skip your period, do not take those inactive pills and start a new pack of pills (active ones) instead. You will not have period. I will suggest that you only do this when you absolutely need to.

How long does it take before birth control starts working?

When I first got birth control (Aviane) from my doctor, she said it is not fully effective for up to a month. The information booklet that came with the pills, though, said seven days. At the Planned Parenthood clinic they say seven days. I opted to be extra-careful for the first month, as I thought it would be safer to listen to the doctor’s advice.

what type of birth control have you found works the best?

I have recently decided that I need to begin using birth control again. I have very bad PMS including mood swings and bloating along with physical sickness. I was on birth control before because of these problems, but I stopped because I had trouble taking the pill regularly and it caused extreme weight gain. So, I was wondering what type of birth control you’ve found that works for you.

How is it possible to still experience PMS while on the birth control pill?

If one is on the birth control pill, which tricks your body into thinking you are are pregnant…. then how do people experience PMS while they are still taking their active pills? I have PMS symptoms a few days before I stop taking the active pills and have my period.

Can you start birth control without being on your period?

It won’t cause any health concerns unless u are a smoker over 35 then it could cause blood clots. the only thing that it would do is get your period messed up and what i mean is the time you started last month it won’t be the same this month you will probably be a few days late or early never can tell.

What birth control method worked for you after you gave birth?

I take Yaz birth control. I started it about 7 weeks after my son was born. It took about a month of spotting before my body got used to it. I have been on it for over 8 months now and I like it. It also cleared up my complexion and helped with my moodiness.

What’s the difference between starting birth control fresh and starting a new pack?

I’ve heard people say that in order for the birth control pills to be completely effective, you need to wait a month after starting them for the first time. However, people say that it is effective when starting a new pack right after your period.What is the difference? What causes this to be the case? How come you don’t have to wait an entire month after each period? (If that were the case, no one would even bother with birth control).

What are the birth control laws in maryland?

I think they are pretty wacky in Maryland.I am positive that the school nurse can not give a child an aspirin for a headache, but I believe the nurse at one time could assist, or arrange for an underage schoolgirl under the age of 18 to obtain birth control without informing the parents.How do you like that, you can’t get an aspirin but how about some birth control? Your parents need not know.

What is the best way to get pregnant while on birth control?

skip a couple of pills around time of ovulation. it may help

When on birth control when should you start?

Yes either that day or a day or so later. I always started mine when I was on my third day. But Iam sure that everyone is different.

How can I get on birth control without my parents knowing in the state of oil?

The pill helping with cramps is a myth. They don’t. As for shortening periods, that is untrue as well.The pill is very expensive if you’re not on medical insurance, however, clinics like Planned Parenthood have a sliding pay scale. The best place to go would be Planned Parenthood.When you go to a clinic for birth control pills, they will ask you questions about your medical history, your periods, and if you’re sexually active. Then they will give you a pelvic exam. You can’t get the pill without a pelvic exam first, then you must have one every six months.

What interactions can birth control pills have with taking atripla?

The main problem with taking atripla with oral contraceptives like loestrin is that the birth control contains ethinyl estradiol. When combined with atripla it increases the drug level of ethinyl estradiol and no alternative has been recommended. I would advise you to call the doctor and voice your concerns about the medication interactions and let him know you’ve read that they aren’t good to take together and you want to be sure nothing will happen to you. If he voices that despite what you are reading there is no major risk then ok, but your doctor is the best one to advise you on if it’s really ok.

Is a condom and birth control used in conjunction very very reliable?

If using both condoms and birth control it has proven to be about 99.9% effective.People get pregnant”accidentally”because they don’t use reliable forms of birth control

What birth control is safe to use while breastfeeding?

Definitely condoms!I wouldn’t recommend the patch whether you’re breastfeeding or not- it’s not safe.Good luck- your Dr. is absolutely the person to get the best advice from.

What birth control pill works the best to get rid of headaches?

Everyone is different ask your doc, people take to drugs differently and headaches are different too different things cause them.

What birth control pills will help with acne but not make me gain weight?

Not everybody gains weight on birth control pills. I have heard people say different things about different pills so you would have to try one and see how it goes, that’s about all you can do. I have heard good things about Yasmin but a friend of mine didn’t like it, so it’s a very individual thing. I know some friends who didn’t gain weight on pills either. Talk it over with your doctor.Diane 35 is specifically made for acne and it’s quite low dose, so you might like to think of that one.

What is the best birth control to use while breastfeeding?

Condom or abstain.

What birth control pill should I get that will get rid of acne?

I would ask your doc. about all the symptoms you’re having, every woman’s genetic make-up is different. What will work for one woman, won’t work for another.

On the birth control pill, what day do you start your period?

If your just now starting to take can take some time for you periods to become regular..once they are by the time your on your 2 pill you will start…right now your body’s hormone levels are going through a loop because of the birth control pills…give it some time..if you don’t get it with in the next week or your doctor.

How far apart can you take birth control pills and have them still be effective?

I talked to my dr about this because sometimes i’d forget to have my pills with me or didn’t hear my alarm (which i had set on my phone too). he said that an hour or two shouldn’t matter, and even up to 5 hours can be okay. he said that it usually isn’t a problem unless you’ve missed an entire day. he also mentioned that women have gotten pregnant by only missing by hours, but it’s very unlikely. i’ve switched to having an alarm on my watch so that i always hear it. since then it’s been easier for me to take on time, and i don’t feel so anxious because i hardly ever take pills late now.hope that helps!

Will I still be protected during sex if I delay my period the birth control method?

As long as you take your pills on time you will be protected. You might experience some spotting but other than that you will be good to go!

What is the most effective birth control with the least side effects?

I have tried the mirena IUD and I had to have it removed 3 months later because it gave me chest pains. I have tried the shot for a year and I had to get off because I gained alot of weight and it made me go insane towards my husband.. I tried ortho tri cyclen and it did the same thing… I am one of those that cannot have to much of one hormone.. I am now taking YAZ for 2 years which has the less hormones of all birth control and it has 2 hormones to keep your hormones balanced.. I love it and I have no side effects with it.

What kind of birth control should I use ?

I use the copper iud which is good for up to 10 years. You can take it out at any time and you can’t even feel that its there. I love it b/c there isn’t any hormones going thru your body it doesn’t make you gain weight, and your guy friend wont even know its there.. It doesn’t even hurt inserting, it is just like a pap smear exam.. Hope I was helpful..

How much will my birth control cost without using my insurance?

It does depend greatly on the brand and pharmacy. I am paying 59.00 a month for the patch. It is likely your parents will never find out about the prescription. You should really tell them though. There are other reasons to take the pill besides sexual protection. Lessening of cramps diminished bleeding and regular periods being just a few.You really don’t want your parents to find them and getting angry because trust is hard to rebuild.

What are birth control options for someone with high blood pressure?

Hypertension does not always prevent the use of the pill or patch….uncontrolled hypertension is the real problem. If you are hypertensive, once the doctor gets it under control, then birth control pills or the patch may become an option.In the meantime, other forms of birth control that the doctor may suggest are:cervical capdiaphragmIUDfemale condomcontraceptive spongespermacidesWhen uncontrolled hypertension is involved, all products that contain hormones are not recommended. Those products include:the pillnuvaringpatchdepo-proveramini-pill Good luck! Hope your blood pressure was just up due to nervousness or rushing around that day. I hope it all works out for you.


Just tell her what you just put there. You want to have your periods regulated. Usually moms understand more so then dads. Trust me on that one.As for what type, its up to you and your doctor. It may take you trying different ones until you find the one that has the right hormone level that works for you.





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