Bike to Work – Resources

Here’s a great motivational hand out that describes why you and your teammates should hop on your bikes.

For some online tips and rules of the road, check out Bike Sense.

Worried about riding in traffic?

Sign up for a Streetwise Cycling course or get your employer to buy a course for your workplace. Full-Day Courses combine classroom, parking lot, and on-the-road training to teach you how to manoeuvre safely and confidently in traffic.  

Clothing and gear tips

Bike to Work Clothing and Gear Tips

  • Fenders – get your local bike store to install them. Simple and affordable. These gems keep you drier from down below and they help keep the crud out of your chain and cassette.
  • Layer – that way you can stay dry and reduce sweatiness. Try quick drying, insulating fabrics like polypropolene, silk or wool that you can take on and off as you go.
  • Stay warm and dry. Try waterproof pants, jacket and gloves (or a dollar store poncho/rain cape), a head cozy and/or hood under your helmet, ear warmers, waterproof shoe covers (plastic bags will do in a pinch).
  • When looking for a new jacket, seek one with good neck coverage, reflective strips, a longer back because when you’re holding your handlebars, you bend at the waist, unlike walking. Look for jackets with pit zips.  Even though it’s cold outside, you will heat up quick while riding, and under arm vents are key to comfort and not making the inside of your jacket a temporary sweat lodge. Jacket fabrics that breathe, like Gore-tex will help with this as well. It is often worth the extra investment to avoid cheaper plastic jackets that trap all your body heat and make a damp micro-climate inside your apparel.
  • Grab yourself some cycling glasses that have orange or yellow lenses – these keep the rain out of your eyes while maintaining your visibility and ability to see contrast on the road.
  • Find a place to hang your wet clothes at work so they will be dry when you go home.
  • Be visible – reflectors, vests and lights, lights, lights! LED lights are bright and last a long time. Small turtle or blinkie lights are cheap and easy to clip on/off.
  • Use waterproof panniers (or line your regular ones with plastic bags). There are one-size fits all waterproof covers that you can get for regular panniers or backpacks that are elasticized around the edges.
  • Sign your workplace up for a winter riding workshop where they’ll go even more in-depth on these issues and more.

Recycle your stuff

Tire Stewardship BC (TSBC) – A  brand new volunteer bike tire and tube recycling program for BC is live!

Got kids?
Check out this family on bikes, even in -42 degrees in Saskatoon! There are a number of ways you can kit up your bike to take wee ones. Plus HUB: Your Cycling Connection offers family Streetwise courses.

Live too far away?
Consider transit. TransLink offers different opportunities to combine cycling and transit.
You can also bring your bike onto the West Coast Express  — perfect for those who can only bike part of the way from Mission City, Port Haney, Maple Meadows, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam Central, or Port Moody.

Bike rentals & secondhand bikes
Our Community Bikes

Bike routes

Bike to work tips
HUB’s Cycling Resources –

Bike maintenance

Start a workplace Bike User’s Group


Find your municipality’s cycling page and links to other local cycling organizations.

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