Ben Marsh i like doodles

Ben Marsh graduated from Loughborough University in 2011 with a first class degree in Visual Communication. He now lives in London and works as a Designer at Ustwo.

He has three swimming badges.

Ace of spades

Motörhead illustration and lyric sheet design for Europcar’s Caraoke campaign.

The campaign asked contestants to upload their best in-car karaoke (Caraoke) performance to Europcar’s Facebook page for a chance to win a Fiat 500.

I worked for 10 months on the retained BT digital team at LBi, responsible for the design of

Working closely with the client, a strong UX and development team, it was our job to design, maintain and update BT’s website to accomodate new sales propositions and launch new products.

Motilo Awards Video

LBi created a fashion platform where consumers can connect with friends and shop together in real time online.

I was asked to create a showcase video to be submitted for several digital awards.

The work won a Guardian MEGA Award in the Best New Website category. Nice!

Digital Spice Rack

Final year project at University – design a digital spice directory.

I enjoy the idea of simulating real experiences in the virtual world. This was the premise for the digital spice rack, a simulated spice collection masking the traditional format of an A-Z directory.

Play Safe

University Project – Create a range of condom packaging.

The idea was simple, design packaging in the style of retro computer games, and proceed to lace heavily with puns about ‘playing safely’.

The project went well and was featured on a variety of blogs including engadget and the dieline. The designs were also featured on an American gaming TV show.

Tron Typeface

Final year project at University – design an animated typeface.

With progression into digital posters, it’s only a short amount of time until the rise of animated typefaces. I think anyway.

With this in mind, we chose to create an animated typeface inspired by the original 1982 film Tron, taking inspiration from specific scenes and the retro-future environment.

The Scouse Font

As a personal project, I attempted to capture the Scouse accent within a typeface.

I created a design that portrays a fast chain of syllables broken by rolling inflections. The italic type and tight kerning reflect the speed of the accent. Words have been grouped in short bursts and letters with more emphasised inflections, such as the X and K, have been designed with large, twisting ascenders and descenders.

Then I looked at visualising preconceptions of the accent. A questionnaire revealed key words used to design the type including: fast, distinctive, unclear, triangular, spiky, pointy and hard. A notable piece of research was gained when interviewing a foreign student living in Loughborough. She described that the accent sounded almost like singing, a concept I reflected by drawing a constant beat through the design.

Having a Scouse twang to my own accent made this a very personal project.


I very rarely get the chance to paint, but before I starting pushing pixels, I enjoyed playing with oil paints.

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