Behold the Earth

Once upon a time, we lived in close proximity to what biologist E. O. Wilson and many others refer to as the Creation or, alternatively, as the natural world. Food was grown in nearby fields, hunted in nearby woods or fished from nearby waters. A rich bounty of birds, mammals, plants, fish and insects invited curious minds to observe, organize and understand what life is. Today, many Americans share unease about our relationship to the natural world. We seem to spend less time outside and more time inside with virtual amusements. We look about our day-to-dayactivities and feel distress about the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the accelerating pace required just to get by. Behold the Earth is a feature-length musical documentary that investigates America’s divorce from nature. Built with magnificent shots of the natural world, the music of Dirk Powell, and Tim Eriksen, it includes conversations with thought leaders like E. O. Wilson, Cal Dewitt, Richard Louv, Carl Safina and Theo Colborn. The film is a narrative sequel to the observational series, “Sunrise Earth,” created by the same production team. Directed by David Conover.

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