Beat the Body Blues

Morning Dolls,

How’s your Thursday treating ya? Mine’s been pretty nice so far.

While lounging around last night, I had a craving for chocolate. My mind immediately went to the Costco-sized box of deep chocolate Vitatops stored in my freezer. Perfect remedy.

Pop one Vitatop (or two if you fancy) in the microwave for about 40 seconds.

Top with almond butter–which gets melty and delicious when it hits the warm vitatop.

Totally hit the spot.

Perhaps keeping with the chocolate theme, I also woke up wanting chocolate.

Insert: Chocolate Cherry Oats

Is it a sin to eat pumpkin-less oats this time of year? 😉

In the bowl:

½ c. oats

2 T. chia seeds

6 frozen unsweetened cherries

Stevia to sweeten

Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood (1 scoop)

Microwave for about 2 minutes

Topped with:

Sliced banana

Fage 0% Greek Yogurt (Pretend this is whipped cream)

Almond butter

Cacao nibs

This was a success! Subtly sweet, creamy, and warm. (TWSS) What more can you ask for?

A month or two ago, I received a pink envelope in the mail asking for donations for Breast Cancer Research. The donations were in the form of magazine subscriptions—so, you chose a few subscriptions and a portion of the proceeds were donated to a breast cancer foundation. The foundation was the Pink Ribbon, I believe. I donated, and one of the magazines I chose was Weight Watchers. I’ve never followed the Weight Watchers plan, and truth be told the only thing I really know about it is this: it’s a point system for eating that helps you to lose weight and keep it off.

[Get to the point, Stefanie.]

The point is, while browsing through an older issue, I found an article I wanted to share with you.

Beat the Body Blues—Learn to love your body

Feeling good about your body helps steers you towards healthier choices. In essence, if you respect and love your body, you will want to treat it in ways that are conducive to being healthy. Weight Watcher’s offered a few exercises to help boost your self-esteem and “fake it ’til you make it!”

DAILY—Dish out a compliment to a friend/colleague/fellow blogger whom you admire. Getting in the habit of complimenting others makes you more likely to praise yourself. Also, if you’re like me, making others feel good makes you feel good. Double whammy, right?

WEEKLY—Stand in front of the mirror and focus on a body part you appreciate. Try to see the positives in your physical traits, especially those that you sometimes struggle with. For example, say “I love my thighs because they help me push through a long run.” This may sound silly, but it really works! Even while out running, I’ve found it helps to really focus on appreciating the fact that I can run and that helps me push through.

Last but not least—MONTHLY—look through old photo albums and find pictures taken at times which you felt completely happy. Ask yourself why you were happy? Chances are it’s not solely because of your body confidence, but rather a special occasion, the people you were surrounded by, or even the location it was taken. Display the picture, and look at it often to reclaim that happiness and give yourself a confidence boost!

In my own experience, increasing your confidence will affect all aspects and areas of your life. So why not start now? There’s no time like the present. 🙂

Have a great day!

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