Basic Sanitation, The Movie (Saneamento Basico, O Filme)

A hilarious feature film set in the small town of Linha Cristal, where the community gets together to have a sewer system built and the creek’s odor problem resolved. Marina, the movement leader, learns that this year the City Hall has only enough funds to make a short fiction video. Then she and her husband, Joaquim, decide to shoot a story about a monster that emerges in the middle of the sanitation construction works. Marina writes a script, Joaquim sews a costume, Silene agrees to be an actress, Fabrício has a camera. Gradually, the filmmaking will involve all the local inhabitants. In Portuguese with English subtitles. Directed by Jorge Furtado. Produced by the Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre.

Introduced by the Cultural Attache, Embassy of Brazil.

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