Ashes From The Sky (Cenizas Del Cielo)

This film contains nudity. A naturalistic comedy about the love of nature and the inability of man to conquer the forces of development. Stranded in a paradisiacal valley crowned by a thermal power station, a Scottish itinerant travel-guide writer, Paul Ferguson, meets Federico, an elderly local who has spent 30 years fighting for the closing of the plant and is utterly convinced that the Kyoto Agreement will close it down. Through Federico, the outsider meets the villagers: Christina, a single mother with two children living right next to the plant, a couple who believes it is the plant’s fault they cannot have children, a retired golf-obsessed miner, a fisherman who brings home everything but fish… Ferguson becomes caught up in these people’s lives, and with them he will take part in the showdown between the plant, Federico and the villagers. This is a contradictory story in which there is no unique truth; the plant will be either closed or expanded: who will win? Directed by José Antonio Quirós. Produced by Loris Omedes. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Introduced by Jorge Sobredo, Cultural Counselor, Embassy of Spain.

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