Appalachia: Time And Terrain

The origins and rich ecosystem of earth’s oldest mountain range are the focus of the first episode of this four-part series on the environmental history of one of America’s grandest natural treasures. Exploring the formation of the Appalachian Mountains and the evolution of North America’s most diverse forest, with its unique mosaic of plant and animal species, this episode also traces the human habitation of the area from 12,000 B.C. Portraits of Appalachia’s people at the time of European contact: the Cherokee, Shawnee and Iroquois, their vibrant adaptive cultures and their finely tuned relationships with their environment, are also featured. Directed by Roswell Spears and produced by Jamie Ross.

Introduced by Jeffrey Stine, Chair, Division of Medicine and Science, National Museum of American History. Discussion with director Ross Spears and producer Jamie Ross follows screening.

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