Allergic to peanuts?

The symptoms vary greatly. You need to get an Pepin PRONTO!

The first time you are exposed to an allergen like this is usually not as severe as the next time. The next time, your body might freak out and you very well might die. I hate to put it that bluntly but don’t play around with this issue. Go to the doctor and tell him your symptoms. Ask for an Pepin while making sure it does not conflict with any other medications you are on.

Allergies can pop up at any moment in any age of life. The earlier you get the allergy, the more likely you are to build a tolerance to it, but not always. When I first discovered I was allergic to peanuts it sucked. I did not get your symptoms with the peanuts, rather it just made me really sick to the point where I would throw anything peanut related up and if a peanut product came in contact with my skin I would get hives in that area. Even the smell would make me nauseous. Now I can deal with the smell, but nothing more.

Usually if you have one allergy you probably have other allergies. In my case, there are an unknown amount of factors that can break me out into hives – that is I never will know what I am allergic to until I come into contact with it. Before my throat never swelled when I came across allergens, but during my last outbreak, my throat did swell a little and it freaked me out. A hoarse throat is a sign that something is going on! I got an Pepin and now carry my Pepin with me at all times. It seriously saves lives.

Don’t play! Get yourself tested and checked out today. Its better to be safe than sorry. You’ll know for sure if it really is an allergy or what the previous user said.

Why do I get scabs on my scalp when I have a hair weave? Am I allergic to the hair glue?

it may be possible that the glue or the weave itself is not agreeing w/your scalp…. try a sew in weave next time which is 100% way better than glue which tends to pull out your hair

I am allergic to bleach. How do you get out stubborn skid-mark stains on underwear?

Try Simple Green, full strength directly from the spray bottle. Spray onto stain(s) & wash as usual. If stain(s) didn’t come out, repeat & wash again in next load.

I use Simple Green for my period accidental leaks & other stains too. Works great for all stains.

what should i eat for breakfast because i am allergic to butter,milk,jam, cheese and rice?

How about eggs and bacon? Or an omelet Teith any variety of fillings. Those are high in protein! With a side of fruit to get your vitamins, and how about waffles or pancakes with just the syrup, or topped with frush fruit! Drink some coffee, tea, juice, or water to wash it all down! Problem solved!

can you be allergic to another person?

Science might dispute it, but some people surely make ME sick.

Does eating limes covered in honey help your allergy?

I don’t know about the limes, but I have heard that eating locally produced honey can help you build immunity to local allergens.

What is the best dust and pollen allergy medicine for nasal problems?

Actually, a lot of the “new melds” work the same way, but some people will swear by one. It is really trial and error. Benedryl will put you to sleep, so do not take it in the morning. You can add some nasal spray, such as Arin to open up your nasal passages, but do not use longer than 4 days. It will cause a rebound – increase nasal discharge.

Friend w/allergies coming to dinner?

How about baked potato’s w/ all the toppings? You can let Pol choose their own toppings at hate table. Make sure butter is room temp. Be sure to offer margarine for her, and put cheese and sour cream on the side.

For dessert, I’d do a fresh fruit salad, w/ splendor-sweetened whipped cream on the side.

I think it’s OK if you serve garlic bread w/ the meal, or whatever, Adan she chooses not to eat it. The rest of those dining should not have to conform to her medical and self-imposed dietary restrictions.

BTW: You cannot be allergic to sugar. She may be sugar-sensitive, diabetic, or avoiding sugar, but you can only physically be allergic to proteins, not carbohydrates.

How many people are allergic to Peanuts?

I’m allergic to them,and peanut oil,and any type of tree nut.

are you allergic to peanuts?

No, and for the person that said peanut allergies are a myth, it’s not. Sadly my brother is deadly allergic to every kind of nut, also eggs, some shellfish like lobster, he can’t have shrimp, it’s a small list but I can’t remember it all, but the biggest thing is peanuts. Every night I’m so scared that he might die, I love him, and I’m so scared that somehow he will eat a peanut and his Pepi-pen won’t work. I love him, I hope he never is faced with an allergic reaction.

What are some of the symptoms of a Wheat allergy, not celiac disease, just wheat alle

wheat allergies are one of the easiest to get rid of its the same group as wool, feathers, dust, detergents and pet dander if you count 5 ribs up on the right side there could be a sore spot that’s year sen sore button also right ear these are area as that will tell you if yr bod is low on l-histamine slack off on sex 4 a while this is needed for bones Castro tract and red an white blood cells. Histamine is needed to remove heavy metals from the body thus the wheat association as most of our bread and v flour leaves a small amount of metal in processing vita b5,c,b3, and e are boosters complimentary minerals are potassium, bromine, sodium chloride[sea salt] chromium and zinc. this is found in most proteins and should be taken with l-Argonne as peanuts magnesium and vita f Asa olive oil, peanut oil sunflower oil. Italians that drink an ounce of olive oil once a week don’t get wheat allergies if yr partial to sunburn boost the vita f and slack off on pasta and pizza cocoa nut oil is great for sun too drink or mix it in a drink you can by proper nutritrion remove the results of imbalances usually be called allergies talk to a chiropracter who is nutrit oriented naturpathes are great too do some study on amino acids that will really get you interested and when theirs an interest.

Would you rather be highly allergic to peanuts or lactose intolerant and mildly color

I would rather be allergic to something or have an intolerance to a specific food group. I can always modify my dietary intake. But I would be very sad indeed, if I was not able to see and enjoy the beautiful variety of color we have in this world. It would possibly be alto more frustrating to not be able to identify color, than to do without peanuts or dairy products.

why do i have a allergy attack when i go on the computer?

Is the computer clean? By the way, computers attract dust and other particles, because of the electronic charge around them. Depending upon where’s your computer, and whether you are at work, may be you should check for smokers/ smoke too.

If it’s an eye “allergy,” you Polly need to get the sight tested. The computer might be harming your eyes, and this is not allergy at all, but irritation.

Yet, a more specific definition of your allergy will help.

Can an allergy to dust mites cause skin scratches to heal slowly? 

I believe that is possible, but it could be your immune system is compromised, go to webbed and check out symptom checker

what is the cure or preventive method for dust allergy?

Clean clean clean. I’ve had allergies since eleven years old. My grandmother was a pack-rat and i started to be that way. Allergies saved me from a life of clutter. Old papers, dirty clothes, wet towels are breeding grounds for allergies.

Try this. Air out the house daily. Get rid of all rugs. Get Berber rugs. CLEAN! DUST! Get allergen resistant sheets and pillow cases at online.

If you have insurance, see if you can get allergy testing and subsequent allergy shots. I started taking them for six months and my world is so much better. Need another year and a half to go to complete my regimen.

Talk to a allergist. They are nothing to “sneeze” at. WAH! Good luck!

what foods should i avoid if i have a gluten allergy?

gluten-containing foods like wheat, rye, and barley, with rice, corn and soy being safe. But the truth of the matter is that modern food companies process variety of grains in the same facilities and there is really no guarantee that the corn you buy had not been “contaminated” with gluten from the wheat they processed in the same room. Other things to avoid are food additives such as “stabilizers” or “emulsifiers” (read the ingredeint labels carefully), which often are made of gluten. Also, most people with gluten problems also have lactose intolerance, so watch dairy as well.

If you have been diagnosed with celiac sprue, you need a lifestyle change. The good news is that there are millions of people like you (studies suggest that a significant portion of the population has undiagnosed version of celiac sprue) and that there are whole industries catering to you with specialized gluten-free diets.

Why are so many people in the world developing allergies?

It’s because the pharmacy company of the world is a big “drug dealer”. They are greedy and money hungry. They give you drugs that temporary cures your problem, and then gets you dependent on them. Once you are dependent, then the have more control. The pharmacy company produces drugs, and once you taken them, they will give you something else, and then it’s another pill you have to take to be comfortable. (i.e. this company that i won’t mention its name, make a allergy medicine for pollen. whatever if you stop taken them you will get hives. and coincidental, the other medicine they make are hives medicine.

what’s the best hair removal product that won’t give allergy after applying? 

Veet is a great brand, guys usually have a great outcome with it. It doesn’t have as bad of a smell as Nair, and doesn’t hurt like waxing. If your going for smooth, try it!

How best is homeopathy in treating allergies?

Homeopathy is so much better because it doesn’t keep you sicker longer like prescription and over the counter drugs. There is so much money in keeping you sick. Over the counter medicines and prescription drugs might take away your symptoms but don’t heal you. Homeopathy and all natural items Heal you. They can also help you detox. After detoxing your body can heal better and faster on its own.

Why are so many kids allergic to peanut butter and nuts?

Nut and peanut allergies maybe getting more common in children, doubling over the past five years in the United States, researchers reported on Tuesday.

Canadian researchers said they were seeing many more cases of peanut allergy than expected, too.

Two reports published in the December issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology suggest that peanut and tree nut allergies, which can be deadly, will continue to become more common. This is bad news for such children as peanut products are found in a wide range of food and other products.

Whats the cure for dust allergy,if any?

There is no “cure” for an allergy. It’s your body’s way of saying that it is irritated.

Wipe things down on a daily bases. If your allergy is severe you may want to consult with an allergist.

Also, invest in an air purifier but remember to change the filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • cover your mattresses and pillows with an encasing.
  • get rid of the rugs, stuffed animals, blinds etc.

I am allergic to all sun creams, even hypo allergenic ones! Apart from staying inside

However, maybe I can give you some input to what you might be Allergic to in the Hypo-allergenic products. In fact, I’ll let you know what I use. Don’t put any products like this, around your eyes, perspiration causes it to gradually work it’s way into them.

  • I didn’t wear Block for years, I was allergic also. I wore hats, tried to avoid the sun, but drove along the Coast for many years, and had sun through the windshield, felt great, bad deal for the skin.
  • I had a Cancer invasion in a couple of cells on my face, so I had to use some Bunker Busters to get rid of it. (Surgical Blade) actually.
  • I continued my search to find a Sun Block that I could wear. Being an Esthetician, (Facialist),( my spell check just tried to change it to Racialist) no.
  • I have had the education to help back me up, on keeping my skin healthy, and continue the search. Where did they move the Fountain of Youth to? The cutting table?
  • I ended up finding out that I had a reaction to many items in the sunblock.
  • I’m not sure about this spell check, or if I am getting it right.
  • Octi ethyl methyl inmate.TeSodium Laureth Sulphate
  • PABA ( Para Aminio Benzoic Acid)
  • Formaldehyde (Great Embalming Fluid)

And, don’t forget, just because it doesn’t have Sodium Laureth Sulphate in it. It doesn’t mean that they can’t have two separate ingredients, when combined, will become SLS. Pretty bad huh?

Is there anything I can do for my puppy with allergies?

may be it is allergic to dust. Keep it clean. And also give it fresh water from time to time. Wash its dishes or bowls well. If the symptoms persist see a vet. u can know whether the situation is serious. If she’s not lively and always sitting in a corner sad then take it to vet immediately because then she’s really not felling well. Wish Ur puppy good health. Take care of it. I like people who treat animals well and care for them.

can allergies to pollen make you feel drowsy and lethargic ?

Yes, it seems that you have a severe case of it, you may have asthma with it as well. Go to see a doctor. Not to scare you, but if it is asthma, it can be life threatening. I have asthma and have had a few reactions like that before and the worse you feel, the longer it takes you to recuperate.

how can my cat and allergic boyfriend co-exist?

Brush the cat frequently, obviously when boyfriend is not around. Also make sure you vacuum, not only your carpet, but furniture often. Every other day is not too much.

Also, medication for your boyfriend to alleviate his symptoms.

LORATIDINE 10 mg tab in the morning.

What is a good allergy medicine that’s non prescription? 

Claritin, Benadryl or the one I take is Tylenol Severe Allergy & Sinus (green & yellow box).

If you go to Europe you can buy Zyrtec without a prescription and that is specifically for skin and eye allergies.

I’m very allergic to seafood, it is safe to eat and then take allergic medicine

NO! allergy medicine may reduce the symptoms of some allergies

but allergy to seafood is not one of them. It will not be safe for you to eat seafood under any circumstances

is anyone allergic to soy and tired of seeing it in everything we buy to eat?

Yes actually, well I thought i had an allergy to soy but it turns out i had an allergy to something else, but my point is, i have to adjust my diet to avoid soy when i thought i was allergic to it. Yes it is in so many of the foods people eat. and yes it is annoying, but it is easy to create your own versions of the food you love from scratch avoiding the soy all together.

Allergic to Beer? 

Probably allergic to alcohol (ethanol)… not just beer. I know people who are. You should probably stay away from it.

Can people be allergic to potatoes?

I’m sure it’s possible but I would think that it is more likely that you are allergic to some of the non-natural ingredients and ways of growing them, the toxic fertilizers etc.

How do you tell the difference between pink eye or an eye infection and allergies?

  • Red eye with yellow eye discharge – “pink eye” or bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Red eye without discharge and with a cold – viral conjunctivitis
  • Red eyes with itching, watery discharge – allergic conjunctivitis
  • Red eye with history of trauma or chemical in the eye
  • Red eye with pain, watery discharge – possible foreign body in the eye or corneal abrasion
  • Eye with redness of the skin around the eye and swelling of the tissue around the eye – infection of the tissue around the eye (perinatalALellulitis)
  • Eye discharge in a newborn baby – blocked tear duct (naso-lacrimal duct)
  • Swollen lump near the lid margin – stye

I’m allergic to Peanut Butter, but not allergic to peanuts. how can I make safe Pean?

Buy the peanut butter that contains only Peanuts and salt.

chop grind and mash organic peanuts , add a little olive oil, SALT ND sugar(find your own mix that u like) and there you have homemade peanut butter

My 15 month old is allergic to eggs, dairy and wheat, any suggestions on finger food?

How do you get a dog to heal from a flea allergy?

The best way would be to take your pet to a vet to treat the itching with antihistamines and then any infection from the scratching with antibiotics. You will then need to keep the pet on some kind of flea control product like and vantage or front line year round so the pet will never be bit by a flea again. For a pet with a flea allergy, just one bite from a flea can set off a whole cycle of pain and discomfort for the pet that can only be resolved by another visit to the vet

What are the natural methods to control seasonal allergies?

Put a couple drops of oregano oil under your tongue or behind your ears, or both. Oregano oil is an anti-allergy, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory wonder oil.

Could my dog be allergic to herself?

Sounds like she may have a skin condition of some sort, or an allergy (both can be hard for a vet to diagnose). I would try moving her to a hypoallergenic food such as a chicken and rice or lamb and rice blend,( or you could move here to a home cooked diet but that can be time consuming).

I would also bathe her regularly (at least once a week) with a Moisterizing shampoo that is very mild, such as earth baths oatmeal and Aloe.

If that doesn’t work I would try bathing her with some of the anti-dander shampoos out there, unfortunately they can irritate a dogs skin.

Also you might try adding the Avoderm supplement or try her on the food my baby (who has dry skin does great on it)

If none of that works I would find a vet who specializes in allergies and other skin conditions, I know there is one at UC Davis but I’m sure there are others across the country.

Is it safe to use lemons on your face when you’re allergic to fruits?

Mix some lemon juice with egg white and apply it over your face overnight. Wash off in the morning. This is a typically way to use Lemon as a facial mask. Maybe it might even reduce some of the stinging for people with sensitive skin.

Can someone be allergic to sugar?

Yes. someone who is allergic to sugar is only allowed to eat raw fish because all fruits and vegetables have sugar in them and animals like cows and pigs eat vegetables that have sugar in them.

Is dim sum wheat-free? I’ve been invited to lunch but I’m allergic to wheat. Can I eat dim sum?

Traditional dim sum (in large restaurants in Chinatowns) consists of an enormous variety of small snack-sized dishes served from trays. You look at the dishes and decide what you want or what is appealing to you. If you are allergic to wheat, you should avoid the steamed buns, since although they are very tasty, they usually made with wheat flour. Choosing the stir-fried vegetables and meats should be fine, although you may need to ask whether any gravies are made with wheat. You can of course, eat rice. If you are very concerned, most restaurants serving dim sum also accept Ala Carter orders, so you could order a special dish that has absolutely no wheat products in it and eat that while everyone else is eating the dim sum.

I cleaned the filter on my in-wall A/C, yet it still gives me crazy allergies?

Get an ionic breeze w/it they should give u a car purifier that u plug in to lighter

Can people with egg allergies eat “Egg Beaters” without having a reaction?

If all you’re allergic to is the yolk, then maybe. They still contain traces of yolk, but basically they are 99.5% egg whites.

I own a persian and just found out I am allergic Getting rid of him is not an option?

I found out I was allergic to cats about 2 years ago and I still have all of mine, plus I’m a Vet Tech. One thing I can’t do is let them sleep in my room anymore because it seems to bother me more then. You can just see what situations bother you more and try to adjust. I also take Zyrtec everyday and that helps as well. You can also have his fur shaved down shorter to make brushing and bathing easier.



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