Allergies FAQs

How to remove dust mites from my bedroom?

Get an air purifier, of course. I don’t think anything will COMPLETELY eliminate dust mites though. They’re everywhere! But, an air purifier will help a lot.

Vacuum the mattress and wash the pillows, then put allergy covers on them. Wash the linens in hot water weekly. Use all cotton, washable quilts or comforters, wash as least once a month (you can toss them in the dryer weekly to remove dust), no chenille or anything fuzzy. Pull up that carpet and put down tile or laminate flooring. Keeping the room cooler than 70F cuts down on the mites too. Keep any pets out of the room. Dust the room regularly, depending on how fast it gets dusty it can be daily to weekly.

Allergic to peanuts, coconut, curry sause and all forms of beans?

considering I don’t normally use ANY of those ingredients. why not grill some salmon? with a green salad, fruit salad, and rice pilaf

What is the difference between the common cold and allergies?

they don’t have the same symptoms runny nose and sneezing is the only thing they really have in common cold is produced by a rhinovirus, a microorganism allergies are produced by a hyper-sensitive immune response of your body to an outside stimulus there couldn’t be more of a difference, you probably have environmental allergies (pollen, dust, mold etc.)

What might be causing my allergies in the middle of winter?

Qus : I live in the Willamette valley in Oregon. (Eugene to be exact)This area is famed for terrible allergy’s. I believe I have allergy’s (and not a cold) but can’t figure out what is causing it. I am in the same house I have living for 4 years so its not household mold. I don’t see anything blooming so can figure out if its pollen. Can anyone please tell me What might be causing this allergy. Before this I have only had allergies in warly summer for a week or so. Maybe a recommendation of how to relieve symptoms without drugs.

Ans : you need a scratch test

How long should an allergic reaction symptom to an antibiotic last?

I’d like to ask some additional questions, but you don’t allow email.I’m going to assume that this is a self-medication and that you are aware of what cipro is good at treating and what it is not. After all, the spots on your skin could actually be a low-level infection caused by an opportunistic fungus, a frequent cause of psoriasis. The sudden death of millions of staph epidermidis, etc on your skin is great food for fungus. It could also be a product of your original infection. So, I’m questioning your understanding of what you think the problem is.Cipro also increases sensitivity to sunlight, so your”rash”could be a type of sunburn. I could go through many issues without detail, but I won’t.If you are under the care of a physician, have a real evaluation. If you are in a third world country self-medicating with cipro, you’re part of the problem of drug resistance and the reason why cipro can no longer be held as a drug of last resort. Shame.You need to see a physician and have them evaluate the visual and textural quality of the rash. Otherwise, what you would do to help an allergy will make anything else much worse. Since cipro half-life is 4 hours, 8 days is plenty of time for it to be gone from your system and the rash to start getting better.

Cleaning tips for dust mites?

I too have very severe asthma and allergies. I don’t think you can completely get rid of them. You’ve done the basic things we have to do (covers on bedding). I just bought a new vacuum cleaner, and wound up with a Kenmore that was ranked #1 (over Dyson) by Consumer This thing even tells you how dirty your floor is with colored LED lights…(the first time I used it, the lights were red…lol). It also lets you know when the bag is full, and it has a HEPA bag. I got it on sale last week for $250. We paid an extra $25 or so for a 2 yr service plan.There are also air purifiers. The Whirlpool Whispure AP 510 is supposedly one of the best (again according to Consumer Reports). Aside from that, you just have to vacuum and dust AT LEAST once per week. Unfortunately, if you are finding that your allergies are REALLY bad, it’s probably your kitties, and nothing in the world will help you improve until you get rid of them. They do make special shampoo to reduce cat dander (which is what people are allergic to). I’m linking to a shampoo you can use. I love cats, too, but they make me too sick.

How common is it to have an allergic reaction to eye makeup?

I’m going to buy higher end makeup but i am afraid of having an allergic reaction. I have never had an allergic reaction and i have used maybelline, rimmel, covergirl, and other cheaper brands.

It’s not common with the high-end stuff, because they use higher quality ingredients. It does happen, however. If you have used the lowest of the low end and haven’t had a reaction, you should be fine.

How long would an allergic reaction to hair dye last?

Normally it remain for the 2 week but before dying your you should check it on your skin . If the reaction happen that you should not use that dye

what works the best to remove dust mites?

If the dust is comes from your hair to your bed than , use a stain remover spray dust allergy. It removes dust more than a traditional cloth. Also, try cleaning your bed sheet steam every month to remove the allergens that are the core of your bed sheet.

How to cover dark circles caused by allergies?

just find the color that matches yours put on your eyes and rub real until it blends with your natural skin tone. If you normally wear makeup for the face, do not forget to put it on under your eyes before you put your regular makeup. Another method is to freeze two spoonfuls before going to bed at night. the morning before you put your makeup on a regular basis, put the spoons frozen under each eye. If you only have these two, your tired eyes disappear certainly

what is the easiest way to establish which beauty product ingredients i am allergic?

Go to an allergist and have an allergy test. They’ll lay you on your stomach and put a bunch of different allergens on your back. it’s really itchy and annoying but it will give you the best sense of what you should stay away from.

how do my cat and my allergic daughter co-exist?

You can start by bathing your cat weekly, comb the fur to reduce dander. The main allergy with cats, is for their dander, which is comprised mainly of saliva. If you comb the fur it will remove much dander, washing will take care of the rest.

Allergic to corn, soy and wheat?

Eat vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce. try rice flour, rice milk and other rice products. I don’t have a website for you but I know that has recipes for everything – good luck, for the headaches, just stay away from everything that bothers you long enough to detoxify your body – also avoid caffeine and tobacco – that will help a lot – also, avoid Aspartame (Nutrasweet) many people are allergic to that – I use a natural sweetener called Stevie and it is great!

are turkeys allergic to peanut butter?


Has anyone had a severe allergic reaction from using the hair removal system – Veet?

i haven’t heard of it but i guess it could happen go to a doctor to see if you could get a prescription or something. if its itchy or dried up a little or a lot use a lotion or a cream and see if that helps

Anyone else allergic to sugar?

Don’t try it because it could result in more very serious problems. I’m allergic to milk, and I know what happens, and peanut butter and sugar (& chocolate) are more sensitive… So i wouldn’t really think it would be a good idea.

my grandson is allergic to all corn products & all milk products. Is there a margarin?

If you can find an oil that is highly refined, then he shouldn’t have a problem. Almost all allergies are from the proteins in the food, and so a highly refined oil is going to be almost all fatty acids and not have the proteins that cause allergens.

I would avoid a health store to buy margarine, unless it specifically is la bled allergen free. Often health stores have specially processed oils that were cold pressed, or extruded to make them more expensive. What this also does is not eliminate the proteins that are allergens.

Why am I suddenly allergic to fruit?

Nobody understands all of the human body. This is no different from someone becoming a diabetic or getting over asthma

I have the exact same thing! I started getting allergic to any fruit with a nut in the middle (nectarine, peach, cherry, and even apple), I get an itchy mouth, and my ears itch, and sometimes my throat swells too, which is scary. I developed this about 3 years ago, I would say, and I am 31 now. I used to eat fruit like this all the time.

I got tested for allergies at the hospital, and found I was allergic to birch pollen, which apparently is why I am suddenly allergic to all these fruits. The doctor knew before he even tested me because of the fruit allergy. It is called ‘oral allergy syndrome’, this itching mouth, and unfortunately it can just appear as you get older. It is possible to go and have regular injections to desensitize yourself, if it is bothering you that much, but that has to be done over a long period of time, and I chose not to bother.

I can still eat bananas, grapes, and oranges, and all those fruits I am allergic to are fine when cooked, as it alters the allergen, and in things like yogurt and ice-cream, or tinned.

Bad luck, is all I can say. Get yourself tested, and see what your doctor can do for you.

how do my cat and allergic boyfriend co-exist?

He can go for a treatment to reduce his allergies. It’s a shot you get once a month. I believe over time he will be cured of his allergy.

I have a dog who scratches constantly, allergic to flee bites. How do I stop this ago

if your sure its flea bites, then use a topical flea killer like advantage to kill them & you can give him bindery for the itch until its gone. if you not sure it could be many different allergy problems & you should see a vet

How do my cat and allergic girl friend co-exist?

Cut the cat’s hair, or your girl is going to have to take an allergy pill.

Has anyone had an allergic reaction to wheat where they cough and their lungs start?

Homeopathic Treatment for Wheat Allergy :

1. PSORINUM 1M(1000) once a week for three weeks

2. NATRIUM SULPH 200 once every morning.

3. CALC CARB 30 Thrice a day half hour before Meals.

Don’t take any other medicine on the day you take PSORINUM and avoid Chocolates Coffee Mints and Red Meat while taking Homeopathic Medicines.

Report back with your Progress and Conditions after one week !

I would like to try some different types of tea but I am allergic to MINT. What types?

Green tea is very good for you. Also chamomile, ginger, rose hips, lemon verbena, lavender… you can make tea from just about any herb. Try going to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or other stores that sell loose tea, so you can experiment with small quantities of a lot of different flavors. And be sure to brew them with really boiling spring water in a warmed and clean teapot, for best flavor.

Tips for eating out with a dairy allergy?

You would be surprised that some spaghetti sauces contain a little milk, but not all, so be sure to ask if you go for Italian tomato dishes. Almost everything contains some form of dairy nowadays, but you should be safe with a lean meat, rice, and vegetable dish. For example salmon, with rice pilaf and broccoli, etc. And of course most any salad dish.

In addition, when you cook at home, be sure to buy Silk Soy Milk vanilla. I love it and so does everyone I know that buys it as well. You can buy it at any grocery store, and for cheese substitutes you can get soy or rice cheese at any whole foods market. Oh yeah, soy, almond, or coconut milk ice cream are all great. I have bought them at the Whole Foods Market and they are excellent substitutes for cow’s milk. You can still have pretty much what you want without using cow’s milk. Best wishes to you.

I am allergic to soy milk and lactose intolerant is there another option for milk?

When I was young the only kind of milk I ever drank was rice milk. They have a product called Rice Dream (I think?) and as a young kid I liked it well enough. They also have Almond Milk now, but I’ve never tried it.

Hair dye allergy test?

Permanent hair dye is the only way to have even colors throughout the whole head of hair, and the only way to disguise white or gray hair strands.

Culturally speaking : Are fat people allergic to fruits and vegetables?

People who aren’t fat don’t have to brag on the Internet. but I do love apples and pineapples

After having an allergic reaction to shampoo… i got dandruff, Head and Shoulders

Try using shampoo for oily hair, OH i hope this one could help too, used this when i experienced oily hair and got a problem with my dandruff..instead of using shampoo try using a mild powdered detergent soap, just a small amount diluted to a cup of water.Then use it as if your using a shampoo, rinse, then followed it with a small amount of conditioner to avoid tangibleness..

what could I do to make a ring that I am having an allergic reaction to wearable?

It’s usually nickel that causes allergic reactions. Who told you it was white gold? Paint the inside of the ring with clear nail varnish. Put a trace of hand cream on your finger before you put the ring on or you’ll never get it off again.

Is this an allergic reaction?? Hot Topic liquid eyeliner?

It’s hard to tell for sure if this is what is irritating your eyelid.

What I would suggest is giving your eye time to heal and return to normal and then give it another shot (maybe on a weekend or when you don’t have to see anyone!).

That’s the best way to know if the eyeliner is exactly what’s causing this kind of reaction.

It seems unlikely since you have used the eyeliner previously but it wouldn’t be the first time that a manufacturer changed the formula of a product.

That’s the best advice that I can offer right now. Hope it all works out!

Is it possible to have a Dandruff allergy?

I guess technically all allergies are possible. But dandruff is just dead skin, so you’d also have to be allergic to yourself

The dust from the dandruff could make you cough or sneeze, or affect you if you have asthma though. But not because of the composition

I think i’m allergic to eyeliner?

I thought i was allergic to my eyeliner too, turns out it was my mascara. So be sure to take note of if it only happens when you wear that certain brand or if it happens when your wearing mascara too, etc. It could also be an eye cream or something if you use those. I use urban decay now. A bit pricey, but totally worth it.

Does an Eppie Pen work like an Allergy Pill? anyone ever use an Eppie pen?

Epi pens (epinephrine) are used for severe allergic reactions, called influx’s.

Anaphylaxis causes the person to collapse fairly quickly after being in contact with a food, e.g peanuts, shellfish etc, medication, antibiotics or venom, insect stings and bites and can be LIFE THREATENING.

The symptoms of influx’s is;

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Swelling of face, mouth and tongue
  • Itchy rash over the body
  • Hives
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps and or vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling of impending doom

Anyone who experience these symptoms must have medical attention immediately, and if a Epi pen is available then it is to be administered.

I am not sure you general doctor can give you a script for a Epi pen, you usually need to have seen a allergist who will do some tests to identify exactly the cause of your allergies and the severity. But do ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist.

I have a friend who has had a influx’s crisis scaring the hell out of her husband, lucky for her she was at the hospital (she reacted to the Iodine contrast) when it occurred so they were able to manage her. She has to see a allergist before she can be given a Epi pen. I have seen her have a mild reaction to stuff, with numb mouth, itching and a rash, when this happens she takes a antihistamine

e.g; tendril and she stays calm and if she starts to have breathing difficulties I have to call a ambulance. She also has to wear a Medic Alert bracelet

Allergic to potatoes?

Every time you’re getting the lower-GI symptoms, you have consumed two things: potato and a substantial amount of fat (used to deep fry french fries, potato chips, and added to your grandmother’s baked potatoes). Obviously one of these things is bothering your digestive system.

Gluten is found in lots and lots of other foods. For your symptoms to be caused by a gluten intolerance, you’d have to be equally bothered by cereal, bread, pasta, crackers, tortillas, and pretzels, plus chocolate, ice cream, gravy, beer, and most candies. If you can eat those things without symptoms, gluten isn’t the problem.

People who eat very low fat diets most of the time at 95 pounds, possibly you are often bothered by dietary fat consumed in quantity. If you can eat all the stuff containing wheat, rye, or barley, including flour, then I’d be looking at the fats involved in the foods that make you hurry to the bathroom.

What types/breeds of dogs or cats would be the best option for someone with allergies?

most cases not hair but dead skin causes allergy. hair does not matter. check and specify his cause so that u can chose cat or dog or another

Dog allergies question?

Dogs can be allergic to anything. An ingredient in food or treats or anything in the environment, from a cleaner you use or even just natural things.

That is what can be so difficult with treating allergies, there are so many possibilities. Food is a common factor though.

Vets can give you prescriptions, or try to pinpoint what the allergen is to avoid exposure if possible (like a food additive).

Allergic dogs may also suffer from secondary bacterial or yeast skin infections, which may cause hair loss, scabs or crusts on the skin. Any dog can develop allergies at any time during his life, but allergic reactions seem to be especially common in terriers, setters, retrievers, and flat-faced breeds such as pugs, bulldogs and Boston terriers. Visit your veterinarian if discover any strange symptoms. After taking a complete history and conducting a physical examination, he or she may be able to determine the source of your dog’s allergic reaction. If not, your vet will most probably recommend skin or blood tests, or a special elimination diet, to find out what’s causing the allergic reaction.

I’m going to get my belly pierced , but i’m allergic to nickel ?

There are rings there that aren’t made of Nickel. I’m allergic too. So when you go tell them that you are allergic and they’ll have you pick out a ring that’s not made of it.

Can you suddenly become allergic to panty liners?

Another common problem is that women tend to get dressed while they are still damp, this can cause problems also. Wearing cotton panties is best, but be sure you’re dry first & ALWAYS wash you new undies thoroughly. Easy on the detergent & NEVER use bleach or fabric softeners.

I think I’m allergic to nose studs?

Personally, I’d let it heal. Pain like that isn’t worth a cute stud. You’re not allergic, more than likely, it hasn’t healed all the way and you’re reopening it every time you take one out and put a new one in. Let one stay in your nose for several more weeks and see if that changes anything. Make sure not to change it. or, just let it heal.

what stores have gluten free foods and milk -free, allergy free and can buy in bulk

My local Giant store has a section with gluten free food. Try Giant.
I also suggest you call your different stores and ask; also try health food stores.

can someone be allergic to gluten free foods?

No gluten free just means wheat free but if you buy gluten free pasta or pizza or other products that normally contain wheat/flour they will use potato or rice flower so unless you are allergic to potato’s or rice then no

Allergic reaction to all natural or organic foods?

Except for the noodles, there may be something in common in the other foods that is not always in regular food. That is honey. Do you have problems with whole wheat bread if it is not organic? I suspected the honey because I am allergic to it.

Are you mentally allergic to something?

Any kind of seafood. Even just thinking about it makes me nauseous!

What do you take for allergies?

Claritin works for me, so does Benadryl (makes you sleepy, however).

Possible milk allergy?

The best thing to do is take him to the doctor. It could be a reaction to the milk or it could be an infection. It’s always better to check these things with a doctor if you’re unsure.

I had an allergic reaction to whole wheat couscous but I’ve eaten wheat all my life

Allergies can develop at any time and any age. Even to foods that you have regularly consumed. As for the couscous, was it plain, or a prepared box with multiple ingredients? If it was a box, and you are not reacting to bread or other pastas, then another ingredient besides the wheat is likely the culprit. If it was a package, make a note of all the ingredients listed. If you prepared it at home from plain couscous, did you add anything to it? Also keep track of whether or not you feel any kind of reaction to other foods that has any of the same ingredients.

Since the swelling was in your throat the possibility that it could affect your breathing is a real concern and any future reaction to whatever ingredient it was could be faster and worse. Airway reactions are the most concerning from a medical standpoint. Keep tendril on hand, and be prepared to take it the instant you feel any itching or tingling in your throat to counteract the reaction.

Belly button piercings for people with severe metal allergies?

Gold and silver aren’t good for new piercings because they are soft metals, and they are mixed with other alloys like nickel (which is probably what you’re allergic to, nickel is in all metal, some metals have a higher concentrate of it than others.)

The “nickel-free” jewelry you can buy at Wilmar, isn’t actually nickel free. It just has a lower percentage of nickel, but if you’re highly allergic to it, like me, you won’t be able tow ear theta. my first 2 belly button piercings rejected because i didn’t know I was allergic to metal.

Metals with very low amounts of nickel are titanium and niobium, and they are good for fresh piercings. If you’re as allergic as I am you won’t be able to wear those either though, the only thing I can wear is bio plastic (body and the mall has some cute plastic barbells.)

Alot of piercers suggest not piercing with plastic or pref as the initial jewelry, because bacteria can stick to it easier than metal, but as long as you keep it clean you will be fine.

I’m so allergic, I can’t even wear metal balls on the end of my plastic belly button ring.

So if i were you, I would just get plastic, despite what anyone else says. I’ve had mine pierced for 4 months now and it’s healing fine with plastic, no problems whatsoever.

can you be allergic to pasta and not bread?

If you can eat bread without any problem I don’t think you have Celia disease, though it might be possible. Pasta also has eggs, oils and flavorings that bread might not have. Try one of the pastas that are gluten free and see how you do with that. You will find them in most large grocery stores, often in the organic foods section.

What more can I do about my allergies?

Your personal doctor may tell you what to do for it. Try to keep yourself away from things which cause you allergy..

am i allergic to my parakeet?

From what you are saying I would say you are allergic to your bird ,some people are allergic to feather dust this is like Dandruff on a human in some cases it can have a severe reaction, move your bird to another room and ask one of the family to feed it for a few days, then see what happens.

Do you know anyone allergic to Peanut Butter?

Yes, I know two people who are allergic to peanut butter.

Does being lactose intolerant mean I’m allergic to milk?

It means you are allergic to cow’s milk, also possibly goat milk but that’s not a guarantee. Since you are a mammal you can’t be allergic to milk because mammals produce milk. Or at least that is what my science teacher says.

Am I allergic to cigarettes?

I am too allergic to dust, flour and cold. I have to face respiratory disorders and inconvenience for some 3 to 4 days.

Possible Cat Allergies?

It sounds like cat allergies to me! What I would do, is keep the cats out of your bedroom, do not let them lay on any of your beds. Brush them regularly to keep the excess hair from flying around in your home. My mom has allergies and she is able to live with 5 cats, not everyone can, but some can. It’s not impossible. Maybe talk to your Dr and get tested for allergies.

Is there a cure for allergies?

Yes, work on the immune system. In particular the gut. My son had terrible allergies. They’re getting much better as we improve his digestion.

Homeopathics have also helped calm his system.

What are some allergic reactions caused by makeup?

Allergic reactions to makeup can be a number of things. The more common reactions are pimples, oily skin, and redness to your skin. Other reactions, however, could be blisters, itchy skin, scaly skin (peeling, dry skin, etc.), swelling, hives, and raw skin. The most common areas of breakouts from makeup allergies are around the eyes, lips, neck, and ears.

I allergic to grass… What should I do to prevent hives?

Non Drowsy Claritin-D (Loratadine) usually works. If not, another good one is Benadryl (Diphenhydramine). If all else fails, you can always go to the Dr for advice. But I have used both in the past for different allergies. Claritin for “seasonal” type allergies and Benadryl for “contact” or “medication” type allergies and they both work great on me. Benadryl, unlike Claritin will likely make you tired though, so be careful when/if you take it.

Hair Loss Management

Hair loss is becoming a serious problem for people worldwide and many heath centers are providing their services to overcome the disorder. Though more research work is to be required to know the exact reasons behind it so that medicine operation can be done to prevent it successfully and fetching out the people for anxiety caused by it.

Preventing Food Poisoning, colds/flu, & other illnesses from micro-organisms

Did you know that many cases of food poisoning occur everyday that could have been prevented by proper cleanliness in the kitchen? Unless effectively cleaned and removed, live bacteria can readily grow on kitchen benchtops, cloths, stoves, plates, bowls, cutlery and utensils, and can create unwanted and equally unpleasant instances of food poisoning. So what is the best way to kill these nasty bacteria in our home? There are plenty of chemical cleaning products that we can try – however once used, these will leave a chemical residue on the surface that can last several days and may cause an allergic reaction or a chemical sensitivity in someone who touches it.

How to Prevent Yourself from Allergens!!!

  • Keep away from ragweed: As nights become longer in the fall, ragweed begins to release pollen. Pollen counts are highest just after dawn. Avoid from being outside as often as possible when pollen counts are high – typically on dry, warm days and early morning.
  • Do not allow ragweed to come inside: Keep your home clean & free of ragweed by running your air conditioning as often as possible and closing your windows. Also keep car windows closed while you are driving. An air conditioner with a high efficiency particulate air filter attachment works best in the fight against pollen.
  • Do not allow outside mold to grow near your house: Medical care for mold sickness is difficult. Therefore, it is best to avoid exposure to it as much as possible. Outside mold grows on rotting logs, compost heaps, and leaf piles. Get rid of any dead vegetation around the outside of your house. Be sure that rain gutters are clear and allow waste to travel away from the foundation of the house. Wear a mask while doing any yard work during the fall. Remove your clothing before entering the house, and wash them immediately.
  • Keep bedrooms allergy-free: First, keep all pets out of the bedrooms since they produce animal dander and may bring ragweed and mold in from the outdoors. Cover mattresses and pillows with covers that are allergy resistant. Wash bedding weekly in hot water in order to kill dust mites. Using bleach will kill mold. Dry everything with high heat.
  • Be Hygienic: Be hygienic in every term whether it is to use napkins to wipe your face or hands or vessels to eat food as most of the allergic bacteria may be available on it. Always try to keep your napkins cloth and vessel clean and free from bacteria.

These tips will help in your fight against fall allergies and may reduce the need for medical or urgent care.

Alternatives to Beauty products and chemical cleaning products

With so many chemicals used in skin toners and other beauty products, chemicals which may cause allergic reactions in many people, it must be frustrating for people who are allergic to these products, but still want to gain the benefits of the products themselves. The good news is that there is actually a chemical free beauty product available, and its called beauty water. Its pH 4.5 water that has astringent properties, and tones the skin just like many beauty products – except there are no chemicals that can cause allergies in it – it is water.

I didn’t have allergies until age 20

Dog grass allergy?

Who do you consider will win EURO 2012 FINAL? Spain Or Italy?

Vivek Malhotra Dermatologist

How long does it take for an allergic reaction?

Need help to remove dust mites from a pet rabbit?

What happens after an allergic reaction to food?

Does anyone know how to get rid of dust mites?

How to you get rid of Dust Mites?

How do i know if these are dust mites?










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