Aigoual, The Rebirth Of A Forest (Aigoual, La Foret Retrouvee)

U.S. Premiere The moving story of the incredible re-forestation of a mountain swept by wind and downpours of rain. At the end of the 19th century, overgrazing by sheep and industrial needs had reduced Mount Aigoual’s dense forests to a remnant and, as a result, flash floods often devastated Cevenoles valleys. A forester, Georges Fabre, joined by a botanist, Charles Flahaut, devoted their lives to the re-forestation of this mountain. They had to face many challenges: climatic, scientific and, most of the time, human. However, by mobilizing the local population and through tireless dedication, 68 million trees were planted over a 35-year period. With the local population participating in much of the reconstruction, this genuine ecological adventure gives a vivid picture of an exceptional pro-nature fight that is needed now more than ever. Directed by Marc Khanne and produced by Patrice Forge.

Introduced by Deborah Gangloff, Executive Director, American Forests, who will use the reforestation theme to demonstrate the importance of the arboretum’s research as well as discuss American Forests’ reforestation program.

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