Addison’s Disease

Does anyone know anything about Addisons disease?

Addison’s Disease is also known as hypoadrenocorticism. The adrenal glands are located superior to the kidneys and produce the hormone cortisone. When this is disrupted, in this case they don’t produce enough of the hormone, calcium and potassium levels go crazy. High potassium levels can lead to heart arrythmias, when in turn can lead to death. The first signs are typically vomiting and lethargy. The symptoms can blood work can at first mimic renal (kidney) failure, so repeat testing may be necessary. Dogs may need to be rehydrated with IV fluids due to the vomiting, and frequently need steroids, like prednisone, to maintain normal hydrocortisone levels in the blood. Any symptoms of illness in a dog with presumed Addison’s need to be treated immediately, as they can rapidly progress and be fatal. Careful monitoring by a vet is critical.

Is there a connection between Addisons Disease, Diabetes and PCOS?

Insulin Reistance can be genetic, as well as PCOS, but my endocrinologist told me that women get PCOS from environmental things rather than genetics and that is more of a random event. There is a connection between PCOS, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes I don’t think there’s a connection with Addisons disease though, even though it is an endocrine disorder. The other ones deal with insulin, but Addisons does not.

can chushings diease lead to addisons syndrome?

Two different diseases at opposite ends of the same spectrum. Cushings disease is TOO MUCH CORTISONE production . Addisons disease is NOT ENOUGH CORTISONE PRODUCTION. See another doc. Should be an Endocrinologist.

would a cortisol level of 266 taken at 9am indicate addisons?

Blood tests are not helpful in dxing Addisons. You need a 24 hour urine free cortisol test. You just collect your urine for 24 hours and then bring it back to the lab. You need a lab slip from your doctor first.You need to count the amount of cortisol you have all day long and not at one time.

I think I have addisons disease. Doctors ignore my complaint, what do I do?

The disease is characterized by weight loss, muscle weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure, and sometimes darkening of the skin in both exposed and non-exposed parts of the body. if you have those symptoms then get a different or a second opinion.

Does Anyone Have Addisons Disease?

Your best source for info is your doctor, but if you just want printable info for yourself and others to better understand the disorder. They have printable info on what it is symptoms, treatments and coping.

Depression and Addisons disease?

If you have Addison’s you are also at higher risk for other endocrine disorders, such as hypothyroid and diabetes. The three of those together make up what is known as Schmidt’s Syndrome. Generalized depression is almost always a feature of that disorder. The adrenal glands are responsible for so much of our well being, as well as libido, I think it may be you are low on your medications.Remember that JFK had that disorder, doesn’t sound like it slowed him down very much, but I am lead to believe they may have over-medicated him to some degree also.Of all the systems that can go awry, this one is very crucial that you keep up with your medications and recommendations more than most others, even diabetes.It is initially difficult to diagnose, and I have seen people who died from it being missed. Consider yourself one of the lucky, and get your meds well regulated, and hopefully your life will return to”normal”.

Addisons – Are we allowed to take Aspirin?

I think the problem is a what is known as a grey area in medicine. Since Addison’s is fairly rare, there is probably not enough data to actually study any statistical data regarding risk. A doctor’s nightmare! That said, your doctors are relying on logic and educated guesses based on the properties of the two treatments and how interactions may impact on your health.I think the big issue is not just an increased risk of bleeding, but also that both treatments are anti-inflammatory. There is some recent evidence to suggest that although”anti-inflammatory”in a traditional sense is good, there CAN be too much of a bad thing. While adequate amounts of anti-inflammatories seem to protect against heart disease and other conditions, large amounts may INCREASE the risk.The problem is that) There is no blood test to determine a”perfect”steroid dose in Addison’s and many are over”medicated”with steroids due to a lack of ability to properly dose in precise increments.

It’s not like where diabetics can test their blood sugar to precisely match their insulin dose) We don’t know what the threshold is for combining these two treatments, and it may be different for each person.I would try to explore non-medicinal pain relief, like heat patches, deep breathing, or non-steroidal topical treatments. I would really look into this is this is for long-term pain relief.Be aware that you *may* have an increased risk of bleeding and/or heart disease if you use aspirin. Ironically, aspirin is supposed to PROTECT against heart disease, but remember what I said about too much of a good thing. The choice should be made between you and your doctors. I would have a discussion with both again. I would also search PubMed to see if any information can be found. You might want to make sure you ask an Endocrinologist (hormone doctor) who might have experience with this, and a GI specialist (a stomach and intestine doctor) .

Is there an alternative treatment for Canine Addison’s Disease?

The ACTH stim test (which is what you need) should cost around $90. If your dog has Addison’s they must have hormone replacement or they will die! Depending on the size of your dog the drugs will run about $50 per month for a medium dog up to $150 for a large breed. Find a vet willing to give you the drugs at cost, and follow the tips in Kenrose’s book Addison’s in Dogs (you can find it on Amazon) to get reduced cost care.

Are there negative effects of giving L-Thyroxine to a dog with undiagnosed Cushing’s

  • By giving thyroid hormone to a dog who has not had it’s blood levels checked you could be making the dog hyper thyroid.
  • That can cause high blood pressure and elevated heart rate and weight loss and several other problems.
  • Before giving any type of hormonal therapy you need to have blood levels tested to be sure you are giving the correct dosage.
  • They need to do periodic evaluations on the blood levels while on the drugs.

Canine Addison’s Disease?

I’m sorry to hear about you losing your pup to Addison’s I’ve never dealt with it, and hope I don’t have to. I don’t know exactly how common it is in dogs, but it certainly one that dog owners should be aware of. According to my “Hound Health Handbook”, by Betsy Brevita, DVM, it’s seen mostly in young and middle-aged animals, and Standard Poodles, Labradors and Portugese Water dogs seem to have some predisposition to the disease. But it can occur in any breed or mix.

anyone know any good addison’s disease jokes?

I’m assuming you wish to pick on someone with this disease? What a horrible thing to do. People cannot help diseases like this, they are born with them. Find something better to do with your time then harass people with medical conditions. Addison’s disease is not funny.

If one had Addison’s Disease and no longer does, is it considered dormant, in remissi

I would stay close to an endocrinologist. I would make that en do a Nero-endo, and bring copies of what was done in the 1980’s.

Have you ever had adrenal antibodies tested? A pituitary MRI (done properly)?

The thing is low sodium is a clue that all is not well. BTW, you can purchase NaCl tablets and make it easier on yourself. I am assuming that by saying your body does not make enough salt that your labs show your sodium levels are low. How is your potassium? Low sodium and high potassium = adrenal crisis. Or both low.

How much testing have you had done lately, as in a Sim test, regular testing and are you on replacements? Adrenals can come and go, but as you experienced, yours went – but I would not truly trust them so much.

Addison’s Disease (Hypoadrenocorticism) in Cats?

I have a cat that is 5 years old and I have never heard about Addison’s Disease. I hope that your cat is going to be OK. My cat has bad allergies, but she does not have a disease. Good luck with your cat and I hope that everything comes out fine.

How does Addison’s Disease effect the adrenal cortex?

Does anyone know anything about Addison’s disease on pets, more specifically dogs?

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