Can someone help me with pimple problems?

i had the same problem and went through a lot of products, including acne free which had worked for a while, but then suddenly stopped giving a positive affect. Proactive never worked for me, but now im using this all natural pill called Acnezine. I am telling you it wont harm you the least bit. My parents are natural, organic freaks, and wouldn’t let me get this if it wasn’t safe for my body. Within five days my pimply skin cleared up by taking one a day and using a face lotion they have. It is a bit expensive, but totally worth it. Try some products like Neautragina, acne free, proactive, St ives, clearasil and if it doesn’t go away, i suggest Acnezine.

Stop picking at them. But also wash your face twice/day, eat healthy (fruits are great), work out and remember to wash off the sweat after working out.

How does acne form and how do I get rid of them?

Acne forms when your pores get clogged by an oil called sebum and dead skin cells… and when a pore get’s clogged it attracts a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes which then multiplies in the clogged pore and causes acne.

What kind of acne medicine is best for extremely sensitive skin?

I would suggest you try benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Both work great. And for sensitive skin you can choose one with less % so it’s not as strong. It’s a great way to get rid of acne.

Best fast over the counter pimple medicine?

Try Benzoyl Peroxide it can be bought over the counter and what it does is that it quickly kills the P.acne bacteria in your skin. Will work in 1-3 days.

How can i get rid of acne, without drying out my skin?

if your acne problem is serious, go see a dermatologist. It’ll prevent any serious scarring and all. By the way, don’t worry about it. We all have acne sometime during our life, I would know.

What is the fastest way to get rid of a pimple?! Facial… Medicine… HELP!!?

Use Arbonne Clear Advantage and it clears it right up!! It also helped my teen daughter as well! If they are really deep tea tree oil helps with those!!

I put some medicine on a pimple yesterday?

It is now gone, (the medicine) but do you think it is now ok to use other products (cleanser, Stridex, etc.) on my face and on the pimple?

Yes but don’t put creams all the time or you might irritate your skin.

Is Sulafasalazin good for Acne and skin disease?

The best way to prevent acne is to change your diet, avoid peanut butter and anything thing that may contain peanuts. Eat a healthy vegetarian diet with lots of raw vegetables. Use aloe vera to heal acne scars. Avaca does are also good for skin drink lots of water as well.

What is the best acne/pimple medication for a 12 year old?

Try T3 Pimple Gel. works for me. it’s pH 5.5n perfect for skin

Pimple Problems,Do You Have An Answer,Or A Product To Offer?

a lot of teenagers get acne first step is to use a good antibacterial cleanser on the skin both morning and evening.secondly if the acne is really bad then go to the doctors there is a load of treatments they can prescribe creams lotions etc which really work.they may even prescribe mild antibiotic tablets or refer him to a dermatologist don’t live with the misery of spots there is help out there good luck

Back pimple medicine that won’t stain shirts?

Well… a lot of creams and oils stain shirts. Not just acne medicine. But you can try to get rid of it naturally instead.

  • Wash your face twice/day.
  • Eat healthy (fruits in particular).
  • Drink water.
  • Work out.
  • Don’t touch your acne.

There you have some good ways to get rid of your acne naturally.

What is the best pimple medication you can use? and how fast are they gone?

Most salicylic acid acne meds will take out the redness too, I love Clinique’s Spot healing gel, but if you have the really deep, large blemishes that last for more than a few days, try something with benzol peroxide

What acne medicine is the best? and what make up is good for your skin?

If it’s really bad, you will have to take Accutane. Otherwise, try a non-oily make-up. L’Oreal is good.. don’t use cheap pharmacy stuff like Maybeline or Covergirl

What is the best acne scar removal treatment?

If you want to stick with DIY home treatments, I would suggest Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System at nights. Then finish off with Olay Daily Regenerating Serum and Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment. Just because the skin is oily doesn’t mean it doesn’t need moisture. I found out that products like Proactive series are harsh over time. Now that my skin has changed after pregnancies, the Olay products have been much more helpful at fading out any blemishes and dark spots.

What is the best acne treatment out there that is suited for me?

It depends on the type of acne. Talk to a dermatologist. But what worked for me was tanning. 5 minutes in a tanning bed three times a week took care of most of my acne, especially on the back, chest, and shoulders. my dermatologist prescribed different gel for my face and it worked to.

How do I get rid of acne scarring after my acne is gone?

I don’t have pimples but i had chickenpox just 3 years ago. Most of the marks were on my face. I used Contractubex. Its usually for hypertrophic and keloidal scars but would also work for small scars. My scars went away! its great

What other over-the-counter medicine can i use for my acne problem?

Get on a good health supplement I have been on for almost a year and my skin looks awesome. It has never looked better.

What pimple or acne medication is good and cheap?

Depends how old you are but i’d suggest going to your doctor and asking to be put on Dianette, if its bothering you that much. Its used to treat acne but it is also a contraceptive pill. I use to suffer with bad spots on my face and back, now i never get any!! have got really clear skin.

My age is 22 years and i am having pimple problems for many years

Also try eating healthy like fruits and vegetables. And wash your face twice a day but not much more because otherwise your skin will dry.

Pimple problems, help needed?

Those black spots are blackheads and are caused by dead skin cells. A good way to get rid of them is working out because when you sweat the dead skin cells will come to the surface and it’ll be easy to wash them off!

What is an effective acne medicine for face?

I have used clinique’s acne medicine but it didn’t work for me. What other products are there that can make my pimples go away? I heard oxy was good

Is there acne medicine with a tint to cover up the pimple?

Clearasil have made a product called Cover Stick for a number of years now, available in most pharmacies. It’s a medicated pink coloured stick: just dab a little onto a pimple and it’ll hide it but be careful not to use too much or else everyone will know that you use it. it’s antibacterial and helps spots heal faster.

Pimple Medication – Is it just me or?

Proacitv. It’s truly the best acne medication out there and there’s nothing else out there that will do the same for you. Of course that’s just my opinion but give it a try!

What pimple medication works?

Acne is a bacteria that needs to be killed. Witch Hazel is also works great.. it is a little smelly, but you can use a cotton ball or wash cloth. It will take away the oiliness. Tea Tree Oil will kill out the bacteria or weaken it enough not to bother you. Apply it to the effected areas with a q-tip or cotton ball after you have washed.You should get a good multivitamin(highly suggest) with vitamin a,c,e,d and zinc.. this should help tons! Eating carrots also helps.. there is beta-carotene (Vitamin A) in them which helps prevent acne and repair the skin. Take zinc, zinc is a antibacterial agent. Make sure to dink plenty of water and get good rest at night. Azelaic Acid is a great natural acid that reduces the growth of bacteria, restores the skins cells and reduces inflammation. Try using a topical with Azelaic Acid in it.. it is safe.Also, change/wash your pillow case and sheets every other day. There are ways to put moisture back into your skin and heal it, such as: drinking lots of water, making sure you are eating enough fat/omega-3 oils. Lotions with mineral oil can dry out the skin, use one with out it!

What acne medicine would you recommend?

Using sulfur soap once a day, preferably before bedtime would definitely help in reducing acne.You can used cleanser and moisturizer.It works great!

Pimple problems?

Try benzoyl peroxide or maybe salicylic acid.

Is acne a skin disease?

It is a the most common skin disorder. The skin eruptions from acne may be mild, involving exposed areas of the body, or severe covering of all the body.

Acne treatment & cure

  • Acne generally resolves on its own, though it causes great anguish and anxiety to teenagers.
  • Severe cases may have secondary infection with the formation of deep cysts, visible outside as large boils or lumps. These are better treated by your doctor.
  • Acne is often treated by dermatologists. These doctors treat all kinds of acne, particularly severe cases. Doctors who are general or family practitioners, pediatricians, or internists may treat patients with milder cases of acne.

What is the best acne treatment if you have dry skin?

Try Proactive, Niacinamide Acne Cream, Fair n Lovely creme, acne products

What is the best acne product to use in my situation?

There are many things that can impact… have you started smoking or drinking more than before? Those cause breakouts.

Best Pimple Medication?

Benzoyl achromatize works by killing bacilli begin in chock-full derma pores, removing aggrandize from the derma surface, and charwoman out asleep derma beef from the blockages. Benzoyl achromatize oxygenates the derma pores which the bacilli cannot tolerate. It aswell reduces aggrandize from the derma surface.

Best whitehead pimple medication?

Try to keep your hands off your face. If you smoke it’ll give you a lot of pimples at the area you described. Partially because you touch it and also the smoke itself gives acne.

Pimple scar? Pimple problems?

If you use an exfoliate at home on a daily basis, it will take a few months, but you may successfully remove pimple scars on your own.

What kind of medicine that could help get rid of pimple scars?

Try reaching a dermatologist they will know what to do about these scars.

Good pimple medication?

Benzoyl Peroxide. It works great. What it does is that it kills the bacteria called P.acne in your skin which is the main reason for your pores getting inflamed and you getting pimples.

What is the difference between acne marks and acne scars?

Acne marks and scars are basically the same thing. You get them after untreated acne. Or poorly treated acne.

What is a good simple home remedy for acne?

  • Step 1 is an antibacterial face wash. You just use it in the shower.
  • Step 2 is a Corrective Toner.
  • Step 3 is a Lotion that keeps your face from drying. If your face gets dry then it begins to produce sebum to compensate. Sebum causes pimples. Acne Free didn’t work for me until I began using cotton balls for step 2 and 3 so make sure you do that.

How do you get rid of acne without acne products?

Wash your face a lot. 4 or 5 times a day with exfoliating soap. and massage your face with exfoliating lotion after washing. it really helps. i had terrible breakouts and i tried all sorts of acne products. none worked. then my friend told me to do this and it really worked.

My acne leaves brown or red blemishes when it is gone. How do i get rid of them?

Well you can put some ice on it. it might work. Also what you can do is put some toothpaste or honey on it. These are all tips I’ve heard of. Never tried em myself tho.

How long does acne last without using medicine?

During puberty the skin matures, our hormones change, and the gland responsible for producing oil around our hair and pours goes into overdrive. The excess oil gets trapped and becomes infected leading to a pimple.

Acne usually subsides when you enter your twenties. Everyone is different. For you washing your face more frequently may be enough to stop acne.

If washing your face more frequently does not solve your problem, see a dermatologist.

Can a red protruding pimple be a tick? Lyme disease?

It could be a tick. Your symptoms could be due to a tick-borne disease. They carry more than just Lyme.

What is a good medicine or vitamin to remove the pimple and pimple mark?

Eat healthy food especially vitamins. Fruits is good. Apple, Banana, Peach everything works to get rid of acne.

Is having small pimple like on you penis a disease ?


Acne – Skin disease?

Doctors describe acne as a disease of the pilosebaceous units (PSUs). Found over most of the body, PSUs consist of a sebaceous gland connected to a canal, called a follicle, that contains a fine hair. These units are most numerous on the face, upper back, and chest.

What is the best pimple medication?

A whole detox on your system there a good way that i know check this:

  • calcium of magnesium
  • oil olive
  • orange juice natural
  • put one tea spoon calcium swallowed then the oj half of glass

then oil and then the other half remember do this on your day off and accident will happen magazine or puzzles are recommend at the restroom.

Acne or pimple medication question?

Try products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide… You might get rid of your acne overnight.

Pimple problems, how not to get a pimple?

Acne is also affected by food which is hard to digest or that results in a sluggish digestive process. A sluggish digestive system gives rise to all sorts of skin disorders. It is necessary for people affected by acne to take care of their diet and consume as much plant-based, fiber-rich food as they can because it will not burden their digestive system and make metabolism easy. Acne-affected people should drink lots of water, have daily servings of colorful fruits and vegetables (which replenish different nutrients in body), have a tablespoon of cold-pressed seed oil daily, eat oily fish three times a week (to compensate essential fatty acids), eat plenty of whole grain, root vegetables, lentils and beans, and avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible.

A healthy diet helps the body in maintaining healthy skin. Although there is no direct relationship between adult acne and diet, certain diet considerations can help the body’s immune system and directly affect acne treatment. A healthy diet is rich in fiber, salads, whole

wheat bread, bran, or multi-grain foods which keep digestive systems moving fast. Eating different kinds of fruit daily provides body with antioxidants which help rid the body of acne. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day helps skin rid toxins and transport nutrients to skin.

Could you get an STD or any disease from masturbating?

It sounds like you’re having a few pimples-just make sure when you masturbate that you don’t have any oils or anything on your hands & wash them first-this might help you prevent this from happening.

Does a tick bite every look like a pimple?

Probably is bed bugs. when they bite your face, it usually comes in littel pimle clusters and itch a little but not often. it’s not likely that you will see blood spots right a way. people think that bed bugs hide and live in your bed, but in actuality, they live in the wooded areas, base boards in your bed room around your bed. the crawl into your bed, pillow cases at night and bite you when they sense your alseep by the sound of your breathing. you may see black spots in the seems of your bed from feces, but again, bed blood typically dwell in the cracks and crevices of any area. that is why if you ever were to get a bed bug extermination, they would generally treat very tediously, however, all of hte cracks and crevices of you room/home.

Pimple problems!! How do I get rid of them?

The most important thing to do if you suffer from Acne is to drink at least four pints of water every day. Drinking a lot of water is very beneficial to your skin. Including fresh fruit and leafy green vegetables in your daily diet will also bring about a marked improvement in the quality of your complexion.

Good diet for acne prevention?

A higher protein intake may assist in acne control. Vitamin A and Zinc have helped with acne. In addition Green Tea could also be incorporated into the diet as it leads to a decrease in androgen production. High levels of iodine in the diet does impact some acne sufferers – by causing new outbreaks of acne lesions.

The Best Acne Treatment?

Get a nonprescription acne medicine and apply regularly. Over-the-counter drugs containing sulfur, resorcinol, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide, are all effective for treating mild acne.

Use ordinary hygiene on affected areas, washing your face once or twice daily with your usual soap or cleanser. Deodorant soaps may be used, but they are of no particular value for acne.

Do not scrub or use a loofa. Friction makes acne worse.

Do not pick or squeeze. This may worsen scarring.

Tips for acne treatment ?

  • Don’t pick, pop or squeeze, or otherwise mess with your skin. Squeezing blemishes or whiteheads can lead to infection or scarring. It almost always makes the acne you have worse.
  • Wash your pillowcase often and always use clean face towels. Dirty towels and pillowcases can harbor bacteria and germs that can make acne worse.
  • Apply a honey mask to your face once or twice a week
  • Wash twice a day with acne soap
  • Keep your hair off your face
  • Take a potent multi-vitamin
  • Include chromium in your diet

How to make your personal homemade Acne Medication? (or)

Acne & Scarring

Lemon Juice: Lemon contains citric acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin c), both substances possesses their specific properties. Ascorbic acid or vitamin c takes part in cellular growth and normal metabolism. Scarring occurs due to poor growth of normal muscle fibers. Vitamin c helps maintain normal growth. Lemon juice is topically applied once or twice a day. You can also take a glass of lemon juice once a day.

Rosehip Seed Oil: Although rosehip seed contains many chemical compounds, linolenic acid and retinoic acid make it significant and effective. Retinoic acid is vitamin A that is an effective antioxidant. The oil is also used for reducing excessive production of sebum. It is applied topically once or twice a day.

Aloe vera Gel: Aloe vera gel contains all essential nutrients form proteins to minerals and vitamins. It is exceptionally effective for skin health. You can apply its gel topically or take its juice orally. Although its use is safe, do not use it unless you consult with your doctor first.

Honey: Make a paste of honey and milk to apply it on scars twice a day. Honey is not only contains vitamin A but also is a natural antibiotic and astringents. It increases the growth rate of cells around the scars that eventually results in filling empty space (scars).

Water: Drink plenty of water. Water is a universal compound, every chemical reaction requires water. Proper growth requires efficient supply of water to your body.

Bad Acne

Well if you’ve recently started getting bad acne then it’s probably because of your hormones. They increase your sebum production which clogges your pores and causes acne.

You should maybe try something called Benzoyl Peroxide if you want to get rid of your acne. It kills the bacteria called P.acne which causes the breakout from the clogged pore.

Most products containing Benzoyl Peroxide can be bought over the counter but some need prescription.

Perfect acne symptoms ?

There are two main types of acne: non-inflammatory and inflammatory. In non-inflammatory acne, there are usually just a few whiteheads and blackheads on the face. A relatively mild type of acne, it can often be treated effectively with nonprescription medicines. The majority of people with acne have this type of acne.

With inflammatory acne, the whiteheads become inflamed, and red pimples and pustules develop. In its most severe form, inflammatory acne can cause disfiguring cysts and deep, pitting scars of the face, neck, back, chest and groin. Prescription drugs and sometimes surgery are needed to treat inflammatory acne.

Are you suffering from Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is more commonly known as leucoderma, which simply means white (leuco) skin (derma), i.e. a skin disorder where it loses its normal coloration. It is also medically known as achromia, which means loss of color.

Basically, Vitiligo can hardly be called as a disease but a skin- disorder that has more social than medical significance, especially amongst the dark skin people. Due to retarded melanin formation, there is loss of pigmentation.

The Vitiligo sufferers are observed all over the world, including the white skin communities. However, epidemiologically most cases are recorded in India (8.8%) and Mexico. Males and females are affected equally, inclusive of children age group. It may begin at any age. Childhood vitiligo is not uncommon. super care products

A Simple Acne Prevention Diet

Eat fruits and healthy it will help you get rid of acne.

Symptoms of Acne

Acne vulgaris, or common acne, is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, causing some form of lesions on the skin. Acne is characterized by the presence of one or more of the following:

  • papules
  • pustules
  • blackheads
  • whiteheads or milia
  • nodules
  • cysts

Please tell me What is the best way to clear the acne at home?

  • Apply fresh mint juice every night to cure acne as this is a good home remedy for acne
  • Drink a glass of wheat grass juice daily to remove acne.
  • Make a paste of turmeric powder in mint juice, keep it for 30 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. This is another good home remedy for acne
  • Apply a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves in water, keep it overnight and wash the face with warm water next morning.
  • Mix lime juice and rose water in equal portions and apply every night after thoroughly washing the face. Keep it for 30 minutes and then again wash the face and pat dry.

This is one of the effective home remedies for Acne

How To Get Rid of Spots

Acne marks usually develop when you pop pimple or squeeze it out. This action results into the pimple and harm your skin vigorously, and results into the permanent sign in that area. Deeper into the skin comes off the pimple, the darker the mark gets.

What is the best acne skin care products for sensitive skin on the market today?

Proactiv solution

Anything from Lush labeled for sensitive, breakout-prone skin: their cleansers, toners and moisturizers are great and contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives.

How to get heal acne scar?

Buy cristal stone apply seesam oil and rolle with pebble.

Avoid eating musturd, rice, coffee, pineapple

keep your feet always clean when ever on your return from outing. Apply water, pulls powder, dry it hot air and cleans it

What products would you recommend to clear acne on someone with sensitive skin?

The Tea Tree Oil line from the Body Shop. It’s amazing and inexpensive. I used Proactive, but have switched to the Tea Tree Line and love it. The three step programs are the best: cleanser, toner, and then moisturizer. Moisturizing is the most important step. Even though I have really oily skin (and you Polly do too) a moisturizer is essential. If you strip all the oil from you skin, you oil glands work against you and produce even more oil, causing even more breakouts. The Tea Tree is awesome, but even if you don’t use that, definitely go with a three step!

What are some good acne products at a low cost?

Like face washes there is Apricot Scrub i like it!! NOxema works but I am African American so it seems to dry out my skin. One miracle that I like to work with is i will wash my face with apricot scrub ( u can get it at Wilmar very cheap and made by St. Ives) then i dry my face and after it is dry i put aloe Vera on it tightens Ur skin and moisturizes it!! I have clear skin now that i have been using this formula!

Any remedies for acne & how can i loose my tummy without exercise, it’s the only fat

acne first check your diet, drink lots of water, use a cleanser with salicylic acid, sulfur mask, and a beanpole peroxide spot treatment, and if the acne is very bad use re tin-a and a oral antibiotic.

Do acne and dark circles ever go for men? I mean.. do they stay forever?

I set a goal of three months for myself last April and stuck with it, after a month my skin was completely clear, and since I set a goal farther away it was easier to achieve, as I didn’t have my hopes up for a quick fix.

What is the best skincare line you have ever used for acne and discoloration?

Proactive worked for me! For a little while anyway, then I got relays stressed.

Does anyone have any advice or natural cures for acne? I am breaking out really bad?

Stop eating peanuts or peanut butter that is the biggest cause of it, use aloe Vera to heal scars. Also drink alto of water.

Try eating fruits, veg tables, whole grains, fish (etc.), and drinking enough water; a lot of times your skin is affected by what you eat. Also be sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser before bed, but not scrub because that could irritate your skin.

What is the best cheaper foundation out there for people with a lot of acne scars yet?

Try using a tinted moisturizer before foundation. bare minerals works well for me, but what i cover are freckles.

What is the best makeup for acne prone skin?

Dermatologist tested. It doesn’t matter whet er you decide to use LANCOME from a department store OR MAYBELLINE (which can be bought at target). Make sure that it says all that is stated above to prevent your skin from breaking out.

What natural remedies are their for acne?

This is a well known cure for acne or pimples used by people in Taiwan.

That is pumpkin. Cut it up into cubes boil in water, add taste (sugar or salt, up to you), eat a cup every time, 3 times a day.

Repeat this for a few days. You can also blend it after it is boiled soft and take it like a broth. Some make it tasteless, take some and apply some on face, leave it on for l5Min’s, wash off with cleanser and rinse thoroughly.

Repeat for a few days. A word of caution, please do not peel or prick the acne, to avoid scars later. Remember always to drink lots of water, fruits and fib re rich foods. Please avoid oily foods which can worsen acne.

Are there any non surgical things you can do to heal early/light acne scars?

Mostly just vitamin E and moisturizers. But if that doesn’t work well enough, ask the pharmacist. There’s usually a cream that is made specifically for things like that.

Do you have acne? If so, you may be allergic to wheat(gluten) and dairy?

It is not wheat and dairy that you have to careful of. You should avoid or cut down on the consumption of spicy food, fried food, chocolates and coffee for a while. I tried it and they disappeared.

How can i avoid dry skin while using acne products?

Benzoyl peroxide is available in over the counter and prescription strengths. Unlike vitamin A, which encourages a change in the skin itself, Benzoilroxide helps prevent infection by killing off bacteria on your skin and in your skin cells. While dirt doesn’t actually cause acne, bacteria can worsen the condition by causing infection.

Instad of using benzoyl, why not try Retinol? It is the form of vitamin A most often used as an acne treatment. U may have less possiblity of dry skin if u use this instead.

How can I get rid of an acne breakout overnight? 


What is the best acne products available?

Proactiv, Acne Free, or Aloe Vera, which is best for acne and post acne brown spots?

what is something good to use for acne?

Can spots/scars caused by acne/pimples completely fade away?

If yes, what can one use?

Are their any medications that are safe for controlling acne while you are pregnant?

What Is Best & The Fastest Acne & Its Scars?

How do i cure my Acne?

Relatively harmless illnesses

How does oral medication for acne know how to clear up the area?

Acne scarring and large pores-what is the best way to getting rid of them?




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