• Honey for the Maya : Life with Stingless Bees

    Honey for the Maya : Life with Stingless Bees

    Share a glimpse of millennia-old Mayan bee craft among temples and tropical forests. Deep in the rainforest of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, in the shadow of his ancestors’ great stone pyramids, one of the last Mayan beekeepers guards an ancient secret. It was passed on to him directly from his fathers in the Mayan language, from

  • Amistad in Connecticut

    Amistad in Connecticut

    Trace the fascinating story of the African captives who took over the Amistad on the high seas in their quest for freedom. Start at the New Haven Colony Historical Society, I-91 Exit 3. Then head downtown to the New Haven Green, Center Church and the Amistad Memorial at City Hall. When in port, board an exact replica of the Amistad at Long

  • Homegrown


    Washington, D.C. Premiere Spotlighting a 21st century organic family farm operating off the grid in the heart of urban Pasadena, California, this film documents the activities of the Dervaes family. These eco-pioneers harvest 6,000 pounds of produce on less than a quarter of an acre, make their own biodiesel, power their computers with the help

  • Lights Bright

    Lights Bright

    More than twenty lighthouses grace our shore. Take a cruise to Sheffield Island Light(c.1868), Norwalk, I-95 Exits 14N/15S, and picnic on the island. New Haven Harbor Light (c.1845) at Lighthouse Point Park, I-95 Exit 50, is 97 feet tall. Faulkner Island Light celebrates its bicentennial in 2002, and the Lynde Point Light (c.1839) is 70 feet tall with an octagon tower,

  • Home


    Washington, D.C. Premiere This is the tale of a boisterous, middle class family enjoying everyday life in a simple house that lies on a lush, grassy field next to an abandoned highway. With no neighbors or cars for miles, they revel in their happy, earthy existence—and each other’s company. When construction on the desolate highway

  • Here to Stay (Nous Resterons Sur Terre)

    Here to Stay (Nous Resterons Sur Terre)

    Washington, D.C. Premiere Urban sprawl, extinct species, depletion of natural resources and global warming are all causes of deep anxiety. Can we turn back the tide? What do we really want for ourselves? Featuring environmentalist James Lovelock, philosopher Edgar Morin and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mikhaïl Gorbachev and Wangari Maathai, the film doesn’t try to