• Handouts

    To encourage folks to visit my website, I am making the following handouts available. New handouts will be posted at irregular intervals. You may use them in your work as long as you say where you got them and don’t re-sell them. Setting Achievable Goals in Therapy Achievable goals consist of clients, actions or conditions

  • Solution-Based Therapy & Publications

    Solution-Based Therapy & Publications

    Andersen, T. (Ed.). (1991). The reflecting team: Dialogues and dialogues about the dialogues. New York: Norton. Anderson, H. (1997). Conversation, language, and possibilities: A postmodern approach. New York: Basic Books. Berg, I. K. (1994). Family based services: A solution-focused approach. New York: Norton. Berg, I. K., & Miller, S. D. (1992). Working with the problem drinker: A solution-focused approach. New York: Norton. Berg,

  • Bill’s Attic

    Bill’s Attic

    Bill is an information junkie. He loves almost any piece of paper with writing on it and is tireless in his collecting of articles, books, advertisements, brochures, letters; anything he thinks will someday be useful to him, his family, or anyone else, gets carried home and put in a pile. Eventually the pile gets put

  • Bill O’Hanlon Workshop

    Bill O’Hanlon Workshop

    He typically presents for: Therapists Business People General Audience He typically does: one or two day workshops keynote addresses (1-3 hour) Tips for hiring Bill: Look at his workshop descriptions to see what interests you. Check his schedule for availability of the dates you are considering It is easiest to hire Bill in the winter

  • About Bill and his work

    About Bill and his work

    Bill O’Hanlon is a psychotherapist who was a developer of Solution-Oriented Therapy and a founder of Possibility and Inclusive Therapies. His clinical work is recognized for its collaborative respectful approach to clients. He is known for his storytelling, irreverent humor, clear and accessible presentation style and his psychotic enthusiasm for whatever he is doing. Bill

  • Inter library Loan

    The materials unavailable at the library can be obtained from other libraries through interlibrary loan service. This service is available only to Lutheran HealthCare staff. ILL service is free to our patrons but not to the library. That is the main reason why we limited number of requests up to 10 per person per month.


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