• Power for the Parkinsons

    Power for the Parkinsons

    The heart-warming and dramatic story of the making of Power and the Land is now revealed in the recent documentary, Power for the Parkinsons. This is the story of life on a small farm in America before electricity, of the Rural Electrification Administration, of farm boys and a family who did their duty when country

  • Power and the Land

    Power and the Land

    The daily activities of a dairy farming family in Ohio are observed in Joris Ivens’s classic film. The majestic photography elevates the farmers to iconic figures of Americana, their diligence rewarded by the messianic government in the form of home electricity. The film was produced at the behest of FDR as a means of supporting

  • Portrait of a Winemaker: John Williams of Frog’s Leap

    Portrait of a Winemaker: John Williams of Frog’s Leap

    Washington, D.C. Premiere John Williams opens his farm in Rutherford, California, where winemaking is intimately linked to soil. The deep connection between healthy soils, healthy plants, a wide variety of nutrients and the intensity of flavor is explored in this intimate portrait film, along with the different methods used in organic and more traditional winemaking.

  • The Polar Explorer

    The Polar Explorer

    World Premiere Visiting the most remote and mysterious parts of our planet, this documentary presents a complete scientific profile of our rapidly changing Polar Regions. Showcasing the latest climate change discoveries being made in the Arctic and Antarctic, including new life on the ocean seabed and other previously inaccessible areas of the Arctic seas, the

  • Satanic Beauty

    Satanic Beauty

    An essay by Crispin Sartwell From “Technology and the Future of Beauty” by Crispin Sartwell, which was presented as a lecture last September at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Sartwell teaches humanities at Pennsylvania State University in Harrisburg. His most recent book is Act Like You Know: African-American Autobiography and White Identity. He is also author

  • Play Again

    Play Again

    Washington D.C. Premiere At a time when children spend more time in the virtual world than the natural world, Play Again unplugs a group of media savvy teens and takes them on their first wilderness adventure, documenting the wonder that comes from time spent in nature and inspiring action for a sustainable future. One generation