• Prinzmetal’s Angina

    What is Prinzmetal’s angina? Prinzmetal’s angina is a form of chest pain, pressure, or tightness (angina) caused by spasms in the arteries that supply blood to the heart. It is a form of unstable angina, meaning that it occurs at rest, often without a predictable pattern. This is in contrast to stable angina, in which chest pain occurs in a predictable pattern

  • Infant Care

    Infant Care

    Frequently asked questions What baby oil should i use for newborn baby’s head? I do not recommend any kind of oil around the baby personally. Oil is thick and if a small amount is ingested it could coat the baby’s lungs and suffocate them. There are lots of other products out there that are safe

  • Cardiac Syndrome X

    Cardiac Syndrome X

    What is Syndrome X? Syndrome X describes chest pain ( angina) in people who do not show signs of blockages in the arteries of their heart ( coronary arteries) after an angiogram, or X-ray of these arteries. It is not clear what causes Syndrome X, but there are several theories. Syndrome X patients do not seem to have a higher risk

  • Summer in November

    Summer in November

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it November? Today’s weather was SUMMER WEATHER! And I loved it! I spent the entire afternoon outside. I fueled up with an iced coffee + breakfast. Did a little blogging and kitty wrangling, then it was time to hit the pavement! Pardon my grossness, but are kitty eye-boogers

  • A lesson learned

    A lesson learned

    Ah, waking up without an alarm is one of the true joys of the weekend. I know I say something along those lines every Saturday/Sunday. And I’m thinking that is not going to change any time soon. Of course, my day started off with coffee. Gloria Jean’s French vanilla supreme is like a dessert! I

  • Healthy Living

    Healthy Living

    Frequently asked questions How to live a healthy lifestyle? Eat only when hungry and not more than three times a day. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your food. Eat slow, chewing each morsel at least 32 times. This activates ur body to send signals that u have enough. No snacks or drinks in